donaldson i like this word as in: "i gave notice at the office. in two weeks, i'm free." 990607
valis giving notice of your intentions always takes the fun out of doing them. unless you're billy jack.

"i'm gonna put THIS foot on THAT side of your face ..."
  i do not 000421
Equin0x I pin it up. You pay attention. 000524
grasshopper ever notice how these things come in bursts? 000525
Sarah I want you to notice when I'm not around 020102
Toxic_Kisses I won’t be here @ blather as often as I have been in the past nor as often as I want to be for a while. 020106
Tiffa His eyes absorbed everythiing he saw. Later he told me how aroused he was at the sigh of my red panties that I had coyly let hang over the drawer. I knew while his firend was raving my art, his eyes were taking in all the new pictures I had on my wall. And the collage of him. 020602
ever dumbening "like people who don't fit stereotypes, you don't notice them."

"good truth."
-Marc F.
George I notice nothing
say nothing
I am a strange fruit
dangling from the tree.
me would you catch me if i fall, do you even notice me at all? 021221
me would you catch me if i fall,
do you even notice me at all?
User24 to acknowledge the existence of, or,
to alert as to the existence of.
tiny dot star i never took any notice
of the streets
or the buildings lost in fog.
the habour passed
like maybe it was moving
and i was standing still
that's why i didn't say hello
i just didn't notice you
there were so many other
more important things to see.
me does anyone notice me?
i hope not.
just being able to walk around, watching everything from a neutral point of view.
i see all.
hear all.
i'm that guy standing by the tree is the dark hoodie.
i watch and learn.
do you notice?
i feel omniscient.
i observe everything
no one notices me
i can float about society
and learn.
does any know i'm there?
no reason things i notice are different than things some other people notice
their reactions to these things are amusing to me
what's it to you?
who go