deb there is a man who always
comes in for a senior coffee
and a chocolate chip cookie
every night
he sits there in his red UNLV coat
and black Bulls hat
drinks his coffee black
through a scowl he doesn't realize he wears
he watches people walking in and out of the store,
squinting slightly through his
dark brown horn-rimmed glasses

once he told me he had a girlfriend
young and pretty
showed me her picture and said
he'd bring her in
but i've never seen her

he walks past, but not toward the door,
and i say goodnight anyway
he smiles, says he isn't leaving
just yet
and hands me a green sucker
with a rounded handle
leaves, then comes back again
sits for a while longer

he watches the crowd anxiously but passively, somehow

waits silently, takes a reluctant
last sip,
stands slwoly, and is gone

~he'll be back again tomorrow night~
Zero Tall and proud, no need to ask for directions. Would much rather take a kick in the ball before admitting he was wrong. Never lifts the seat to piss (who cares if the women get their ass wet). Showers once a week whether he needs it or not. Wouldn't be caught dead at a tupperware or princess house party, but for Victoria's Secrect you'll catch him peering through the blinds. Believes whole heartedly that beer "IS" a food group and the only true friends he will ever have is a bottle of jergins lotion and his left or right hand. 000219
camille for "chicken pot pie" 000220
The Schleiffen Man I'm told I am a man. I look like a man. I have since I was 14. I don't feel like a man. I'm just a guy. A t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Men wear suits and shave daily. I'm better than a man. I'm taller than most men. How is it I can't be most of the description and yet I still am a man. I am labelled by the world, forever doomed by feminazis' rants about the evil people called men. 000525
MollyGoLightly Shit. No, I'm not even going to touch that...I'm too tired. 000525
The Schleiffen Man HA! You'd fight me if you could, but lack of energy forces a draw for now. You are a worthy adversary. I'd fear meeting you in a dark alley surrounded by sock_monkeys. 000525
Brad Yeah, a more than worthy adversary. She'd kick yer ass, pal. 000525
For sure! Then you have your metropolitan area networks. Now those are just plain messed up! 000713
cate The man wheres small shoes and glasses but he is trying to bug us. 001217
asif we ride on waves of red. we follow to the sea ,until human voices wake us and we drown 001217
seven inch nails Hair, Nature, Psychodelics, Authority, The War. Hippies are opposed to cuts, job cuts, program cuts, tax cuts, clear cuts, and most of all hair cuts. Hell you just look beat. I guess they just crawl into 'em like hermit crabs. 001229
The Truth Man Vs. Egotist---

A Man: is the result of successful maturation.

An Egotist (What women refer to as "pig"): Is the result of Overstimulation to one's ego.

A Man: Will admit when he's wrong, Apologize, and proceed to amend a situation. (He is good at fixing things)

An Egotist: Will redirect blame, argue, and leave the situation unresolved. (He is good at destroying things.)

A Man: Will cry in front of the other guys.

An Egotist: Will laugh at the guy crying.

A Man: Enjoys the satisfaction of living his life the best way he can.

An Egotist: Will bring others down with him when he eventually falls.

A Man: Will demonstrate his quiet strength. Others consider him strong, even though he has said nothing.

An Egotist: Will force others to recognize his brutality. Others consider him weak and afraid.

A Man: Will Take Abuse and not dish it out to others.

An egotist: Everyone know's he's abused. Because he is abusive.

A Man: Will have a few close friendships, and a one or two True,Deep Loves. He is fulfilled.

An Egotist: Will have many buddies, and he will fuck several women. He is empty inside.

You can trust a man.

An egotist does not trust anyone.

I Just thought women should know the difference, And men should know they have a choice.
Karp --No No No Nancy,

it's not about diffence between the it again for pete's sake!

el fagtastico whoa, um, okay. i said, down with the man. 010510
sweetheart of the song tra bong You may be a lady but you are still The Man.

N'est-ce pas, fagtastico?
Aileen Wonderfully put THE TRUTH...And you speak it. Kudos 010511
girl next door i met this girl at work, she was kind of strange to me, cause i always though she was a lesvian or something.. well, you must know she get a point, soon we became very closer,we started flirting on each other, then i realized i didn´t known her at all, cause she was always trying to be THE MAN. she was a fake...i left her. cause I am THE MAN. 010522
Dafremen The Truth - So much of what you say contains so much truth. However in this case I'll have to say it's more truth skewed with feminist propaganda.

