Quintessensual seven is a prime,
and six plus one,
and six is a perfect number
the one before twenty-eight,
which is, to say i hate,
seven by four,
okay no more
mad madame mim I've got seven ways of going, seven wheres to be,
seven sweet disguises, seven ways of serving Thee.
Lord, I do extol Thee, for Thou has lifted me.
Woke me up and shook me out of mine iniquity.
Oh, I was undulating in the lewd impostered night.
Steeped in a dream to rend the seams to redeem the rock of right.

Swept through the seas of Galilee and the Seven Hills of Rome.
Seven sins were wrung from the sight of me,
lo I turned my neck toward home.
Ah, I opened up my arms to You, and we spun from life to life,
'til you loosened me and let me go toward the everlasting light.

In this big step I am taking seven seizures for the true.
I got seven ways of going, seven ways of serving You.

As I move thru seven levels
As I move upon the slate
As I declare to you
The number of my moves
As I speculate the eighth
Seeking love without exception
A light upon the swarm
Seeking love without exception
A saint in any form.
nameless just my lucky number 000115
For sure! The approximate number of spiders we swallow in our sleep every year! Rock on! 000713
Kami Khazay ...heads in boxes... 000714
silentbob fuck that shit! i heard it was three! i hear two different numbers, i KNOW its false! fuck you! sorry fur sure, dont really fuck you. you seem like you're a good person. 000714
klarchen Sleepy time will never be the same again pour moi, thanks to these baffling yet somewhat startling statistics. 000714
stan More proof that the seventh is the root of all dissonance 000731
unhinged SEVEN (FUNNY BOY)
didn't your mama teach
you not to steal?
reclining back from the real
peel and stand
can I come back in ten minutes?
it's all here
muffled screams
bitten tongues
lay me down
i am done
chewing the lane
and spitting out teeth
coming down
living alone
I've got my hole
stand back
and smell those flowers
chewing the dirt
and spitting out plaster
I'm holding reality in my hands
didn't your mama teach
you the deal?
Rhin The seven deadly sins...
Barrett Lust and Gluttony are my favorites. 001203
Rhin *wink* 001203
Detective Somerset "John Doe has the upper hand." 001204
tourist Patti Smith Madame Mim? 001204
Bruce Dickenson "The Seventh Son of the Seventh Son"
Iron Maiden
owko seven turns to............ 010511
Miner She say do or die. 010511
sj dwarves and their names were Sleepy, Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Sleazy, Weezy and Uncle Nick 011128
zenfishsticks if man is five
and the devil is six

then god is seven
then god is seven
then god is seven

this monkey's gone to heaven

~ the pixies
DJKaito Seven Words You Can't Say On TV: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits (sorry for cussing if it's okay) 020803
squint in the movie "seven"...theres that guy that starved on his bed...and they thought he was dead...and then!

if i were anyone in the movie...that would be me.
silly i (heart) the pixies 040625
god two speakers dream the same as skies turn red 050308
Pie delight or warning ? 070415
Pie delight or warning ? 070415
Risen I have often been told that life goes in cycles of seven years. That makes a lot of sense to me. I prefer it to the marking of decades passing. I like the milestones of sevens better.

When I was 14 I started on a downhill slope which ended up with me in a mental institution. I hurt a lot of people. I did a lot of bad things.

When I was 21, I went to Cambridge university, and it changed my life. I volunteered for a charity. I worked to help disabled young people. I got good grades and I learned how to treat people right.

Nothing is a perfect upwards trajectory. I've had some less that stellar moments. Life has not been kind to me over the past three years. I have broken a total of 12 bones, had two major surgeries, and have had to put my life on hold because I was born with a condition which cannot be fixed.

Over the past two years I made amends to someone I hurt when I was younger. I returned to therapy to make sure I stayed stable through adversity. And I realised that I have been beating myself up now for more years than I spent hurting people. I wear a hair shirt. I don't trust myself. That has to change.

I plan to make one last apology, and then I will lay the past to rest.

I will forgive myself, for that is the last step to becoming Risen.
Flowerock Seven.... Sevs sev servington the hooker master baitor of all things bass... Brother_friend. Thinking of him lately, remembering the spirit of fun and energy back when the free_store was any store and the world was our playground and voices were for yelling and legs were for jumping and arms for climbing... And any and all surfaces were for sleeping.

I am regaining And reclaiming this level of awesome.
epitome of incomprehensibility A lot of blatherers seem to have hard times that they're recovering from. I hope I'm not immune to the recovering bit.

Keep on rocking, y'all. Or its equivalent (the rock equivalent, or the y'all equivalent - I'm not sure which.)

The Seven Lakes You Can't Pollute on Television should totally be a thing.
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