morose is what you get when you think you've defined something and finally understood. Unfortunately, with me, clarity never lasts very long until I'm back to bumbling confusion... 000120
fucked i will never find clarity. ever. things move too much, constantly changing, changing shape and size and location until there all that's clear is that nothing will ever be clear to me. 000221
*CatMeow* there are always fleeting, quickly passing moments of clarity zooming around you, trying to enter in through your ears eyes nose mouth and skin, the problem is stopping long enough and staying still for that split-second, to allow them to hit you... it happens when you're simply looking out your window, down onto the thing you call earth, life, school, the quad, and all you are doing is absorbing that moment, and then the clarity hits you, it's not a clarity about a specific thing, it's a general clarity, and if you think, or grab, or move, or try and hold on and remember what it feels like, clarity flits away from you, but it always lingers about, waiting for that stopped moment when it can get in again, and bring you a millisecond of calm, peace, and serenity, only to flit away again... clarity is an ongoing, neverending, neverfinishing process, that only comes in miniscule doses... did i make that clear enough? 001207
miniver Poetry is there, somewhere; but we are well-armed, and nothing more will do, it seems. 001208
werewolf nothing could be less clear or more important. So what will you do when asked to respond relevantly to what is relevant by a tribunal you helped inagurate? will you take your turn? will you squirm like a worm on a hook does when we ask the same question, though a bit less pointed. do we feel a sense of clarity when we see something bleed? Even something we don't respect a lot? 020321
silentbob you're not better than this not bigger when will you learn? 020322
fairia represents a clear state of mind or clearness in general 020626
little fury bug
...something i will never experience.

...or the best Jimmy Eat World album, in my opinion of course.
girl_jane On that album, I've only heard 1-8 and then 10. I'd like to hear everything someday... 020626
fallen hero before JEW "sold out"
talble for glasses
the repeater Annie111 I would wear red and blue for you
To find out for sure 011210
niska when buying speakers for the car, the most important factor to consider is clarity.

i think this applies to everything, wouldn't you agree?

clarity is required before i can be expected to understand. otherwise, we'll just assume and never know the truth. without clarity in the sound from the speakers, i'll never hear the song as it was intended, and i will not be able to sing along - but i'd like to, because i love singing in the car.
Helicala As fairia said, a masterpiece by Jimmy_Eat_World. 040102
me only the ignorant are truly happy. i think clarity works in a similar way. 050821
birdmad i wipe away the soft focus and see the sharp edges

all of which will have my blood

but that's ok,

i always make more
pete it's late january in ottawa. it is sunny and five degrees. people are walking around the slush in the streets, coats undone. the sun slowly moves as to set, the world turns to face her again.

inside, a commericial on the tv mocks reality stretching ideas and generalizations a bit too far. and such is the life of a historical actor.

which is more profound? deconstructing the other in historical actors or reconstruction yourself as a historical actor--as if in the eyes of the other, othering yourself to yourself?
prefer JEW/JEW album actually jimmy eat world!!!!!!!!!!!! 060128
hsg as_you_please 081104
In_Bloom Can wipe the smile from your face 081105
hsg truenough.. my rebuttal would be then that it wasn't timeless_happiness 100521
unhinged you have your moments

which makes it
harder and harder
to believe your bullshit when you're
unhinged 'we can make people believe anything if we work upon them from their childhood...belief gives you a confidence without clarity. confidence without clarity is a disaster on this planet. there is no substitute for clarity.' - sadhguru 170514
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