Looking through, I can see you.
Lyndsay it is easier to keep the blinds closed when my heart is on the other side 991212
andrea one day in my apartment
i was dancing around my living room
in a silver sequin bra and
khaki pants, getting ready to go out
and i saw a man looking in at me
jennifer I have a friend named andrea, and she has a silver sequined bra, and some guy I know has a matching hat, and she got the bed by the window in abel hall.
next to her rows of shoes and a trisquit box.
tnt transparency. or not. which leads somewhere. or does not. 000114
abulia proof, looking out,
we need higher windows
miniver = mirror

If you need a snap judgement about a girl, this is the way to go. I think a car window is the best. Especially a tiny sort of car, where a person may even have to distort their bodies to check themselves out. But, if you can't get a decent car window to walk'em by, any will do, really. Or many windows. Do they look just once, in, say, the first window? Do they keep re-checking as they walk by? Those people are funny. Oh, my.

I'm probably a sly-once-over sort of person, naturally. But, I pretty much have that under control now.
I can almost never resist.
I look in pretty much every window every time.

funny funny.
Megan Out of my window looking in the night I can see the barges flickering light. BARGES I would like to go with you I would like to sail the ocean blue. BARGES have you treasures in your hold do you fight with pirates brave and bold?

Windows are often cold, and always smudged.
orbst "This window is opaque," she said.

"How do you know it's a window?"
yoink into my brain 010521
redneckk into my shit 010521
evolutionending you do not deserve a window 010906
evolutionending 020408
minnesota_chris Through my open screenless window
You drift into my bedroom on a warm breeze

Leave or die, insect desperado!
You glossy, sugar eating anarchist.

Crush you? Push you out?
I can only stand captivated, and watch you.

Beautiful, glistening in the sun
Shiny black with hot yellow stripes
Able to sting and sting me, without effort.

You sun yourself, investigate my windowsill
Preen yourself.

Please stay, living jewel
If only you can keep from stinging me.

When finished, you leave the way you came.

I closed my screen. I can't allow
random winged creatures
to disrupt my life,
no matter how beautiful.
the decline and fall of birdmad all the signs say "Jump!"

but i'm only on the first floor.
akenbosche that sucks 030119
pipedream that was pretty, minnesota_chris

windows. best open, on a windy day. light rain optional. gauzy white curtains, window-seat to curl up on with a good book and a few oven-warm brownies.
raindrops sometimes splatter on my nose, and the moist wind smells like grass and sweetpeas and dark earth.

can i bottle this up for a hot day in july?
phil When I look out my window
I see
the weather
the rain
the clouds
the sky
the damp dark bark
then I see the earth the yard the grass
then I see the street the lights
then I see the leaves and the bushes and the cars and the houses
then I see people, out of the corner of my eye sometimes, at night
and then I go outside
Cory Though cold, its never cold enough. I love it when it rains, more so when it doesn't. I breath deep, fresh air creeps past my soul. It makes you feel more alive, the night air, fresh, from outside. 040117
Cory I have typo problems, the sound of rain from the window makes my mind stray. I'm sorry for the typo today. I like the window open. Never too cold, never too rainy. Its closed when the sun sings. 040117
.fallen you stand at the window already thinking you have walked through the door 040117
J i love windows when the sky is clear. It helps me think 040913
Bon Ton Your eyes are the windows to your soul 040921
^ So be careful to keep them clean. 040921
Forming Mind is streaked with rain. Streaked with the heat of my hand as its print is left smeared on the glass. Slowly fading away as my words soon fade from his mind. Rain and heat. Love and pain. So easily reverted to when only talking of nothing 041211
gln open it, OPEN IT!

falling_alone ah no! its too cold... 050311
no reason i looked out the window and saw everything i always do but this time it surprised me 070126
BSOD any tech-savvy people know why whenever I open microsoft word my comp keeps typing the word "BLOOD" over and over again by itself? 140821
flowersavvy notech savvy vampire virus. put blood in the cooling coils.

pc towers have cooling coils, right?
what's it to you?
who go