jennifer my id is having another one of "those fights"
with himself
User24 my id has been fighting with itself for ages, wanna swap? 010524
ditto swap what you idiot.
for fucks sake.
whats your problem.
you think your ugly,
then yes you are.
now we all feel sorry for you.
The Truth User24 seems to have 2 ids. 010524
j_blue yikes

my id is dumb, my head is all big, but at least my hair looks alright
nocturnal that's all that matters. if your hair looks alright, you've no worries. 010525
ditto do you have a big hair day going or what? urrr god you stink, I'm just being honest. 010526
Miffey It's a good thing I have a powerful Id, or I might just lay in bed all day alone

now, I just lay in bed alone half the day and find someone to spend the second half of the day with me :)
User24 I have a fish called Id.

I used to have one called Ego, but It died. Last week. We can't face doing anything with it, so it's wrapped up with some food and a picture of it's bridge in some toilet issue in the lounge.

We're thinking of walking down to a river one day soon and letting him go.

He was a nice fish.
User24 I miss ego.

We still have Id, and have now gained Tekken, a goldfish, chip, a gerbil, Thor and Socrates, the Rats.
User24 tekken and id are both daed now.. 031013
like anyone cares... oh, but we have a cat called Jasper now, too, though we're getting rid of him (we saved him from death, but neither of us actually like cats, so after having him for a month (one week of which he was lost) we're passing him on to someone else.. poor Jasper..) 031013
hsg sub ego 050809
stephshine something with your picture and signature on it. somehow makes you a more valuable member of society. or at least moer valid. 070303
Doar jebus,

how can it be that I'm not on this page?!!!

pete got id-ed, showed it, i can drink anywhere on the continent. except here. not 'cause they don't believe it's me, but because they don't accept that piece of government-issued photographic identification. bastards 071013
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