typhoid "Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining." 000105
Scorched GanderSnout monday

josie's almost FRIDAY!
Fill me up with all the Dawsons I need for another week... sweet, innocent, emotional and somewhat intellectual.
rollins Please let me see the faults my ego denies me
Don't let me grow so tall
I forget the ground beneath me
Don't let me forget
that satisfaction has no friends
That glory's only fleeting - already gone

I've wasted so much time
I'm trying to get it straight in my mind

Don't let me think it's love
when it's only just obsession
I've spent so many nights punching that wall
Show me the difference between decision
and denial
I want to know why I ask why

Let me see my confusion for exactly what it is
Don't let me make my rage a tool of regret
Allow me to sidestep my frustration and hostility
And the violence that comes to me so easily,
too easily
rxx Thursday.
The worst day in the week.

"It must be a thursday. I never could get the hang of thursdays."

I hate them. Curse them dammit! Everything bad happens on thursdays.
Even if something good happens, it turns to crap later on.
Trust Me.
It Keeps happening, never ask anyone out on a thursday, it'll end in tears! Either wait till friday or move youre arse and do it on wednesday!
I love wednesday, Joshday.
yeah. Cheers for everything J.
silentbob cross out the eyes 011203
ClairE a very good band. 011203
cure tape birdmad "doesn't even start" 011203
Sonya friday eve
hyper parties
crowded clubs
strobe lights
sparkly drinks
late nights
glowing stars
making out
great movies
fancy dinners
wild friends
priceless youth
friday eve
the student's holiday
ClairE So good. I'm listening to them right now. Thanks, Lisa. 011210
ClairE dying in New Brunswick 011210
bit lets exsamen the root of the word.
THUR- is from the latin word thursdaybeferfriday. and SDAY- from the the greek- sdaytherfridaysalmosher.
sphinxradio i prefer jeudi. thursday is unlucky. jeudi is fun. 011221
ClairE jeudi is most unlucky, my dear. thursday is a resting place. peanut_butter. a chance to unwind yourself from wednesday's grasp and get things done for friday. a cleaning up. 011221
cheer-up-emo-kid I heart screemo. 020515
cheer-up-emo-kid I saw them yesterday.
I saw thursday on thursday.
plumbrook thursday is the best day of the week to feign anarchy.
this is because when someone you are dueling with a rapier invites you to pull off their fake nose, you can be assurred that as soon as you do it a train will pull up and men covered in black with their shaven chins showing will come pouring off the cars towards you with evil intent.
but that was after the lame doctor ran, wasn't it? after all. you are the man who was thursday.
ToDorothea If only you knew the times you have gotten me through 031210
whitechocolatewalrus How long is the night?
it's never over, it's never over
can you see the handwriting on the walls? and the autumn leaves that fall.
what are we goona do?
and the night, it never ends, what are we gonna do?
The trees are giving up
on us.
whitechocolatewalrus I'm falling down, and you're not here
to catch my fall
I shut my eyes when you're around,
i hold my breath to kill the sound
of falling down. i'm falling down and you're not here
to catch my fall.
live like youre dying tommorow i am the killer 040224
Incubus On blather it seems the weekend does not start on Thursday night. Why not? 050519
pete its my thursday, after a series of three wendsdays, which means tomorrow is friday, which means the next day is the day *butterflies* 050712
u24 today is not thursday. I'd rather it was. 050712
Amy Could never get the hang of Thursdays. 051004
pete thursday = drinking day 051005
no reason used to be my favourite day
now no one else exists

actually it's still my favourite day
oren Thursday Next.

She's the protag in Jasper Fforde's marvelous fictional series beginning with The Jane Eyre Affair.

If you like literature in general and you're looking for a witty, humorous read, do pick up a copy.
falling_alone the collective thoughts of the dorms= tgit. 051020
walrie thursday is my favorite day too 051020
niska is today. and if you want to go home because you're losing control, then go home. and please stay there.
we'd appreciate it.
no reason is such a good day i don't need to talk to you 100218
what's it to you?
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