Amber Ever have the problem that your friend's ex-boyfriend is one of the guys that you like and have for a long time before they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but you know he would be wrong for you, but you just can't help yourself? 000606
samayyel Once
you even said you thought i should meet this guy, this other friend of yours (the one you didn't tell me you were fucking)

Jesus H. Tapdancing christ

first, how could you be so heartless (or thoughtless)

second - how could i be so stupid?

(and third: why do i still even care?)
*Ziima* asshole 010224
burnt out bulb I'm tired of guys.

I'm tired of their disrespect, their lies.

I'm tired of it all, bitter even, and I'm keeping low - but it's hard when it's constantly in my face.

But I feel real good about myself, and won't change.

I do know one good guy, Alex, who is my best friend. He would never lie, or disrespect anyone. I guess that's what makes him my best friend.

Thank god...because even my best girl friend, I caught in a few lies. More than a few- she's been lying to me every goddamn day. And I know she is, and I confronted her about it when I first discovered her lies. But now, it's pointless to even confront her.
So next time I speak to her, which will probably be on Wed, I am going to say
"I'm sorry Amanda, but I can't be your friend anymore. I know you are an amazing person, and I love you.
But I feel constant disrespect, and I know you've been lying to me.
And you know I can't repsect myself if I allow others to disrespect me.
And I also know that you don't want a friend who can't stand up for themselves. I know you understand that I don't deserve this."

"If you can look me in the eye right now and tell me the truth about everything you lied about, and kept from me, and promise, really truely promise that my friendship means enough to you so that you'll be honest from now on, then we can try to work something out."

That's what I'm going to say, I hope. It never comes out as planned, of course. But at least I have a guideline, and more importantly, a reminder, so that I won't shrug it off. It would be so much easier to say "Fuck you" and not bother dealing with it. But I think I have to say that to her for myself. And for her, because I care about her, and hopefully she can learn a little something; maybe it will be the catalysis for some self growth on her part. At the very least it will plant seeds.
And I'm going to be really sad, because I know that even if she said "I promise." That would be a lie too - because people can't change on command.
johnny west Sometimes I think it would be nice to be a girl. Instead of feeling constantly pressured to pursue members of the opposite sex (bullshit), I could have them approach me. Then again... most guys are pricks. Perhaps I'll remain a guy for now. 010304
Aimee Johnny, it's not always easy from the girl perspective either. If you make the first move, you're branded a slut.. waiting is the more "proper" way. If a girl asks a guy out, 9 out of 10 times she'll be rejected cause she's seen as a slut for it. So all she can do is flirt and hope to god he'll figure it out. but maybe she just really likes the guy. But then again maybe she really is a slut. 010319
johnny west It's true. A guy can have sex with anything that moves, and he's looked up to by everyone else. "Wow! He can stick his penis inside of things! He's my hero!" But, when a girl does the exact same thing, she becomes a slut. "She's dirty. Did ya hear who she had sex with most recently?" Not only is it incredibly stupid and senseless, but it's also the way a lot of people think.

When I wrote about wanting to be a girl (March 4), I was new to blather and I didn't know what the hell I was talking about. I still don't know what the hell I'm talking about. For example: to me, the whole idea of dating/fucking/fucking up just to be able to say "I'm seeing someone" or "I was seeing someone" is a load of shit. And that means nothing. I don't know what I mean, or what I'm trying to say, or how I feel, or anything else. I'm just another piece of shit. Only I'm a piece of shit who doesn't stick his penis into anything that moves. And what does that say about me? Nothing.

Blather allows me to further confuse myself by giving me the opportunity to remind myself that I don't know anything. I should just go to sleep, wake up, and to hell with the rest of it. I don't even know what the rest of it is. I should just shut up. FUCK IT ALL, BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT "IT ALL" IS! And none of what I have typed carries any meaning. It isn't directed at anyone, or anything. Nothing is. That's the beauty of nothing. That's me.
Aimee johnny, have i recently told you, "I love the way you think"? If I haven't, I'm sorry, but I love the way you think. 010319
johnny west I don't understand...
How can you like the way I think when I can't understand myself?
sextraordinary must I translate? cuz all that made perfect sense. I wish you could understand yourself better cuz then you'd realise what a genius you are. 010422
marjorie so...
two guys walk into a bar.
silentbob she told me to not be a guy, that the world was full of guys. to be a man. i wonder if she liked say anything half as much as i did. 010822
angie guys are interesting
yes indeed
i shut them down
but want the ones i shouldnt
yes indeed
i am a mess
drew ...picciotto is the fucking man.

nicole and i were watching 'instrument', and she said he dances like me. she didn't realize how big of a compliment that was.
Ramza Okay, guys have balls and girls menstruate, big deal. 020609
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY do you guys want to know what
to me today well i was at the
and i saw the NiCkElBaCk!!!!!
told my friend, hey look its nickelback
she said i know i know its 5 bucks for
nickel bag! so i ran over and hugged
blonde guy and he said i had nice
he had his girlfriend with him and
was a total bitch!!!!
lali i hate you PDRS 040119
xhellyx interesting bloke 040404
kookaburra i want an anime guy.
he really doesnt have to have any powers.
he just has to look the part...
any takers????
Guy The name, the type and the quality 040617
what the fuck androgynous 040913
acidshank guys are fun. attention from them is so nice. i was with a guy i have liked for a long time today. or atleast i think hes cute. hahaa. what a crush 041124
shivers they're not all bastards, and they're not all great
if u want to know... i say flip a coin
but yes, i wouldnt mind being one, not to escape the social boundaries women are still trapt by, but to escape the CRAMPS, the horrible cruels fate. CRAMPS!!!
sorry, im pmsing
BlueblatherMeanie ... Lombardo? 051105
oren *pops champagne cork* 051106
rimshot_korsakov Heaven...

is Blue, Max.
fuckinupthepage KILL BUSH 060922
fuckinupthepage KILL BUSH 060922
does it ease the pain? why do I always seem to invite complication and desperation into my life?

what's it to you?
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