typhoid or "armies overseas fighting" to kill people to keep business profitable for capitalists who pay the lobbyists who buy the politicians nice dinners..
which i guess agrees with your point..
(did i have one?)
Miner Fighting, an art, a sport, a horror, a stupid thing, depending of course on why, who and how its being done. Personally I like to fight, in a controlled fashion, it can be very stress relieving and highly exciting. 010510
owko fighting?

Aaron To feel undercontrol during stressful times.... 030129
phil "Let's give 'em what they want!"
Said the balls to the bowels.
The old shit pants and drueled teeth fell out a shovel that stared at the wall; boys fucked each grain of sand.
joda I'm rolling my eyes for you. See? I really DO care. 030426
close your pretty little eyes anti-fighting 030922
Norm I have been in more fights than I could ever recall. I may have started many of those fights. I may have hurt, harmed, or possibly mangled several people in those fights. Some of the most interesting ones are the ones I lost, there are a few.

But don't condemn me, those days of violence are over. An angel came to me the morning after a certain sadistic night. I had an epiphany and a hangover and I realized the futility of two things that never go away.

My previous violent ways can be explained logically. Testosterone is the male it causes aggression. I have high testosterone levels which causes me to be more aggressive. Combine that with puberty, alcohol, and football and you have a very destructive force. Plus I was close to 300 pounds of muscle at one point, I love to fight, I rarely lost and I'm slightly masochistic; it's a wonder I'm not dead or being hunted by bounty hunters.

I meditate on fighting and the things that I've done every day. I practice a few different types of martial arts which promote peace. I am at peace.

Though, I have learned a lot about people from fighting and it will definitely be one of the most important chapters in my life.
f ighting 040201
wonderful If this is Us then who are we fighting aginst? 040331
wonderful there are so many thoughts here we could make an army, but not the bad kind. An army that makes everything wonderful. Could it be possible? 040331
wonderful Why does it feel like we're losing 040331
Twist9 against the tide of evil people who endlessly flow from the office buildings and stariotipical houses in the suburbs.

He picks himself up off the dirty sidewalk and_he_lives
f on .. "the world"

...... "a house divided can not stand"

..... "united we stand, divided we fall"

..... "union is strength"

... they say the western world is freedom... this is a lie.. 'Caplitalism' is entrapment..

i am trapped just like everyone have no choise really.. you are bombared by adverts where ever you go... you are being manipulated... everything you read in the newspapers... what's on TV.... you are being encouraged to consume and contribute to fueling the rich people with more of what they don't need.

fairies don't have tails you know !
nom argument_against_fighting 070404
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