A perfect example:

A Man: Will cry in front of the other guys.

An Egotist: Will laugh at the guy crying.

Most guys learn growing up that crying in front of the other guys will invariably result in other guys laughing at and or losing respect for you. That is a reality of current male social interaction. Does that make all males that shake their heads at the guy bawling his eyes out Egoists? Does that make them insensitive? Of course not, it simply means they are NOT WOMEN! We have our own code in the male arena and unfortunately (or fortunately) it is written in stone, has been for thousands of years. If I need to cry in front of someone, I do it in front of my wife. Even THEN I only do it on the very RARE occasion that it seems appropriate. If I REALLY gotta cry, I go do it in the bathroom alone.

Case in point:

A Man: Will have a few close friendships, and a one or two True,Deep Loves. He is fulfilled.

(I have that, am I a man yet? If I wasn't fulfilled would I be an Egoist?)

An Egotist: Will have many buddies, and he will fuck several women. He is empty inside.
(Are ALL guys with lots of buddies Egoists? Does wanting to screw make a guy an Egoist? What if he's fulfilled having lots of buddies and a not really wanting to get involved seriously?)

It just seems to me that the "Man" you describe is really the ideal MAN that women are CONSTANTLY describing. He sounds like the kind of guy who fits the REDBOOK profile of what a man should be.

See you forgot some very important ones:

A Man - Takes care of his business, supports protects and helps to raise his family.

A Man - Doesn't CRY about the sh*t that life invariably throws at him, but just shoulders the extra weight and keeps on keepin on.

A Man - Doesn't NEED to TELL someone how he feels until he's damn good and ready to tell someone, if ever.

A Man - Is NOT some androgynous combination of a male body walking around with female sensitivity, emotions and sensibilities.

A Man - Doesn't need to justify his actions to anyone, he only need face the consequences of those actions.

A Man - Doesn't need someone to TELL him what makes him a man. The looks on the faces of the people around him are enough to let him know...he's a man.
The Truth The very fact that you feel the need to defend your "manhood" is egotistical. A true sign of maturity in male humans can be identified by his ability to sit quietly when he is ostracized, not feeling any need LASH OUT and justify HIMSELF.
If you laugh, or even shake your head at someone who is bawling his eyes out, yes, that DOES make you insensitive. The opposite of that would be to have compassion for the poor fellow. The truth is: the reason why a guy would shake is head is to protect his own ego.

Just because it is the current norm of society, does NOT make it right. I understand your reaction because you have been taught and conditioned for your entire life that it's not ok to cry in front of another man, this is why you must do it in private. (there is nothing wrong with that.)

These statements werent meant to be skewed, so take them at face value.

I didn't get these from "REDBOOK". I learned them from Jesus.
Special K May 24, 2001 - Bargello Museum, 12:30 pm

My first outing of the day. The towering marble sculptures here, fleshy pounds of stone, cold, rippling bodies you could strke and cup with curved palms, if only the guards would turn their heads... miracles of men, fixed and frozen forever.

Upstairs, tiny bone and ivory carvings, so meticulous, so fragile and lovely. Minute detail, exactlingly coaxed from brittle materials — astounding, and yet so ordinary. This one a lid for a jewelry box, that one a back from a hand mirror. Everyday objects made glorious and rare. What can I do but marvel and covet?
Dafremen Funny, I learned mine from being a man. 010524
Dafremen P.S. As such, I don't really feel that my own manhood or "man status" is at stake here so of course I don't feel any need to defend it. I simply disagree with yours (and APPARENTLY Jesus') condemnation of the entire male sex and so I feel a need to rebutt some of your points in order to bring some very REALISTIC perspective to yours (and APPARENTLY Jesus') IDEALISTIC statements about what makes a real man.

As you have already agreed, men ARE taught by society not to cry in front of other men, not to ooze emotions everywhere when we relate to others. This is something that society expects of us and yet in the next breath you say that mean shake their heads to protect their own egos. Au Contrare, they shake their heads for the same reason that we shake our heads at a man screaming at the top of his lungs in the library. Because such behavior is not the social norm, NOT to protect our egos. Period. As for the laughing man, agreed, he's stroking his own ego, the weak persecute the weaker, they always have they always will.
america Dafreman you don't seem to get it do you? You are demonstrating just how egosticial you are by attempting to insist and force your point of view and claiming to be "a man"...
Good for you!
Dafremen Well thanks...I guess..

