nikb "well, if you want to know..the things i've seen..then step inside my skin.." 990327
daxle "and I'll say 'see...see...I told you so...I warned you'"
this was classic because it had already happened to him
marjorie see spot run. 991217
[a nice dream] see random events. laugh heartily. 000122
MoonRave Run Spot! Run! 000315
doggy On an airplane I'll puke. Heads will roll when maroon decides to become navy. (It thought nobody would notice.) Balding men slowly become the creatures they should be. Naked in apeland. Lamp oil runs out of his nose. Puddles form on the laps of pillows and the valleys on the bed. 000414
ted people see the opposite in what they hate. if you just take a good look you will see what is real 000529
apotheotatic_me Do we really see it, or do we just need to see it so we create it. Like the tree ouside my window. Do I really see it, or does my mind not like the empty space, so it fills it? See what I mean? Do you really? 000529
smokey what do you see when you see what seems to be right through me? why do you act so surprised to find my hands over my eyes?
maybe there's a reason why were running the red light... is it because we just cant see them.. or have we lost our minds.
gwyllynne "I see said the blind man to his deaf wife"

ugh I hate that phrase
Becca "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me..." ~ Cookie Monster 001112
oodles It's amazing how sometimes you can be right in front of someone, but they still can't see you.
It's even more amazing how sometimes you can look in the mirror and you can't even see yourself.
s the courage to see things as they are 010114
chanaka how happy i am now? thank you. you make my day/night. 010114
ladybird so i

saw, marjory daw

o say can you
guy showing you his dick my dick? 010518
no you d0 j00 n07 533, 4r3 j00 n07 b11nD?
7h3y'r3 d357r0y1n6 0ur k1nD...
johnny nash i can see fine 010616
claw look for something real and keep it close. see me for who I am. 010812
stars See what you pulled from me (my heart)
and how you laid it down (harsh)
See how you pretend to be (here)
and how you set me free. (gone)
reitoei the things i see through these eyes. Here take them. pull them from my skull and have a look I don't want them anyone. don't want to see everyone blind and stumbling 011020
Mateo I can sea all right, Im all wet and salty. 020210
tsora you can't just open your eyes, you have to open your mind as well. 020930
tsora you can't just open your eyes, you've got to open your mind as well. 020930
Mahayana [.im still here.] 020930
Mr. Magnificent she sells sea shells by the sea shore. 021008
cresentwhench Rubber baby buggy bumpers! 021129
morphine. well,
its like this:

youre incredible.
so much so,
that ive played a song for you 213 times in a row.
niska if you'd like to see how the world really is, and what we must avoid in order to protect each other, please, see the video for 'Hell Bent' by Kenna.

our consumer behavior is a means of contriol. sniped, for buying the wrong cola. given passage for buying the right soap.

bet the romans never saw this coming...
pipedream love me, love my glasses.

see my world, colours swirling into a kalaidescope. how i love that word. k-a-l-aaaaaaiiidesccooppppeee. yum.
jewelZ When in doubt guess "C" 030926
bw Somtimes I look up
into the clouds
and hope to see
the face of God,
but she's never
looking down at me;
and all I see is
a cloud that looks like
a rabbit,
an umbrella,
or an old shoe;
and then I wonder
if the face of God
is the face of
everyday items;
the face of
toolittletoolate i looked you in the eyes today and i tried to hate you.

but i just can't.
r1y9a6n4 see:

it all for what it really intended to be.

yourself behind the prostrations of life.

those around you for who they are and what there are dearly trying to present to you.

the world we live in for each of its ecstacies.
flickers of a heart beating back to life Seeing is believing, yet we live in a world of visual stimuli where a reel of film zapping images straight to our brain can amuse use for hours

Once again we are being spoon-fed
And we eat heartily

If ignorance is bliss
Is blindness immunity?

If eyes are the window to the soul,
are they also the door?

Simply looking is not enough
One must absorb
No longer
take in
mull over
and spit it back out
like a data processor of
decideing the ideal path
lifes journey
mellon wisher no evil hear no evil speak no evil 040719
filzkugel sometimes you cannot see what is right in front of you 051130
Twist9 The light, and find yourself wondering what it is. Is this God? how? there is no answer, only hope. Find yourself a hole and dig it, because no one can do it for you.

He brushes the dirt off of his hands and_he_lives
twisted_existence if only you could see,
see the tiny invisible pieces of me
that you rubbed away

so carelessly.

i was there...
in whole,
full, young, beautiful, majestic,

and now im the little shards of glass
that lie around your feet
and glitter
like spilled tear drops
swept away by a manipulative claw.

only you refuse to let these gems slip away.

theyre your prize,
youre reward.
the things you awarded yourself.

and all the parts and pieces of the puzzle that was me
will remain with you forever.

because you owned me.
because i let myself be owned by you
for oh so many years.

and there is no me,
no me,
no me.
no me.

and there you sit
with your crystal clear gems
and count the days and the ways
you broke me down.

and every fond memory
is a razor-pointed edge
that cuts through your soul.

or would.

if you had one.
ray child see what happens... 070215
sdfgsdfgsdfg poooooooopppppppppppppsiosdjfiosopgajiodfgjopseaij 070531
kruptltd who i see is what i see and what i see is meeeeeeee 070613
Ricola I see, really, that I am the seer witht the brown tunic and the old book of witty gobbldigook creeping up the ladder to bop you over the head with the candlestick in the library - Ricola! 080627
*ikonaj* all i ever write about
is him, my love.

are you a tightrope? i implore. i walk only you.

i see you. you are my seen, my scene, a gory seed bursting into twelve maidens hanged at your moon.

what's it to you?
who go