daxle before you realize that it's impossible to know anything
before you question why you live
Rainer before you see people shot down on TV 990607
me? Amusement parks are caked with sounds
A solid hunk of meat
A barker's sweat flings from his tongue
His tattoo shines with heat

A wary stranger stands and sways
Enraptured by his stance
Two-headed goats come stumbling by
And give a troubled glance

The barker looks into the eyes
The stranger tries to bend
The barker swears to more delights
For all who seek within

The stranger enters canvas doors
And smells the fresh cut hay
The barker points to Siamese twins
The stranger looks away

The eyes of horse faced women
Watch the few who wander through
They sense the tension in the air
And smell the sweet taboo

A heart beats fast against a chest
The stranger leaves the tent
The waves of people drown the sounds
Of loss of innocence
sinkdaddy What are natural aphrodesiacs like mangos or seaweed, alex? 991210
quote-and-run "Innocence raped by napalm fire" 000122
greenjade I hate you because once I had mine own. But I've been taught (well, I suppose) and I can't not know. I'm left wanting and wondering and you are gone. 000218
girl water 000405
TomRobbins your innocence is treasure...your innocence is death..your innocence is all i have 000813
sarpedon Wish for knowledge
Quest for fame
Find adventure
Feed the flame

A one way street
Cannot look back
What once was lost
Ne'er to be found
Tank swomething someone stole from me and i have been searching for ever since... 010114
misstree cleanliness, lack, unstained.


jewel innocence can't be broken-
it just needs to be
Ginger wakes you up in the early summer morning
breeze pressed white cotton sheets
against my cool skin
I think of bike riding that day
a picnic by the road
before the june heat arrives my way

Ten is the last summer of innocence
danielle something i wish they hadnt taken away....
learned too much after the age of five...
too much abuse
i knew too much before the age of then..
... You.
You probably forgot this.
A long time ago, you told me this:
"Hold onto your innocence for as long as you can...because once you lose it, it's gone forever"
Now, I know what you meant.
Three years can change a person more than you would think.
But, I'm still trying.
I'm trying to hold on.
Are you still listening?
bluedaisy33 now that you know me why aren't you trying to take away my innocence when you know it's there. that night you might have cared about me for a while but i was too innocent and that wasn't what you wanted... so you did it for kicks... and it hurt when i fell to the ground. 010401
jo never to be stolen
if held deep in ones soul
incased with in a shroud
physically for no one to ever know

carefully protected
the essence of who I am
anyone A time ago
I believed in love
as expressed through the eyes of others
And thought that it meant something
deep and sincere

somewhere along the way I
was forced the realization
of chemical reactions and
automatic response

and love became a string of symbols
barely recognizable among so many others
innocence, contentment, meaning.

machinations of the body
where transcendence is lost.
clearblaze lost by every one, every moment, every way 010428
melvinwang the easiest thing to lose. and once you lose it, you can never find it again
it's the car key of our psyche.

the easiest thing to steal, too.
it's the car also.

and once you lose it it's a lot easier to steal it.
nemo my innocence is long gone. i miss it. 010620
truthe before society finds you 010620
Fire&Roses They say you can lose your innocence. That childlike quality that makes the world seem fresh and new. In your arms my innocence returns. 010726
Aimee something I lost long ago... 010726
Norm My biggest flaw is my innocence. 011010
DanetteTN915 It's so easy to be wicked without even knowing it, isn't it? 011014
lostgirl fragile...
everything stains it
everything rips it away
blasco when one is so, so sure he can fly that he jumps from a high, high building 020226
cube ...once lost can never be regained. You will miss it when you quicken less in a heated embrace or when you come to realize that the last adrenaline rush was just plain stupidity...
sillyboy so many seem to speak of it lost.
but where did it go?
did it just get up and run away?
did it fall out through a hole
in humanity's collective pocket?

damn! there must be a whole stash of it somewhere just sitting there rotting..
not doing anyone any good.

or maybe there's a lost and found fo some kind.
wouldn't that be nice?
ellen cherry charles sillyboy, your blather reminds me of a passage from a book called Salman Rushdie; but his passage is about unfelt shame, and not innocence...

metaphorically, if shame were a fizzy, sweet liquid like soda, what happens to the overflow? Where does it go?

I wish I wasn't so obsessed with the concept of innocence. I do agree that many people seem to think that's it's a sacred commodity that somehow needs to be guarded...and when we lose it, we feel *shame*...but yet there are no clear guidelines in our society for when one has crossed the line of innocence...
amy i might be getting back to this, some day. i was asking for trouble, though. if you were me, wouldn't you? 020531
unhinged "innocence leads to hurt
and hurt only leads to fear
and fear keeps away everything that you hold dear
til loneliness brings you hate for those that brought you down
i say
let's build a slaughterhouse in the center of this goddamn town and call
all you pigs out by name
we know who you are
and you're the ones to pay for this
so no screams
shut your mouth
and close your eyes
and get back in line
get back in line"

