effectively_hushed I prefer to create fashion, rather than follow it. 020402
beorn today i saw a horrible sight. AN greatly obese bitchy girl that i happen to attend school with, was wearing pokadots. this was bad bad bad. god i am so tramatized.

PS. When wearing a blaser, sports coat, or suit jacket: YOU CAN NOT BUTTON THE BOTTOM BUTTON, EVER!!
major tom there's a brand new dance
but it's not very clear
homo_boy we just won the super bowl of style! 031123
A God I love wearing clothes that I love. It makes me feel so secure and self confident. 031203
is it french? pajamas and hoodies 040217
zeke turn to the left! 040217
stork daddy is the dressings on our wounds 040326
sillyethel Expression of the wealth, sense, and rebellion against generations 040624
apocalynx what if we refuse to follow the rules of fashion?
tell me something you'd tell a fool

what if we aren't even anti-fashion, just zero-fashion? like, these are clothes. doesn't matter what kind of clothes, let's wear them anyway because they kind of fit and they keep us warm and dry.

sometimes, fashion makes me sick.
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] people need to make an appearence in what THEY FEEL COMFORTABLE WEARING and STOP TRYING TO IMPRESS THE MAINSTREAM. 061115
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] It's pretty obvious as to what my "fashion" is..... PURE UNDERGROUND! 061115
high viscosity in concept, what is fashion? is it a way of living? i have no idea but i'd love to hear what you think. 061116
Seth What is fashion but an excuse to line corporate coffers? Wear what truly suits you, not what the movies or commercials dictate. 061218
australian highrise not much good at that whole thing... I'm not terrible, like an obese girl wearing pola-dots, but I'm no fashion guru. which makes me kind of sad, but meh. who cares. I'll leave the inventing to creative people. 061219
() ( all people are creative ) 061220
Witchypoo Most of the latest trends for guys are quite annoying and often a boring turn-off.


ridiculously tight, nut hugging garage fit pants

new era hats with the sticker remaining on the brim

ridiculously oversized tees


every other person wearing the same pair of crappy looking cargo khaki shorts w/ flip flops..
what ever the fuck you want to call that retarded looking curley-banged hairdoo


Faux Gold trimed yukky-poo clothing

I am not trying to offend anyone, but why follow these stupid or boring looking trends. RIP THE SYSTEM BOYCOTT IT! It's all mass produced garbage anyway. It's ugly too!!

I love it when I see REAL goths, cyber, deathrockers:

those tall yummy boots or DM's

PVC, Satin, crushed velvet, plaid, pin-stripe

Hand-made bondage pants

Wide-leg luminous-trimed pants (not tripp)

band tees (VAC, bauhaus, alien sex fiend, xymox, ect.)

frilly victorian stuff

long hair, Teased hair, death-hawks, twists, dreads, multicolored hair, side shavings, ect

Those guys are sooo hot, there's no one like that around here. I REALLY WANT TO MEET ONE.

I make most of my own goth clothes, because the only available shop around here is hottopic. FUCK HT other than their hair-dye and body jewelry!

I'm from Maryland BTW.
nandita LOL! 091217
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