typhoid all things
are related to the number 5
are either a multiple of five
or are directly or indirectly proportional to 5
see 23
Juuitchan A number often given and taken. 010830
krobby 5 min. with you has torn me apart. For that speck of my existence you have taken a part of me and can't give it back. 5 min. with you is like eternity. Your ice cold hands, the way you taste like stale smoke, the way you cover my mouth and rip off my clothes. You have taken away my innocence, no longer can I dream, no longer can I feel like I completely trust someone, because of those five min. with you. The 5 min. that ruined my. 020120
phil Video Game - gta3
Sport - basketball
Food - pizza
Sleep - couch
T.V. - comedy central
ryro Hail 5:

It's the number I've been programmed to love.
Therefore - I am programmed to love.
Hail 5.
23 you could reprogram yourself
but five is indeed lovely.
24 something seems unstable with 5. 040109
mon Chyan Yuan Heng Li Ching 040109
mon Chiu Tien, Yen Yuan, Rei Sheng, Pu Hua, Tien Tsun 040109
Terrana Five gold rings... 040119
chud All hail 5 040404
mj 5 ways to love
4 ways to hate
3 ways to leave
2 ways to stay
1 way to freedom
ryro test 1,2,3,4,5 050301
hsg1437 see

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