Kate I really wish I had a dog like blue. Or a friend like Steve..Wait, I do. Awesome! 990622
alyssa I tried to watch it today
but it just wasn't the same without you
lee I came home to you. Like Joni Mitchell, tired of blue- sucked into thick black, and even I couldn't tough it- no... this is LOVE where anything short of EVERYTHING gives no grain to a starving child. 990719
quill across the seesaw balancing red, only a step toward violet infinity 990907
Colleen what color could be more picturesque than blue, what with all that lovely sky and sea? 991112
amy terrible sadness 991219
valis used to think my favorite color was green, but then i'd take a look into thre sky just after sunrise and smile a weepy smile just for the traveling man 000102
lotusflower i am waiting for you dressed in blue
under the lamplight in the night
stillness surrounding
my silhouetted frame
moonless, the sky is black
i hear your voice, a hushed whisper...
my name.
BoofPixie very stable color. takes itself a bit too seriously. 000311
Christy And in the dark I see the face
Of yet another lost embrace
My eyes grow strong with floods of tears
The salt of long forgotten years
Of pain I felt and loss I knew
Dark storms that raged and winds that blew
A branch of song secure in place
The heart set at a mournful pace
In life it came forever clear
My image of eternal fear
And in the end I saw it true
The meaning of the color blue
Christy read more of my poetry at 000322
grasshopper the most popular color in the us.

magic mushrooms
the ocean
blue sky
flying tree to tree bluejays
tiny grass flowers
blueberry bagels
the silver-blue polish on my toenails
tropical punch
blue flame
cowboy blue rodeo rules. 000511
aradia Summers and seasons steal with reason. Cold hills farrow,green mist
soaped and sorrowed
Brad Was always my favorite color. Now i refuse to pick a favorite color, but i still love it just a little bit more than the rest. What can i say. 000524
MollyGoLightly Don't play favorites with the colors, Brad..they're tempermental. And red is quite vindictive. 000524
Brad red can bite me. She's never been one of my favorites anyhow. 000524
grasshopper people with huge light blue eyes sort of disturb me 000525
lisa_is_bionic There are red-dyed pistachios, why not blue? 000526
kim i am indigo
not just blue
Zoe it's not the color of sadness. it's the best color in the world. it's the color of your eyes, bright blue, and it is the color of the shirt you had on when you first kissed me. i love blue. 000719
Glory Box Blue is such an expressive color. Blue is what wells up inside your lungs and flows out of your mouth in a rushing torrent of feeling. Blue isn't an accessory, it's staple. Blue is a place of being, and blue is everything but sad. Blue is passion, blue is rest, it's the milk inside your bones and it's the deciding factor. Society is blue, except for the parts that burn yellow with fire and fury. The globe shines a deep perfect blue, but there is always a mustard stain in some isolated spot, difficult to hide and completely unsightly. 000719
Raina blood without oxygen.
true to the color of my aura.
I am indigo and amazing.
Junior my favorite color...
my love for music can make me...
being in this long distance relationship makes me...

Barrett "Yellow is the color of my true love's hair
In the morning, when we rise, 2x
that's the time 2x
I love the best.

Blue is the color of the sky
in the morning, when we rise, 2x
that's the time 2x
I love the best.

Green is the color of the sparkling corn
in the morning, when we rise, 2x
that's the time 2x
Ilove the best.

Mellow is the feeling that I get
when I see her, 2x
that's the time 2x
I love the best.

Freedom is a word I rarely use
without thinking, 2x
of the time 2x
when I've been loved.

j_blue me 000927
jennifer see beyond the blue jen.

yeah, she's in indigo girl.

and i've never seen blues
like the blues he drives
in and around and through me
-Shawn Colvin "never seen blue"
bird listening to miles kind of... 001023
SCOTT blue like the moon
sleeping w/fear

blue and royal
regally obscene
pay homage to the nobles
to the king or queen
of your heart
blue is the thought-that sleeps
sabbie and i once got an email
and all it said


"loving whispers
blue hate"

and i thought it was beautiful

but i never knew who sent it
deb ahhh...
so good to be home.

i was at the red site
for a bit-
while it's new;
my return here
was as
a hot bath
after a long day's work
twiggie you seem so empty lately...
like everyone has abandoned you.
poor blue.
Lindsey There is something about
your lazy eye
that draws me into you
and makes me sad.
Jim my car is blue
my pen is blue
my guitar is blue
my jeans are blue
my eyes are blue
i'm blue
miraflores look at the sky, tell me what you see...i see a beautiful blue that soothes my mind , my heart and my soul. blue is relaxation
the color of a love that lasts forever because it is inexplicable
kx21 Tell Me Why...

Tell me why the stars do shine,
Tell me why the ivy twines,
Tell me why the sky's so blue,
And I will tell you, just why I love you.
da glue because you can do the same for me.
because "so" is just a word.
kx21 Blue is what you got when you get closer to something.