But I'm not insisting, I'm stating my belief which continues to remain the same. If my repeated statement of my perspective(which will probably be the same as the last statement since, as I said, my beliefs haven't changed) appears to you as insistence on my part, then I would simply suggest that you're only reading HALF of the discourse, since the other 50% of this dialogue, by your definition of insistent is JUST as insistent.

As for forcing my point of view on someone, how exactly would I go about doing that? As far as I know it is impossible to force your point of view on another person. If someone reads what I type and remains unaffected, so be it. If someone reads what I say and feels that they must re-evaluate their beliefs, that's on them, NOT me.

Finally, your suggestion that I am "claiming" to be a real man is inaccurate. I am STATING that I am a real man, and as anyone can see by this dialogue, the concept of "real man" is subjective and entirely open to interpretation. I meet my personal criterion and therefore have no NEED to claim anything.
The Truth You should go back and re read what you wrote sometime. I have only written the truth. I have engineered it so that confusion is minimized. All I want is for you to understand! Not for you to argue. Your "perfect example" is, well, less than perfect. Please, go back and read it again. This time make sure you get it. 010524
Dafremen Ok, read it. Your words are eloquent and as opinionated as any I could have written myself. Your insistence has surpassed even my own and I must succumb to your point of view despite my unwillingness to do so. You are indeed right and I find myself in the wrong. Perhaps I should have gotten in touch with my feelings sooner, but one thing is for sure, now that I have, I can CERTAINLY see the error of my ways and I have YOU to thank for that.

From this moment forward I intend to dedicate myself to spreading your Truths from here to ten_years_from_now
throughout blather.

I am indeed humbled by the light of your wisdom, thank you...

I think I need a tissue..
Trinity I guess this is the part where I must write somenthing. I'm new at this so I don't know what I must exactly do, so i'm just going to keep on writting, i guess about man. Man man man man man man
what can i say about man? If it is man as in all of humanity then i guess I could say that we are getting lost, we don;t have any clue about what we are doing!I;m just going to stop writting. Bye Man
theopco Maybe I can clear all this up.
A man is a male person who doesn't need someone to tell him what a man is. including half-bright weepy-eyed Jesus freaks.
Jenna I need one. 011010
Jenna Or perhaps I only want one, mistaking it for need, but the desire is so strong, painful at times. This void in my life is natural, but I need a drug, a fix of man. I want the high. Better living through chemistry. 011010
ClairE i like it sweaty

and a little raw
bzzmel show us your cock 011207
kerry i like them with dark eyes you can see from across a room...

not especially manly men either. sweet ones.
K.R. Males completely brainwash themselves with the machismo image. What else is it other than blind and immature vanity? Why do men want gorilla chests and gorilla biceps? It is all so unoriginal. I'm perfectly happy with my SELF, my habits and yes, my skinny arms.
If a girl can't accept me as I am then she doesn't deserve my attention. (Most girls don't like ape men anyhow: that's a male misperception.)

People speak of the heart but then they seek the most materialistic nonsense! Luckily I haven't had any bad experiences. I am just completely sick of Pop Culture image lies and the people who blindly follow them.

DOES A MUSCULAR BODY REALLY EXPRESS YOURSELF? That is the grand question. The body is like clothing: it must match your inner self.
jess when i was a child, i was certain that men were ...i'm not sure why. my parents aren't ist any more than another person. i just felt threatened by men. freudian. 020514
lsmft Would you drive for me
Take me away from
this universe of novelty
pasta shapes and
classy leather bound nothing.
Drive until the sun goes down
and I’ll try to occupy
my lighter places.
place us somewhere far to the west of here
it is clear to me that we need to be
in Tombstone, Arizona
the men there, being real men
will force me to prove my mettle
while you are raped in the back
of the cooper’s shop
by the town blacksmith (sweaty, sooty)

we can let our lives and personalities
go to pieces in a wild west fashion
Would you whore yourself out for me
face paint and stockings and long nights
in the Silver Dollar Saloon
powerless to contain my hunger for
whiskey and farro
forced by love, or at least
some sick approximation of it
to support me in my hopeless endeavors
Then the hotel burns down
Then I am lynched for killing the
wrong man over a card game

