me? my skin is warm... and so was yours. didn't you like the feeling of skin on skin too? what's wrong with you? why did you leave? i don't need pain anymore, so now i'm through. different trip this year.

broken leaves blowing in the shallow ditch...
languid wind cold and dark and rich
with winter light.
andrea mine echoes the years i laid in bed
frightened to hear the footsteps
coming down the dark hall

it smells of the nights he held me
trying to make up for all that happened
and wiping away my tears
deb i ache from the very thought
unable to realize
that it was me
who was so scared
to see his face
to see his withered smile...
to know...

it never washes away
no matter how long
you scrub
valis what's under there? best not to guess.

just make sure you're comfy in it.
jennifer I remember stopping off at ming's before a show one night to pick up some food
and I saw andrea there

and she said I look comfortable in my own skin
koti ..and yours was warm and soft, clothing me in security
but sour layers lie beneath.
stole my heart and broke my dreams
so there is nothing left for me...
yet still i miss your soothing touch, and all the solace it birthed
to quench an aching thirst.
Andrew random texture generator. 000122
old hick But where is your self?

In my skin. Somewhere behind my eyes and between my ears.
camille a shell we shed 000217
birdmad it sometimes seems as if my skin is my sin

but that's another question left unanswered

if my hands were hot when i touched you, it's because you could not see that i was blushing
cares I still remember the way your skin looked that morning. I didn't look different from any other morning.
But it was different, painfully so...
decomposition had taken hold before my eyes had opened to welcome the sunshine
my world crumbled that morning, with the suddeness of a slap
gwyllynne pierced
all in pursuit of
tourist Crease it will,
Time will etch it.
Lines like fissures
Your face will wear.
A bitter pill
But it's We who sketch it.
The pain and pleasures,
The woe and care,
All show in folds
Where skin is bending,
Mapping emotion
For all to see.
So Smile on children,
Laugh long and often!
Because if you don't
You'll look like Hell!
unhinged you can keep my skin
in a box
under your bed
so your mommy doesn't find it
and play with it only
in the dark
do you want me put my skin
in a box?
i will keep it there
for you
until you get hungry
your touch all i was ever
hungry for
ladybird warm skin is the best, whether from sunshine or sex. 010514
Sol I appreciate your soft and gently furred off-brown skin, smooth and subtly pricklywarm (except your always cold fingertips) soft and yielding but firm. Come and fit around me. 010514
balishagimous Beneath dan's(innanalu's)skin there was a gnarly daemon who scratch and sctatched and bit then used a whip and that got him going good so he could speak some sence to the world and forget everything that came before especially about what happened to his buddy kris and why and wherefor he got fucked up the ars. 010527
distorted tendencies his was pale porcelain /translucent/ soft mine contrasted light brown olive broken scarred bruised yet still radiant
dark and light
black and white
yin and yang
sapphire_ the ultimate sense organ
expressing a universal language


so many people are too scared to feel and i search for comfort, and those shivers down my spine
angie brown skin...boy i love your BROWN SKIN....
india aire!
ClairE what_you_just_can't_blather.

It makes me cry.
pushpins webbed with crooked designs
of razor envy
razor hate
razor love.
laced scars warn intruders
of my sorry condition.

back off.
the words are etched into my skin.
ellen cherry charles I want to feel comfortable in my own skin 020127
oooloooolie we
your hurried whispers
fall on my
skin and
I open.
silentbob carve
mcpants she spoke in me with eyes as pale as autumn moons, her skin like ice
as i gazed upon her lifeless shore, she bowed low and sank into the earth
i hid behind a smile, even as the tears betrayed me
i call out, and she assaults me with silence
she beckons me to join her, meet her, be her
the mnemonic ascetic vague taste of the salt of the first traces of her sweat as his lips and tongue met her skin

the spark

closure of a live circuit
the electricity of desire

a little gasp here
softly spoken conversation there
words brief interjections between treavelling kisses

...she is gone from him now
but he can still remember the taste of her on his lips the softness of her touch and the sweetness of her words
and the heat of her kisses

he hoped, as he sat in the quiet dark that fate would place him back at the forefront of her desires.

but as for now, there was the quiet solitude to contend with. the most fearsome enemy he knew.
yummyC stretches on forever,
blown cherry missing you already And the day that we left
I found a whole in my chest
When you said we were only friends, hanging out
What was I sposed to do, I should swallow my pride
and say it's cool, but I'm a fool, I want you....

I guess I always knew I would
Like you too much for my good
It gets me when I tell you this but it's true
It's so true
It's so true
It's so true

And the night that we kissed
We were both pretty pissed
But I still knew how good it felt, but did you?
Now I'd do anything, to get you out from underneath my skin
Wishful thinking, don't want to

- Jebediah (Of Someday Shambles)
thea i kind of like fleshy girls if they have pretty skin. i'm fleshy but i have ugly skin, so i suppose i should become anorexic. my bones would be preferable to my skin.
i know this girl with beautiful shiny dark hair and beautiful pale white skin, and neutral glasses, but she's really obese. everytime i see her i think "how could you have liked her so much? she's so fat." and then every time i talk to her and when she smiles she seems less fat. i wish i could tell her to lose weight, because if she was skinny she'd be the most beautiful girl.
dano you're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry. 021101
Valentine A body_bag to hold the organs in... isn't funny how one little slit can make everything just.... tumble out? 021116
wolfman Skin... the softest thing in the world. 030402
minnesota_chris especially if your skin was made out of Kleenex or pudding! 030402
minnesota_chris you know, it would be better if I did homework, than post silly things like this. 030402
sigma I wish I could touch your skin again. Mostly I wish I could stop thinking of you- it's probably hormones. I wish I could stop crying. 030731
xyz prison_walls 031107
misstree my skin is a stranger
speaking in tongues as i pinch and pull and pierce,
pain its only voice, pleasure a whisper too soft to feel real.

my skin is a stranger, sinewy bonds i can't escape, restless and contrary,
and someday,
it will let me be free.

