jennifer I had five dollars
and we were supposed
to go dancing
but you never called
even though I was ready
to go... I even had on
and I wish you
had called
because I would have given you
another rose
(this one red)
but, did you stop calling
because I gave you
a rose?
jennifer You called
or maybe I did
and I dressed up
very fancy
and did my hair
and make-up but I
didn't get my hopes up like
last time.
I drove, and picked you up
and we went to
the restaurant,
even though we were supposed
to go dancing.
And you ordered chili
and I got a piece of pie
and it sat in my plate
until it got cold
and I paid for the dinner
and then it
We went to the black angel
and stood there
and watched the lightning
and you wanted to go home
and I realized that I wasted
an hour and a half on
rain and a
pie that I didn't even eat.
typhoid "There are never enough hours in a day, but always too many days before Saturday" 000105
Scorched GanderSnout monday

Zoe even when you grow up adn get out of school, it is and always will be the best day of the week. 000718
andie written 1-20-01

how many lifes preceded tis one?
what deceptions did i believe in love?
unquestioning as a child
and blinder than i've ever let
myself willingly be
tonight the last thing i need is a lover
what i want right now is a friend
the reality of this moment blows me away
what used to calm the storms within me
now only serves to unsettle me further
offer room for my thoughts to
unfold their arms, walk around, stretch
to breathe and see the light of day
what will they say to me?
will they remind me of truth
when all i know is deception?

copyright 2001
ladybird on saturday i will *finally* have finished my exams, huzzah!! That night is my best friend's birthday party so I am going to stay over in her house...and it's Paddy's weekend mark II (the first one was cancelled cuz of foot and mouth disease) so there will be fireworks and everything...I can't wait. Just have one more exam to get through.... 010517
nocturnal is the best day! you sleep all day, go out, and don't have to sorry about getting up on sunday. friday's not as good cuz you're tired from the day of school, work, whatever. sunday's no good cuz, while you can sleep all day, you have to think about waking up early the next day. saturday is the bestest.
I'm sure none of you needed that explained, but I'm bored.
ClairE Sometimes it is time for chardonnay_on_saturday.

I am looking forward to this Saturday.

(all red, and cartoons in the morning)
birdmad with the horn section in back in the park 011213
snail nocturnal 010609 ,

I am sure that I Did need that explained (how friday is tired from school, work, whatever)

niki night damn show ever 011213
nocturnal well in that case, I'm glad I was around to clear things up for you, snail. 011217
Sintina spent drinking and talking about life in the armed forces (which I know nothing about) with one man that I sleep with, another man that the first man thinks I want to sleep with, and one man that I would never sleep with. 020220
clyde why does it always seem to rain? 020327
Bitch saturday was my birthday(11-22)woohoo i went to the mall...what a great birthday i had 031123
peepers richard, richard, richard! 040307
silentbob today was kind of a bust 040807
pete saturday, work day, lalalala, begins working, ends working, lalalala.... *sings* 040808
manic monday yeah but now it's sunday 040808
silvermountzion looking forward to it
who knows what might happen
what she might do
i can't help missing her
silvermountzion looking forward to it
who knows what might happen
what she might do
i can't help missing her
what's it to you?
who go