maxwellthorne I want to paint her.

I don't meant that I want to reproduce her image on a canvas, but instead...

I want to remove her clothes and apply paint to her flesh.
I want to trace every contour, every fold, every delicate curve.
I want to get lost in the process time and again only to snap out of what I'm doing and behold the intoxicating beauty before me in a whole new way.

I want to paint her.
freakizh i believe that plastic art and objects can be created to be touched.
like clay figures.. not aesthetically beautiful, but fitable, smooth and very descriptive to the fingers.

you'll be surprised the number of exaggerated curves used to represent the figure of a woman.. it resembles more to nothing than the woman itself.
kingsuperspecial _curves_

something hooks,
attention caught
stopping mind and walk
head turns to follow

before I realize, I give in
appeal, a pause
transfixed by gentle movement
your shape welcoming, warm
thought years
dares a forbidden touch
or at least a stolen stare.


This is printed in the lizard brain,
a command from eons ago
the reason now diminished under
rules and formalities
Brazen, the instructions are clear
wired directly to movement
action nearly unstoppable

sometimes I wonder if you notice or care
and other times I wonder why I'm looking at all.
have you taken trouble to wear something alluring
and was that trouble for yourself or me?
Should I feel bad for accepting an offer
to appreciate your physique?

but feeling bad only comes with thinking
static overrides the initial electric thrill
a millisecond of pure, primitive lust
harkening back to times past
the brain twisting under millions of voices
each cell yearning to divide

what's it to you?
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