(written a while ago, i'm missing half of it but i have a cat sleeping on my lap so tough.)
this is my private life oingo_boingo 031108
pipedream one of my favourite things
drapes itself so thinly over my veins
my bones
sometimes i feel bird-like

every expanse
feels different
leaves a wake of
tingling sensation

right under her hairline
and she shivered
with the newness of it
gecko seeped in through the skin
of my world
sweet like something quenched
I became accustomed
I was left aching for more
you wish His skin is soft and even more soft on mine. I want his sex. 040304
aida So I live in my skin? What does that make me anyway?
I damage my skin. It doesn't seem to mind. I think that's what it's there for.
falling_alone skin our hands, no, scan... a gallery of human art. hitler's lampshades. our jumbo ostriches killing everyone.
purple hippo with blue spots.
there's a genocidal ostrich in all of us.

"look at all those flying butterflies while i'm here with a pencil up my ass...i'm a fugly little thing too."
acne scars I'm so desperate to smooth out my skin I may take steel wool to it. 050128
Somebodys Soul Clear your skin, clear your head, clear your mind, go to bed. Sleep all night, dance all day, find your true love, not much to pay. Not much to pay.

I'm the medicine man
And the messanger of god
With the miracle cure
That you know you want

I'm the bringer of joy
I will stop the war
All the happiness
It can be yours
What are you waiting for?

Slice your food, firm your bottom, scrap your philosophy, it is rotten. Mine is better, you can pray, order now, not much to pay. Not much to pay.

I'm the medicine man
And the messanger of god
With the miracle cure
That you know you want

I'm the bringer of joy
I will stop the war
All the happiness
It can be yours
What are you waiting for?

Buy my TV, yours is old, it is great, half are sold. Buy my hotplate, buy my tray, it's covered in pictures, not much to pay, not much to pay.

I'm the medicine man
And the messanger of god
With the miracle cure
That you know you want

I'm the bringer of joy
I will stop the war
All the happiness
It can be yours
What are you waiting for?

Call us now, you'll be rapt, money back, you're never trapped. Ignore the fine print, call today, cure your life, not much to pay. Not much to pay.

echolalia give me your skin...for dancing in! 060707
echolalia Hairless and streamlined-
fits like my own skin
tattooed and sun-dyed-
it's warm and it's human
There were too many of them-
the animals like them
Shame about the smell but
they're fine steeped in perfume.
krupt my skin is covered with scars like a confused teenager... im older now but feel the need to cut even more. this blog is my razor, the keyboard is my skin, and this feeling i have inside... its the salt that i press into the bleeding flesh as i scream out in pain and erotic pleasure... somebody help me! 080116
waiting burns when youre around 080701
gja i choose my friends only far too well
i'm up on the pavement, they're all down in the cellar
with their government grants and my i.q.
they brought me down to size, academia blues
louise is a girl, i know her well
she's up on the pavement, yes she's a weather girl
and i'm staying up here so i may be undone
she's inappropriate, but then she's much more fun and
when she smiles my way
my eyes go out in vain
she's got perfect skin
shame on you, you've got no sense of grace, shame on me
ah just in case i might come to a conclusion
other than that which is absolutely necessary
and that's perfect skin
louise is the girl with the perfect skin
she says turn on the light, otherwise it can't be seen
she's got cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin
and she's sexually enlightened by cosmopolitan and
when she smiles my way
my eyes go out in vain
for her perfect skin
yeah that's perfect skin
she takes me down to the basement to look at her slides
of her family life, pretty weird at times
at the age of ten she looked like greta garbo
and i loved her then, but how was she to know that
when she smiles my way
my eyes go out in vain
she's got perfect skin
up eight flights of stairs to her basement flat
pretty confused huh, being shipped around like that
seems we climbed so high now we're down so low
strikes me the moral of this song must be there never has been one

Lloyd Cole Perfect Skin lyrics
tourist The Years Are Turning Mine
From Tanned Leather
Into Rice Paper

I Find Myself Bleeding
With No Idea
What Has Caused It

Time Is A Bitch
waiting oh, lloyd lovely.

i accidentally split a few drops of my yogurt/milk drink on the keyboard and didn't notice. i thought it was something else...
In_Bloom Skin on skin
You can't imagine what I pass up just to enjoy the bliss of simple clean skin
Jurisprudence What a blessing
What shame
Watch me scratch and paw just to get beneath
Into the blood to where I flow free
With you
Behind your eyes
Past your lips
Beneath your skin where all things are possible
camille receptors produce @ least five different sensations...
light touch
jio jio 100215
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141204
what's it to you?
who go