Would you drive for me
lay me across the back seat
smoking cigarettes
and listening to the road.
Bou I like men expecially hot ones 030202
Mark you talk about getting your life back... it's your problem for getting so sucked into the rituals of pot smoking... it's not the drug that consumes, it's the user with an addictive personality who assumes he/she can stop at any time. Smoking pot doesn't make you dull, YOU make you dull. Antisocialism doesn't come from pot alone. Amotivational symptoms may surface, but what it comes down to is the user. HE/SHE has to have the WILL to do more than JUST smoke pot and pot does not strip you of this will. Irresponsibility, ignorance, low self- esteem and laziness are all character traits already present in someone who decides to turn to any drug. Few people decide to do drugs just for curiosity's sake. Everyone has an addiction. For some it's nonesense like this page; others choose drugs, cars, or food. My addiction is knowledge. I don't know it all, but I want to. Being obese is far worse, in some cases, than a drug addiction. But in the long run, both will kill you much faster... Breathing is detrimental to your health anymore, so do we stop breathing?? My point is, drugs are repressive only if you let them consume your life. Drugs, in moderation, are enhancements. Better to live your life through chemistry... Everything comes down to elements, compounds, and energy. We only live one life that we are conscious of, so why not juice every experience for what it is worth. Mountain rides are peaceful and serene, and smoking a joint only helps you feel just a little more connected to the Earth. We contain the same very same elements of our Earth and our Earth supplies us with these plants and spores that can enhance our lives. Anything refined is what's harmful. Pot and shrooms are of the few drugs that CAN enhance our lives in their natural states. The picture, of a "pothead", that you depicted is soooo sterotypical... Bandwagoneers and wannabes attempt to portray a certain "image"... they get lost in this image and forget to be their own leaders. Pot is harmless... it's the user that becomes irresponsible. Yes, there are side effects, but yes knowledge IS power, and knowing these effects can help you deal with each occuring incident. Anxiety, munchies, paranoia, arousal, distortion, perception, carcinogens, and so on... if a user is unaware of any of these effects, then he/she has no business getting into the habit. The Govt. wastes valuable $$ and man power hours arresting pot smokers, when the real killers out there are heroine, crank, cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol. So before you get holier than thou and decide to share this attitude with the rest of the world, USE that thing on your shoulders called a head and THINK about why you smoked pot, why your friends smoked pot, why you had to look a certain way, and why you really quit. You just got bored. Bored with pretending you were someone(thing) else, bored because you let it consume your activities, bored because you HAD to have it all the time. I understand you feel enlightened because you quit using pot, but I'm sorry you had to lead such a dull life before you even started using... sorry you had to feel important by taking on a certain role in life... just to feel accepted... 030408
thinkertinker I know not where the treatise upon the recreational use of cannabis stemmed from but I am thankful for it. I don't feel that I have ever been ignorant of the listed "sideeffects" but i've never realised that by focusing upon my understanding and knowledge of these issues i have in turn conquered and survived them.Thank you. I simply wanted to comment upon your words of man: Wether intentional or not, the words have become entwined within the orignial mesh created by the earliest and strongest words here. I believe (as a man wether he be relevant or not) that you are embracing too cliched a standpoint within this word, just as society has indocinerated men away from intense emotional eruptions in most public situations, society has also conditioned thinking upon itself to the level that self-analysis, in the manner that the standpoint of man within these words has been analysed, is almost impossible due to the fact that awknowledgement of such an ingrained thinking pattern destroys the orignial idea that created it. Step back. Man is the male form of the species Homo Sapiens Sapiens (last time I checked nehu) He is classified and is different from a man in that he has a penis and testicles. He does not have the reproductive equipment required to give birth but he can fertalise a fertile female, causing her to concieve. I admit, I felt tempted to add generalisations now, such as saying that, IN GENERAL men are more muscular and have a heavier build than women but this is exactly the same mistake that is made when the classification of man was attempted earlier. SOME women are more muscular than SOME men, in a very similar way SOME men conform more to femanine social stereotypes than to mascualine social stereotypes. These men are still men. They may be gay, they may be straight, but they are still men. So, rather than assuming that characteristics and mannerisms can define a "man" how about embracing a more physical side of the argument? (and I can't write about this because I want to stop but.. as far as my reasoning follows, a person with neither male or female physical characteristics is neither man nor woman, what does this then make them? can we now rightfully nwo use social templates to pigeonhole this person? Should my logic be carried one step futher and DNA used to "genderize" the person with a simple XY chromosome pair turning someone into a "man"? 030725
Chookie I knew a man from Down Under. Actually, I still know him. He is the only man on this planet, by the way. But he doesn't know this yet. Write me your songs before it is too late. But the words have rusted already. A crying shame, actually. 031114
yollanda oooooooohh yah. thats wat im talkin bout...*u* 040110
yollanda theres this man i know, and hes slightly taller than i, has green eyes,is strong,talented,so fucking sexy i cant barely stand it and he smells reeeeely good...i had to get that off me chest... 040110
myriadmoods Gods gift to us women. I love the smell, taste, differences, between the sexes, the love of a good man is hard to find too, so it seems.Man , I love men!MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 040112
i am A man is the image of perfection.I will never be perfect."A man is not perfect but can accept his imperfections."?What imperfections are these?An ego?No way.'Cause then being a man would be no different than being a slob like me.I am nothing like a man,but if I can accept my lack of an entirely virtuous heart do I then become one?No,I remain a slob.The womans idea of the perfect man is a contradiction,the perfect woman is a mans body.Unachievable.Jesus was perfection,a perfection no one can match.Not even you.Why do woman ask us for what thay themselves cannot understand let alone achieve.You are a woman and reguardless of how intelegent you are you will never understand why being your version of a man is impossable.

