Erin When your standing right there
I can smell..hear...breath you
All I have to do is grab you
But whats holding me back
My body starts steaming
all i want is to hold you
As you walk away I know that you will only be a yearning
chanaka please please please don't hang up
how i yearn to keep talking to you
how my soul aches
Ariadani touch me.
touch me again.
underneath the blankets
i hide my love for you.
drive me crazy
drive me insane
just dont stop.
i want you.
i yearn for you.
dont stop.
thefuddyduddy Possibly my favourite word. Horribly hysterical, cracks me up everytime. 030228
raijin crack in the defenses where heart betrays mind and soul 030228
zanna yearning for nothing more than him and a bed alone. i just would like the time .. 040621
constella and yet
without demise
our young heroine lanced her eyes

and without thought
regret or doubt
she turned to her maker
and spit him out

and yet
without demise
our young heroine ate her eyes

with some time
rhythm and space
she bowed her head
and prayed her grace

and yet
without surprise
our young heroine regained her sight
Ouroboros i climbed on the back and we rode up the mountain to his bungalow beneath a bowled blue sky. he sketched my face as we sat on the bed. my arms were crossed, defending myself against him? or against myself, because i could feel, can still feel this beating, the pounding, this pull of desire even after knowing what know about him, even while feeling absurdity of our ages, he sketched my face and the incense burned and i looked out his window 061207
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