Red is what you missed when you move away from something...
mikey i am starting to not like blue much. theres a couple people on blue who judge way to much i think. makes reading unpleasant. blather is like a sanctuary for some. who knows which one of us could be the next suicide or homicidal maniac in the world. the worst crime in the world to me is one who judges. see: judge_me on red. when i read someone elses blathering i read. i am simply looking at their words. i dont know them. their life. i dont know if they mean everything they say absolute literaly.

maybe its just that we are who we are and ugly people will show up no matter where or what we do.

in my own words now i realize...i just gotta accept the bad with the good.

i love blather.
j_blue still me 010310
Aimee is my favourite color... it makes me think of beauty. and water.. 010310
mikey serenity 010310
mmm my hair is now blue, i like it 010410
soy darkblue 010518
class action suit i say
the stars
are revealed
no need to
rubydee is the sky blue because it reflects the ocean or is the ocean blue because it reflects the sky? 010618
nocturnal at work I hear it's the first one. personally, I have no idea or evidence to back up either. 010618
florescent light blue skies are an illusion 010618
nemo my hair is all kind of a sky blue 010621
shade i remember
that ::they::
tried to tell us

the wings upon our backs
were broken
and all of
our flights
were soaked

in deception

::they:: are gone now

held by the world

fly above
black-dyed gel product MY entire house is sky blue. Every room. The kitchen, the living room, th e study, the bedrooms, the attic, and the basement. All blue. It is very unnerving at times. 010621
tinka I am black and blue blue blue.
Ninny Nu Nu I am black and blue blue blue
Pink paint I am black and blue blue blue
Lola I am black and blue blue blue
Fire&Roses Peace. My Prince. Creativity & Comfort. A Peculiar Passion. 010723
tiffster This is it
the begginning to the end
it's going to be over all very soon
just no one see's it
it will all end up like the
blue sky
alone and blue.
timster I like it when the sky is blue or seeing a blue movies not bad too, but i hate the fact that tuesaday exists because sheep go bargh and cows go moo.
(thats not exactly what i was going to write but realised that if i put "because their blue too" it would sound really stupid, not that what i did put didn't sound stupid or anything).
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Blue is a good color.
Not my favorite, but a good color.
I'm wearing blue today.
I wore blue yesterday, too.
For some reason I seem to have a lot of blue clothes...
ClairE There is no blue food. Blueberries are purple.

When I was supposed to meet her, she said she'd be wearing blue.

You're royal, my sweet.
ellen cherry charles hey blue where you run to?
miss you since i found you out
ive been waiting such a long time
for your smile

i lay with you this velvet morning
stay with me for awhile
where we run to is up to you
so stay with me for awhile

"Blue" Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins
kerry they're making blue Parkay butter now. YUCK.

anyways. blue is beautiful.
(blue) cube If blue is your favorite colour, you are supposedly searching for tranquility...
zenfishsticks your eyes slide off my face
and out the window
tracing anonymous footprints
in snow tinted blue by the
divine evening sky

and i sigh
and drink my coffee
(no sugar)
(no cream)
Gerald One word: Smurf 020124
misaligned ah... the color of the rhapsodies that grace the musical that is my life. 020130
KindreDSpirit My little sister says my aura is a bright blue. Like my eyes.
I think she's right, somehow. I've never seen an aura, not with my physical eyes--but whenever she tells me the color of a person's aura, I've already guessed it correctly.
brandi the color of my eyes touched with grey which i alternate between hating and almost "liking" 020314
sane/ugly hey, i wonder what color my aura is? 020314
crazy..beautiful!! i want my aura to be blue too, it's such a pretty color. yeah i guess it's like this supernatural mood glow around your body... or maybe it's more like a casing, with varying thicknesses from person to person. like say one day my aura was skin tight, and for anyone to really feel the energy we'd have to be touching, or if the aura was thick, someone might walk past me even by some distance and feel joy, and in the back of their minds they'll synesthetically sense: "blue... very deep" 020315
lycanthrope as long as your aura smells's okay 020315
M&M My eyes were blue, once upon a long time ago. I liked them then; blue is my favorite color. Somewhen they changed. Took on my father's yellow lipids and turned green, sometimes. Faded, maybe, and became gray (or grey), sometimes. They pick up colors around me, from the sky or my clothes, sometimes. I never know any more what color they are, unless someone looks into my eyes and tells me what they see. I like them now, too. 020402
phil poodle 020708
doownosiop .roloc a ni deidobme ssendas 020917
tsora she is blue
beautiful, perfect, putrid
never my blue
whoever June 29 1999
I was talking about blue's clues
how sick
how sweet
fact checker blood without oxygen is still red. sorry 021028
blue star cool, explosive, and smooth.
razor's edge, harsh and hard.
melancholy, amorphous and sleepy.
inky, tempestuous, mysterious
confused, caught between purple and green
oblivious of its primary status.
it was the first, the source of all.
each drop of water and framed section of sky.

