Quintessensual He: With all the words that have been blathed about sex and all - okay, just many - aspects of it, there's been no blathing on "bed."

She: You mean "in bed"?

He: No, "on bed." You know, "about bed." You would think that at least the image of bouncing around in bed would have come to one of them while blathing about sex, right?

She: That is pretty presumptuous. Maybe they all just do it in the road, like us?

He: Oh, come on!

She: I'm in bed, man, what are you talking about!

He: No, I meant you must be kidding. Nobody just does it in the road.

She: Well, it feels that way.

He: Okay, I'm going to do "road" too to see what comes up.

She: I would like to see that too.

He: What? You said you're in bed.
andrea i go to bed tonight
knowing how i feel
and aware my fears
& hopes are mirrored
in her eyes

copyright 2000
valis smells too much, uncomfortably, like me these days ... 000103
deb i'm finally going to bed now
as i said i would hours ago
but i have good reason to stay
as awake as i do...
and if he doesn't realize it,
well, hon, it's you~

sweet dreams :)
oodles Lying awake, staring at the ceiling as the moon shines in on my face through the blinds,
I think of you.
I think of where you are,
what you're doing.
I miss you and your smile.
I wonder what happened,
why you had to leave.
Sometimes I cry,
sometimes I laugh when I remember some of things you used to do.
Eventually I drift into sleep where sometimes we meet I think,
but I don't remember it when I awake.
"Until we meet again, you will be missed."
We miss you, Amber. Amber the Dancing Queen.
moonshine When i wake up tommorow will you still feel the same? 000524
rafalamicus smack monkey in the toilet is not sos la pc n co...
why are you here?
rafalamicus who is amber the dancing queen 000531
kate i keep checking my bed, somehow expecting her to be sitting there - but she never was sitting there to begin with, so how'd i learn this habit?

her voice comes to me like all that is right in the world, but yet it is so far away. so i sit here and pretend to focus on something else and not miss her void..

and check my bed, expecting her to be sitting there.
deb it's cold
i'm tired
i'm waiting anyway
though i know
he won't be here.
i can't make myself go-
i sat on the foot of my bed
when i got home from work
(the real frame broke-
this is a trundle bed
making due)
and it collapsed beneath me-
i'm just glad the cat wasn't
under there-
dot dot dot
where are yooooou?
::raised eyebrows::
::stifled yawn::
i'm not tired. i'm not.

i can't sleep in this house
like rain. when you touch me, pablo neruda and rumi whisper love's lessons into my ear. 010511
futility I can no longer sleep inside. I sleep out on the porch, where I am freed by the breeze and the raindrops, the sounds of the birds, and the trains in the distance. Outside my dreams are never confined. 010519
hfgujs fucking 010712
the difference between a bed and a coffin, is that death in the first one would be orgasmic.
girl i thought it would be hard to learn to sleep alone after he started working 3rd shift. for a while it was. id stay up all night until hed get home and then sleep when he could come to bed. lately though ive found that on the nights hes off i have more trouble sleeping when hes in bed with me. 010815
ClairE Sweet mother, release me. I must

blackie i have a bed, yet a choose to sleep on the floor. 020304
blackie i have a bed, yet i choose to sleep on the floor. 020304
~gez~ when im alone in bed i have two options of what i could do . first i could listen to music and read a book , maybe with some chocolate in hand . second i could close my eyes and dream of you , but my dreams dont do you justice , your better than i can imagine 020808
blown cherry my bed has chocolate crumbs melted into it!! :(
why does bed have to be the perfect place to watch the Goodies and eat chocolate from?
myplasticmind my bed is unmade, and no one can make me make it. 020905
~gez~ make me make what was made many years ago, about fifteen years ago in a place called the queen elizabeth hosiptal in birmingham. on the 25th of may, 1987

perfection was made
me horny 030507
nomatter such a warm inviting place. Yet everynight I seem to avoid it. 031002
phil It is cold outside; the only thing that helps me sleep, laying on my stupid bed, is that just inches away you are laying next to me. And then I just grind against something until I give up sleeping and go to the kitchen. 031030
happiepill i can't sleep in this house...
so i don't
x twisted x ahhh...i cant wait to go to bed. my bed is the most comfortable thing ever. i hate getting up in the morning. meh. 040218
taffy being in bed is cool. insomnia makes u not so friendly with ur bed. beds are comfy and cozy and soft. also a great place to chill with a manly friend :) hehe oh what fun 040218
HappySlave it isn't fun. i'm angry and frustrated.
why can't you just force the ending to happen? Get it over with, come on!
finngwen _early_morning_ 040526
miss dee you follow me to my room.
no lights are on.
i guide you in the dark.
closer to my bed.
as you lay me down you kiss my hip bones.
undressed, you thrust into me
you are so fucking hot.
thunderbuck ram why the manacles, the rope and the blindfold?............... 040823
globalfruitbat there is a space beside me, between the wall and me, that you would fit perfectly.

ok, that's a lie, becuase if you were between the wall and me, I'd be on the outside, adn then the monsters under my bed could get me.
So you sleep on the outside, there's a space for you there, and I'll curl between your body and the edge of the mattress.
clementine i like sleepovers with you. the way you touch my face when you kiss me goodnight. and last night when the thunder woke me up just held me and we watched the light flash in the sky while the rain hitting my air conditioner lulled us back to sleep. 040919
ariamaki bed... warm, inviting, fan thrown highest, covers throw higher, and me just plain high... on laughter, on love, on even more sugar then you could think of... That final comfort, the gap between me and gnosis, the gap in which i just relax... that void of pillows and blankets, that simple waiting rest... 041001
seeker I want you in it 041203
jeudi In bed, his skin and the way it makes me feel to touch it, an amazement. His capacity for cuddling is profound. And this for me is not just nice but necessary in the scheme of my life and how it needs to move forward. I will do ALL for him so long as I am allowed to wrap myself around him after.

Wonder if he knows this?

SA had us spent and in bed together, weak from the heat of the jacuzzi and the passion and laughter we shared there. A little spaced from the smoke and lack of sleep. I put my head on his chest and ran my fingers through the patch of hair there. I savored the feelings of connectedness, keeping my mind off of the brevity.

Being in bed with him reminded me of who I am. I want to keep being this woman as long as I can.
no reason i don't want to go
maybe if i don't,
morning won't come
jlove Comfort.

A place to rest a weary head
and think for hours
unable to sleep.
Haunted by the ghosts
of lovers past.
Screams and lost dignity
torment eyes awake.

Seconds tick by, minutes pass
as stars across a slumbering sky.
The night goes on
without me.

This place I need
to love and hate
must go.

Flattened pillow, hard mattress,
noisy, uninviting sheets.

If only...
a place of rest
for this tired and restless soul.
hsg *is my "at" for the night. 061129
pete listening to wilco "when you went to bed
with your darkest mind
your pillow wept
you covered your eyes
you finally slept
when the sun caught fire"

thank you mr. tweedy.
yestoall is the place I want to stay most mornings but it is not possible; the day calls and I must answer for there is no more important thing than anything 100510
niecespieces Four in bed. One strange and attractive, two familiar but distant, one me. 120917
Risen I decided not to christen my new bed or mattress last night. I decided not to because I want something more than what was offered.

This was a hard-ish choice, because we are leaving this house next month, and I kind of wanted to dispel the ghosts in my bedroom - replacing them with something better. But I'll take meaningful ghosts over something which doesn't mean enough.

When the right woman comes along, she will be glad I waited.
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