shinya onna Gag me with a spoon 000818
moonshine And belive me, it wasnt for what you think it was, because you think I m gay, But it definetly gave me more reason to be. 000928
j_blue differentiation between homosexual acts and the homosexual mentality is chronically overlooked 000928
Invaded fuCk yOu, you fuCKing lier!
Go to hell and burn in it's fire
how DArE you stare? Get out of my face
It's not you i want!!!
Bleed me clean
Revel in your new found stench
How dare you invade me
i'm not your fucking wench
Get OFF ME!!! DIdn't You HEAR ME?
How Much must I Plea?
dante Vicious pernicious. 030728
calum an honest appraisal of your nearest and dearest. 030728
seeker is what i feel when i look in the mirror
and at my life
it is what i feel when i realize what i have become
and what i have let you do to me
what's it to you?
who go