daxle Do you consider yourself a serious person?- she asked me
and she was immediately berated for it before I could answer
someone who thinks about things more than most people do- she explained
I will never know how most people are, even if I take a survey- it's just impossible
the crow seriously i cant believe that im still awake. everyone saays be serious with your work or you will DIE 020207
ladybird I take myself too __ sometimes

then other times I'm told I take nothing __
devalis when he'll buy you tampons without you asking him to. 020811
ShnizelCheese When someone becomes your Soap in Life. 030318
elegance when my subconscious let him know that he was my superhero. 040614
god shall we take ourselves seriously? 041007
f sometimes i wish i had no feelings
because they never seem to do me any favors, I am waiting for the day I can be proven wrong, I don't know who to trust anymore and I am beginning to think that I am starting to loose trust in myself.
What are we supposed to learn from all this?
I used to think that everything happens for a reason but now I just think life is a test, how far can you go, how much pain can you take and how many times do you make the same mistake? Maybe feelings are just to hide the truth and clarity of a world that is made up of purely chemicals.
god a serious of snakes 041012
brand a terminal condition where the individual can no long laugh or smell the flowers 050221
what's it to you?
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