Tess a seminar is erotic. got that. words are erotic, and sometimes i get it. i should quit protecting my innocence. 991231
acuhymen a frigging yellow bathroom mat with black hair dye spilled on it is erotic.

tension is erotic.
girl masochism.
licking the blood from his self-inflicted cuts.
Sleepy Eye Minnesota I am 20 years old. I have never made love, I have never kissed a woman. When I was 5 years old some men put scars in my brain and I don't think I will ever be able to think in an erotic way the rest of my life. 000514
birdmad warm rain falling on a late spring afternoon in the desert.

a smile and a laugh.

fingers interlaced while holding hands.

looking into each other's eyes.

the faint scent of perfume and sweat mixing as they ride the air of a sultry summer night
gregg playing monopoly and winning

waking up on a cold morning next to the person you love and being warm

destroying one's enemies
MollyGoLightly I've totally lost my grasp on this. And no pun intended, for those of you with dirty little minds... 000518
Tiffa I always thought a heavy whisper in my ear was erotic. The tingling I get when a man's mouth is anywhere near me is insane. Mist is erotic, a heavy thick warm mist is like the breath that comes from that whisper. A strobe light and funky techno is erotic when you are dressed in leather. yeah, um i think there was a point to this... 000521
Tiffa Oh yeah, after responding to steel, i fogot to mention that the cold feel of metal against the skin is the most highly erotic thing i have ever known. Not rings or necklaces though i can see how those would feel good too...i mean like taking a sword, knife, or dagger, something sharp and dragging it along the body so you feel the metallic "ting" and even if you use the sharp end, ooooohh, the tingle of severed neves and the bitterness of the pain all combined with metal....ok must stop before i form a lake. ;-) 000521
grendel woo-hoo!

i think i'm in lust
MollyGoLightly "Arose" Thomas Newman, American Beauty Original Motion Picture Score 000522
Tiffa mmmm grendel pie.....
The Schleiffen Man erotic for me is bathing together blindfolded 000525
jennifer I agree with Tess
words are erotic
moonshine when someone whispers Sweater 000614
john love is erotic as opposed to sex which is just satisfying keep protecting your innocence e-tess 000702
moonshine heliocopters are erotic 000715
psychosexual The most passionate organ in the human body lies between the ears, not the legs 001230
Barrett i like peanutbutter 001230
Rhin chunky or smooth? 001230
Spellchecker Is it "erot ic"? "E rot ic"? "Ero tic"? "E ro tic"? None of those? More than one of those? Or do you just know it when you read, see, hear, smell, taste or feel it? 011010
niki Robert Plant's voice in "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You."
makes me purr...that's right...makes me purrrrr
also... a guy's warm breath on my neck
only hapened ocne but it made my knees weak. i liked it...a lot
niki dude...i can't spell
sorry about that
oh no not me robert plant's voice *always* makes me purr. but sting's makes me purr more. 011010
niki this is true 011010
distorted tendencies Put your hands all over my body.. 011010
Sonya the sullen feline Feeling the wind crawling down your skin.
Soft whisperings of passionate nonsense.
When someone drags a flower across your neck.
Cooking together and then feeding each other a delectable meal.
Going grocery shopping with that special someone.
Talking for hours and hours into the the night by candlelight.
Tender kisses all over the body.
Waking up nestled next to someone you love and then being embraced by them under the covers.
Wiggling your toes in the sand!
thugstylez an irresolute look on her face while im running my fingers on her bare warm skin. the look of guilt in taking so much pleasure in this sin. the shivers on her belly while i bring my hands around her hips. the soft lustful touch when i calm her trembling lips with mine and intertwine our fingertips. you close your eyes and indulge in this kiss, nervousness excitement. im captured in this rapture, perfect bliss, and erotic enticement. 020307
a crevice on your soul wrapping a long guitar string tightly around your arms to make blue veins surface on your skin....flicking the tip of that snake wire onto your suffering skin while anticipating that tingling hint of pulsating pain...blood clots winding around your arms to tatoo yourself with self-inflicted erotic 020316
tricia a fantasy come true 030109
taojones we drank strong coffe and we talked about music---as usual---but that wasn't important. That wasn't what I found so erotic.

it had been raining, and I'd called her just after she'd taken a shower, and asked her to meet me at the coffeeshop---neutrality in location is important---when she arrived, I could see she was wet, partly from the rain, but mostly from the heat, and sopping on the linolaeum floor I watched her look around the room, looking for me or for a towel.

