emerald truly do blow. 041124
pete the night was calm, i walked through the closed mall to the bus stop, and stepped out into the blistering winds, freezing skin at its touch, holding the doors to the shelter open, sucking out all of the heat produced by the lamps above our heads.

things are less awkward since the no that came on saturday morning. the resolution made some things stronger while wiping away the chances of others ever repeating. or at least that's how it seems from this vantage.

the wind bit, and pulled, and tore. the homeless man huddled beside chapters, likely frozen to the bone, but he was beneath the wind. a small, unnoticed blessing. one that may keep him alive.

in light of his blessing my plights seem trivial. i have enough to eat. i have a roof above my head. i usually have too much heat flowing through my apartment. i have friends and family who i know would support me if i fell on dire straights, at least until my feet touched down on solid ground (likely from jobs they could provide, if need be, which it doesn't).

as i wrote in the book that has since become a regular journal, over two months running, i won't be crushed by my crushes, and i won't be blown away but my idle thoughts.
*fwoosh* Three winds scattered my thoughts:

First, the southwest winds
reminded me of yams,
distracting me from my thoughts of beets.

Then the northwest winds
tossed some leaves in my face
which I liked a lot, but...
I now thought only of my yearning
for more leaves to fly at my eye.

A gust then came from the east
and it was exact same temperature
as my left shin; this pleased me
but as I reveled in the pleasure
I stumbled in the pasture.

Winds are wonderful
but sometimes they can getcha.
Boreas Cassini's recording of the wind on Saturn's Titan shall echo in my mind evermore... 071113
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