sickhouse, frank silver, ivet

good goddamn. no matter how old i get, some things never change.
Syrope i imagine how i must have looked to him, in my trusting innocence, with my face upturned and smiling...sprinkled with coy looks and lowered eyelashes. i disgust myself, even more because i know he smirked to himself and laughed at my naivete. fuck him. 020611
somtimes i look in the mirror. I stare at my face. Could that man looking back be the child i once fought to save. i smile, as i search those tobbacco stained eyes, looking deep past the smile, the one i practiced soo long to get right. staring deep in my soul, were nothing can hide my truth.
and in those eyes, are pages, chapter after chapter of every wronge i ever did. id forgive myself for everything, but its the fact i never changed to become anything. thats what i can't forgive.
"what happened to you?" i wonder, i talk to myself as if im another person. In some ways i am. "how did i get so stuck into this shit?" wrinkles under my eyes from lack of sleep. and such horrid impurities living in me, lust and anger, selfishness pride.
i smile, the best one i have. "at leaste im not that ugly" i think to myself. but the truth is I am. WHERE'D MY INNOCENCE GO???
i sit at my computer. "porn is disgusting" i say to myself, right after i indulged in such filth. i have cavities, i judge and i lie, i make promises i dont keep, i've slept around, a eat too much, i've cursed people under my breath and smiled as if i was INNOCENT.
i dont hate who i am. i hate what i do. i hate sin. i hate the fact that im not everything he'd want me to be. (He being God) i hate the fact that sometimes i think my life would be better without Him. Such lies from hell, For He is my joy, my creator, in ways, my life. I hate that i choose life without Him, i do, everyday unconciously, every morning when i choose me over Him, every time i dont try, try for Him.
i miss innocence. hose days were you felt like a child. when there was no fear of using people or being used. when you could hold your best friends hand, and its not gay, its not cause of the innocence.
when we are all just children, regardless of age, the sons of our one father, smileing helplessly, for no reason at all, but all reasons brought forth such joy, were giggles danced from the lips of pure women, were thanksgiving was not just a one day holiday, were everyday there was somthing to look foward to, were hope was more then just a wish, it was a truth, all we had to do was wait.
i smile as i think back, "shit weres my ciggerette" i'm tired, my cavities hurt, when the last times i did anything for anyone, that wasn't to get somthing in return.
i wont give up, innocents has died, but ill find it again. i still have hope.

Melissah and they took away your innocence, girl,
'fore you even knew what it was worth.
in those darkened rooms
at the edges of your torn memory...
right at that blurred line
where you cant even prove it to yourself
much less anyone else.

girl, you see these things
bleached recollections you cant quite place together
and the more you see the more you wonder
god, what am i, i dont know where i've been.

you can't even look at your face anymore
because of the reflections
of who took your infant eyes away.

they wrapped you pretty in lies
and for a while you even loved yourself
because you didnt know any better.

those pink dresses and ribbons and lace,
all the things they did to make you pretty,
just won't cut it now.
they took away your innocence, girl,
'fore you even knew what it was worth.
Novice ...I'll fight forever, the world will innocence belongs to me. I'll keep mt true thinkings ways believing that everyone has some bit of good within them, you won't teach me your crooked ways. I won't let you. I won't let socitey tell me that innocence is usless and that I don't need it. Sex is want I need it will make me feel, better. Innocence, I'll fight forever the world will never take my innocence 030416
endless desire innocence-
to have thick rose coloured glasses
so heavily tinted and bulky
that they devour your face
slipping off your nose when you walk
sliding them upward with your index finger
in the sun.

but when i briefly removed them
to wipe away the sweat that accumlated
i saw a world i had not come to know
((which surprised me for i thought i knew everything))
all of the sudden
i didnt want to put my rosy glasses on once more
i had tasted something that seemed so sweet to the tongue
been seduced by a world outside the circle of comfort in which i dwell(ed)

i plunged
and im still slipping.
falling, gripping onto thin air.

to be mislead when so impressionable
is a tragic thing.
Fire&Roses I know innocence... I still see the world fresh and new and beautiful.

Not because I am naive, but because if you ignore the things that make the world good and right. You might as well be dead...

But I am not innocent...
xyz you don't know what to do
but still you want to crawl
all through the broken glass
it's everywhere you are

-smashing pumpkins
Shinequwa Somebody asked me if i was as innocent as i looked the other day. I had to say yes... yes, i am. 031231
oE i pray you never lose it Shinequwa 031231
a phoenix it seems i'm not the only one who lost it in such a way, who had someone come up and sweep it away with one soft caress. it shattered so finely i couldn't even pick up the pieces. 040427
rage You never lost your innocence, you gave up on it.

You were never betrayed and robbed of it, you betrayed your innocence yourself.

the beautiful thing about innocence is that it's never lost if you don't want it to be. with every crack and loss it dies a little inside, but a new form grows from the ashes.

innocent_is_the_pheonix, and you can still choose to see the good in people if you wish.
sing song " tell me baby can you hear me....
...i send a message out into the dark...
god is just like telling all the truths....
singing poetry...

"....there are no right angles in my life...."

".....where do all the good people go?....."
creativity "by now we should know how to communicate...
instead of coming to blows....

... isn't it strange how we're all burn under the same song....'s such a crying crying crying shame.....


people sing and write from their hearts.....
creativity just says it all.
somebody "there are no innocents" 070508
f "i was thinking to myself this could be hevaen or this could be hell....

plenty a room at thhe Hotel Calafonia....

...... she got a lot of pretty pretty boys she calls friends....

... some dance to remember some dance to forget....

.............welcome to the Hotel Calafornia......

... we are all just prisoner here of our own devise....

.....but they just can't kill the beast."

(i'm looking for 16 boy - is he dead ? - i was worried cos he said he was going to kill himself)
That length or mortality where you live with all intent

I watched the things I loved most go out of reach and told myself I'd catch up


Now I watch the things I loved most die or be destroyed
And I am helplessly out of my reach
what's it to you?
who go