I had a towel, but I couldn't think to get it out of my bag---I was really just too mesmerized by her, by the stark pornographic intrusion of her body, dress clinging and dark curly hair put up and glistening underneath the halogen bulb; for an instant she'd become an elegy illuminated.

until that point we'd certainly been friends, but i think it was inside that moment that i lived for a lifetime; falling hard on my face in love in an erotic rush of prescience.

i now make it a point to take long walks with her in the rain...
Arwyn someone's hot breath on your neck while they whisper to you... your little hairs quiver from the breath and send shivers up and down your spine... eventually you become putty in their hands... 030114
jane i painted on his back
an ocean
of blues & greens
with white crests between royal shoulders

he painted on my front
gold feathery wings
spanning my chest
fingertips of a hand
an eye in the middle

he stops & looks at me

"can i tell you something?"

"i love you so much right now"

now, that's erotic.
Lemon_Soda When they dance with swirling tails and waving arms...and then look at me and ask me to join the dance. 031002
arielle when i sit beside you
in a neutral location
unable to act on my fantasies,
only to think them

and when we do walk outside with
your hand demurely pressed in
mine (but i can feel the heat and
the rough edge of your skin sinking
into my body)

you whirl me around
and catch my lips in yours
and the heat that has built up
throws me into your soul
arielle sex in public places 031215
hyena metasensuality.
the pause between pin and finding the one spot left to struggle with. or not finding it. animal scent. a blow_job outside work. hunting grins and growls and giggles. the gleam that eye sparks just before you become that little bit more dangerous. slight stings as i shift in my chair. demands. pleas. meat. mind. feral Play.
wish463983 By now he was rather excited and he rushed as he pulled away at our clothes
First he unbuttoned
Next her unzipped
Then he slid down
And with me, he pulled up
dick flesh unseen now exposed
lace and cotton fall off
we prance, virginial, happy and driven
whimpers and moans emerge from underneath
light another cigarette, even the roling smoke is erotic, twisting and falling, its human curves
like a veil of delicate spectral nerves
Expand something that your unexplainably drawn to
a boy's wink
something you walk closer to, with your pelvis out
someone your dying to touch. to hold. it's got no reason it just is
Syrope suddenly all the internal surfaces of my body are swollen and tender. all i can figure is that the tears that keep welling up are too acidic. yet the pain of existing seems so oddly erotic. the questions going through my mind of just how long it would take for my roommate to realize i'm not coming back bring the same excitement and same blush that erotic thoughts do...and thoughts of death, of abandonment, of surrender...they're almost as prone to escalating as sexual fantasies. there's not even a real reason, but i can't stop thinking about it. 040315
pete thanks to prof emberely, every time i hear this word i think about socrates, the ugly old man who corrupted the youth (and who i would allow to corrupt me quite wiliingly) with his words, talking to a bunch of eighteen year olds about why philosophy is better than tyranny.

what a beautiful twisting of the word! erotic conversations. they last all night, eight hours! getting no sleep the night before an exam (sorry, it was the best i've ever had), passing hours in the rain always looking for the frogs on the path. ah! erotic!
once again the moment a look touches you

the second the words become a promise

when danger becomes adventure

when conversation becomes an exploration

the way eyes become that something other the visual receptors...
glamour vial is thoughts of someone you lust for consuming your mind as you move your skin against cool, smooth sheets and image what their skin would feel like on yours; the contrast of lifeless cloth and nerve-filled heated tissue. 040906
briar "Every trip to the supermarket becomes an erotic adventure. When I walk down the vegetable isle my senses tingle. I can't wait to get home. When I do arrive home I can't stop myself from fucking the vegetables I just bought."
Ananomys: Cosmopolitain magazine

My friend fucked a carrot once.
oneiros he's a little chubby, but kinda super sexy

he's str8, which means he'd fuck a whale, but not me

such is life
Melisandre He gave a me back massage (erotic in and of itself) and kissed my back and neck. It made me melt. Always wanted someone to do that. 041213
oneiros your immature attitude toward you sexuality forced you to claim sex with a man wouldn't be out of the question but 'would not be erotic' (why have nonerotic sex??)

perhaps there is a reason

i don't think your gay or bi, but i don't think you wouldn't want to do it...
Fearless Leader that moment when you stand a little ways appart and your eyes catch and you know she wants you to kiss her. 050119
Q Erotic eating can be very healthy. 050617
Lala Yes, I remember that day when he touched me, from bottom to the top and kissed my lustrous lips, and turned and looked at me in the eye and called me "My love". Yes at that moment I think that was so erotic 090826
In_Bloom The insides of a person speaking out to tongue and fingertips. 090827
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