nullspace we all have them
some serious
others not so much so
i think maybe the key sometiems is to just get them out in the open, discuss them
and maybe blather helps with that
i've got issues i don't know about i'm sure.
but i think i've nurtured the tools needed to deal with them
i hope so anyway
and i hope that somewhere along the line i can help someone else deal with their issues
it's the least i can do
jennifer jerry had quack issues during the rape ballet
lindsey had line issues
debi had greg issues
(don't we all)
and I just had some I can see it reprise issues
just now
greg had cape issues
ryan had 13-year-old issues
linda had idiot issues
kevin and tim had consistency issues
christine had brittish and loud feet issues
the audience had cellophane issues
cg had justin issues
and me and debi figured it was j-name issues in general
everyone had videography issues
but no one had cell-phone issues
misstree everyone has issues.
some people have subscriptions.
some people should get stock in publisher's clearing house.
glenn yeah i've got issues. big ones. want to buy one? 030817
lovechild you can't force yourself to be fucked up - but you can try! 040219
re_alisma a lot of them stem here: i can't abandon people who can't be abandoned. as long as i get Other Lives, this is not a problem. but what if i get no other lives? then I REALLY have issues, and problems, and whatever. it's not intensity_in_ten_cities (who knows what it would otherwise be), but it does qualify as a Problemed Existence.... 6th house territory!

and of course, it could always be worse, and i could always take steps to make it better. and i can always see the bright side of life, and be happy anyway... 6th house thinking cap endowment!

i just tend to think these (non-Chinese) dragons would be upset with a rescued princess. i COULD think my way out of that can of worms, but i BELIEVE my main option is to day-to-day it, trust angels, and earth, and karma, and patience and lots of other things that are mostly pretty faith-y.

i was born to have issues. really, i was. it's one way to remain unbombastically philosophical, i suppose, and unpreachy.
lantaren/venster getting_old

and its stupid because i've had this conversation before. and god knows the bff has tons of issues, and still manages to put herself out there. everyone has 'issues'. as someone once said, its just about finding someone whose issues are compatible with yours.

i just...


what's it to you?
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