deep and rhythmic, touching.
intuitive, psychic, emotional.
slippery, controlled and uncontrollable.
di luce This blue blather is my other confessional, where I toss refinement to the wind and let the deepest parts of my mind flow into this cyber confessional. It is what it is to each own person, and this is what it is to me. Let she who is wise find the links. 030203
ferret lol here goes

yo listen up
here's a story
about a little guy who lives in a blue world
and all day and all night
and everything he sees is just blue
like him
inside and outside
blue his house, with a blue little window
and a blue corvette
and everything is blue for him
and himself
and everybody around
'cause he aint got
to listen......
Mahayana - Akshobhya 030813
Tatiana is my favorite color and mood. It's what my family and life makes me , but not cocaine. I love blue. Is Love. As the sky. Like water. 030925
phil my room, the toilet, the sky. 031003
outov i am at work on Monday Morning and it is raining and its very busy. Wat to busy to write this 031019
scarlet *LICK!* 031223
RoXXXie I'm feeling blue. Don't ask me how it is possible to feel a color. I never feel white, or black, or purple, but I always feel blue, or grey, or red. Blue feels alot like grey, but blue is more associated with sadness, whereas, i think grey is more associated with apathy. Red feels like anger, or passion, I think. That's what it feels like to me to be red. I bet it feels different for everyone else, though. 040109
kay-tie we sat out on my driveway and i told him i'd paint him a rock. i'd paint it blue i said. i've painted many since for him. he's my bestest friend 040405
Smurf Blue is my favourite, if only because Smurfette is blue. 040419
kookaburra my favorite color is blue-green, so go ride a lamb into the moonrise 040420
phil Lightning rays of the newborn sun, firey red oceans. 040524
amakazon Blue as Roquefort,
blue as Saga. Blue as still water.
Blue as the eyes of a Siamese cat.
Blue as shadows on new snow, as a spring
azure sipping from a puddle on the blacktop.
Cobalt as the midnight sky
when day has gone without a trace
and we lie in each other's arms
eyes shut and fingers open
and all the colors of the world
pass through our bodies like strings of fire.
Lemon_Soda I am a king. This is my realm. or atleast my castle. More like a signature color that bleeds all over everything. 040924
... In my dream I live in a second story brick apartment. My desk is by the window and I think there is a typewriter on the desk. The window is always opened.

I always see this from outside the building, maybe looking down from the rooftop across the way. It usually feels like the sun is about to set. There is nothing blue anywhere near, yet taken together, this vision is nothing but blue.
kimberly am i here 050217
kim i am i am!! 050217
kaseyrenae A shade of me that isn't exactly right 050607
hsg a deeper shade of mushroom blue. all fuzzy. 050724
narcisstic_grapes duck egg.
the colour of eternity.
scarlet sister howls in sorrow and joy 060321
Blue i traveled to the blue once. I must say it was a religious experience. It is so vast and mysterious. It gives a picture to infinity. It was quite and cold there and almost too pure for me to be bathing in. So i left. 060804
Blue i traveled to the blue once. I must say it was a religious experience. It is so vast and mysterious. It gives a picture to infinity. It was quite and cold there and almost too pure for me to be bathing in. So i left. 060804
Blue i traveled to the blue once. I must say it was a religious experience. It is so vast and mysterious. It gives a picture to infinity. It was quite and cold there and almost too pure for me to be bathing in. So i left. 060804
(:-) what train did you catch? 060804
pete tonight, blue makes me happy 071015
camille i come here often just to swim in blue...away from everything... away from the noise of life 091010
endless desire I miss you
& I don't even
know it.
Seven years,
& you still
put up
with my
I didn't trust you,
I thought you'd
disappear one
day with
all the
But you're still here,
I'm the one who
keeps leaving.
Sapphire *He called me Sapphire for my eyes

My eyes are BLUE/grey/green

My heart is broke and blue

because I had to leave him

I am considered

by those I love

He's out in California now

having sex with some

young broad

I miss him like crazy

but am powerless to say a word

'cept for my prayers

if wishes were dishes

o heck

I miss You Emerald

I was with You
every day for over a year

You can't come stop by now

even tho I can't say a thing?

This is the most strange experience of my life

*You're beautiful to me too


that lil pig ster
You've been hanging with

down in druggsville,

I don't hate


just hormones
IGG my hair has been all blue for nearly a year. blather_tribute?
due to lack of jobs, i will be dyeing it brown again, after a long time of having brightly coloured hair.

it will still have flashes of blue.

i feel like i am losing a bit of my identity... strange that. tyler durden would say..
'you are not the colour of your hair'

man i hate having to conform to bullshit ideology.
when i am a writer, i won't have to.

my first book will be dedicated to you guys, the blue.
TheForgotten blather I had forgotten thee, for so many years I loved thy anonymity. An old friend lost now found. 130319
Risen I used to think of blue as a bad thing.

Not today.

Today I had a dozen people across three counties hanging on my every word as we worked to make blue artwork together. The countryside was our canvas. I was the Intel monkey at the heart of it all - the conductor making sure everything worked as it should.

I was respected, I was acknowledged. I had great fun.

Blue isn't a bad thing at all.

Go smurfs!
past Hope against hope that the blue above gives the strength and comfort this blue does on this cold and stormy night. 150523
Sainsburys where is meaning? 150524
Asda Thank you for trying with your Muller Yogurt and your LIDL (little) enterprises, I hope in the future you will be able to make a bigger impact and actually pass some laws once you have declared the true reasons for a corrupt planet. 150525
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