phil after you hear someone say it a couple of times, you'll get it, it means yes

for some reason it's also short for you.
take for example "ya'll"
it doesn't mean
"you will"
or "yes I will"
I think it means "you all"
so it should be spelled y'all, I guess.

...or watcha
a strange variation of "what are you"

stranger yet is "what are you all" which has so many variations... it's just wrong.
let alone what I hear they do with the poor word up in canada.
"haveta, y'know"
which is the only place where they completely replaced you with it.
Starting sentences like "ya see me?"
Throwing it arbitrarily at the ends of sentences, ya. And of couse "you betcha", which ain't half bad of course.
phil whatever "ya-ya sisterhood" means. 030122
what's it to you?
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