"Man" is a tainted word.Almost as tainted as those who carry its title.From the beginning we are not man enough for our fathers only to find later we are not man enough for woman.

Fuck everything that thay want me to be.I'll be just be me.

A man is what you are biologicaly,what kind of man you are is what one chooses.

Jesus said that only God is truly good?Even he acepted his flawed reality,and so must I.

What does it mean to be a real woman?Nothing at all.You could be a "girl" for the rest of your life if you wanted to.Society expects alot less from woman, and it shows.I fucken laugh when woman tell me how hard it is simply being a woman,at least thay are allowed to feel.We are mocked for being the only fucking thing were allowed to be.I don't believe men have it harder.I just think society expects more from us than you.At least you can cry on eachothers shoulders at the end of the day with your sexuality being put into question.At least you'll never be called a FAG for crying,for not catching the ball,or for generally being human.

We all have our flaws.Men expect unfair thing from woman,womaen expect unfair things from men,but I don't see very many guys going around pompously exclaming what a real woman is supposed to be on the inside.I speak more for myself than for all men,because I can only speak from my experence.So unless you have been a man before I suggest you shut the fuck up.After all,a real woman is supposed to suffer in silence and accept a mans evaluation of them without question.Unless of course your a dike.

Judge me not my shallow friends lest you be judged yourselves.
i am Im just playin ladies you know I love you. 040410
shaun mulligan 040415
s feminist,feminazi. 040419
Jaca The root of the word man comes from another word for hands. So I guess what distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom, are our hands. 040420
god_damn_pretty (Chlo) A strange creation which can do many things to the opposite sex that are unexplainable! 040609
acidshank mmm. man
i know one. hes tall and skinny, and i can barely think straight when im with him, and when i see him.
his eyes and smile capture me. i wish i could be with him right now
hes so funny when he opens up. o his smile.
kyle we go forth to ask the question: what is man? or perhaps not so much what man is, but what defines man? lust for a woman? testosterone driven competetition? man is ambiguous, man is loosely defined, man is trying to be solid, concrete.

i am abstract. does a penis make a man?
fingers horny fucker 060623
jason yes 060623
ms. adam! 060830
spoken man it's late and i'm horny all this talk about men is making me want to go wake the one snoring on my couch that was getting on my nerves earlier but now that seems trivial and I want to go jump his bones think he'll be surprised if i climb naked in his lap tell him to remain silent then explore his manly flesh with my mouth and completely lose myself in the glorious feelings he awakens in my body 090406
twenty-three You are a man and I'm not sure what to do with that. 100915
suebear The man can't do it only the Lord Jesus can
Money will buy a bed, but it will not buy sleep
Money will buy food, but it will not buy an appetite
Money will buy medicine, but it will not buy health
Money will buy a house, but it will not buy a home
Money will buy a diamond, but it will not buy love
Money will buy a church pew, but it will not buy salvation
what's it to you?
who go