silentbob everything is on the computer. 011017
Photophobe ethic

I wish I could be a part of a computer, or else have nothing to do with one. I want to be a cyborg, and have strange thought patterns. I want to be free of polluting technology.

Everything is on the computer and its great.

But somehow, none of it is real. Is it?

An eternal dillemma of mine.
Del Escape the cold flu, still down with kung fu
Back then they hung you, but now they fund you
I touch the escape key, a blue light envelopes me
Covers me with energy and sucks me in the screen
I met Tron, he said "don't let out about the cyber universe
Because you the first human to discover us"
Neon lasers with colorful photons
I felt like voltron my hands turned to silver
Probably woulda killed ya, I just lost my sanity
My brain was enhanced with super intelligence
True to the elements, we stowed with a charged beam
Victory was our theme, packed with more silicon than sardines
Transformed into a plane like star screen
Cyberpunk, rockin' the mic with auto targeting
5th element, the strength of six elephants
It was miraculous the way they patched me in
Testin' my phaser, I melted some glaciers, wow this great stuff
Powered with voltage, a technofile armed with explosives
Missiles, a crystalizer
To freeze MC's and then shatter them with super bases
Around relentless pound against the ground
Like an asteroid, a metal bohemith
More than you can dream of, a morval team of
Both sides of the brain
Transmuted to my physical form to ride the train
My eyes had a neon green glow, I seen foes
Instruments self destruction, made for huntin'
Kristopher We are all just screams into the cyber-ether. . .

[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] What is your theory 061115
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] It the industrial fashion, music, dance parties and nihilistic theoretics that brings us to this planet, 061115
Akashari My sister's a Cyber-goth... I'm just a Witch. 070604
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