klairchen I stare at him.

He senses something.


He smirks.

I know that it's okay now.

He's provoked.
Erin Your face beings to get fuzzy
I try to predict what your thinking
Right into my eyes
Not even a glance
Not even a peek
We continue to walk away...
Still we are right in eachother
In our minds we are connecting
Never to leave always looming....I'm Staring
4 love is in the eyes.
you couldn't possibly hide it.
Casey I stare at her and wish our lives could be entertwined...yet I know that will never be. And as she turns her head toward me, I can only reflexivly turn my head and look at the wall. 010415
CinnamonGirl even if you have
even if you need
I don't mean to stare
we don't have to breed
you can plant a house
you can build a tree
I don't even care
we can have all three
valis one should stare only at clouds
or eyes
or cards
other than that
you're wasting your time
there's too much to miss
paste! he has an abstract face so nobody pays attention to him, yet he is looking north towards the mozzarella reactor, the epitome of our medicated hive-of-the-brain, the palace where the spritzers burst and the shoes are constantly a-tappin', the beacon of the bongo hunters. a brief period of rest. a polish. then from the mozzarella reactor, the final outpouring of the Fandalapho Frequency: nightmarish images of "red ropes in the mouths of lobsters" enter the mind of anyone within 59 miles. they say that we have it all here. they were wrong about that, yet very right with their choice of canidates. 011203
Daria I can't stop.
My eyes are glued to him.
he sees me,and I try to turn away, but it's no good.
*silent screams i haven't figured out why your stares bother me yet. maybe it's the fact that i always look into people's eyes and see alil glimpse of what's inside...and don't want u to be able to do that to me because no matter how much i open up there's always gunna be something i'm holding back... 030123
joda 'I'll check you out, and you'll ignore me'.


Inside joke?
Yeah, you are...
Frak sometimes it's easy just to stare off into space, or at some random object, and just sit there, not really thinking, just staring. however, since it's rude to stare at people, it's hard to keep proper eye contact, because that seems kind of wrong, even though people expect it. 031103
endless desire you must know somethings wrong when all the sudden you realize you've been staring at the same place for just hours. your mouth is dry, your eyes are dead. but your mind is so far gone.

who is this person
who is this body
and what are they doing here
and why can't i move my hand

but what is my hand
and where are the fingers
and why don't i recognize my own touch?

where is reality when im drowning in my bed
when im falling through the ceiling
or sinking into the ground?
where's reality when i feel the walls
or when the pictures haunt me
or when the voices seem so far away?

so many questions but no answers or statements. just wasting away and im the only one to blame.

it's always the same, you see,
and it's my fault that this whole mess
is going on. and i can see my father's
eyes, so blue and calm. and i can feel
the anger and drink his pain when he
learns the secrets hiding in the walls.
but i can't look into those eyes
because i dare not let another tear fall.
who's in control now? not ellyn.
no. she lost control a long time ago.
i don't know who's driving this car
im just along for some miserable ride
and we won't stop until we crash,
we won't stop until we all die.
misstree when in autopilot,
allow one thought to guide;
gentle wings, warm as favored blankets,
close protectively around you, and will see you through each moment.
Syrope "look your partner in the eye, but don't stare" - social dance instructor

he didn't say try to grope me with your face. he didn't say bob your head like a parakeet with your eyes squeezed closed to keep beat (yet magically still fail to do so). he didn't say look over my shoulder at the couple dancing behind us. he said look but don't stare. it's not hard.

and asshole, the only reason my steps for the box turn are too big is because the apes you expect to lead me don't stay on the balls of their feet. let me step on your toes a couple dozen times and see if your steps don't get a little hastier & wider.
nig ew dont look at me nigger 050321
ttt my ass is about to explode. NO JOKE.t 050415
*Amy* I remain stareing at nothing special, trying to find out where this pain cames from, it is too deep inside me and it is expanding everywhere. I feel like I`m going to through up. I know something really important is missing but I can`t understand what is it. Everybody`s parting but I cannot even imagine me there, I would still be stareing at nothing and people will bother me asking me what`s wrong with me 050415
XMalice i love to stare at him, but he always gets all squirmy like theirs something wrong with him. there isn't though. he's imperfect in all the most perfect ways. i get to spend my life with this man. their couldn't be a happier marriage 050514
mjh they're doing it. staring. you say they aren't there, but they are. you can't see them, but they are.

and they can see you.
three words new_york stare
what's it to you?
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