:) new beginning comes from some other beginning's end 981107
emma goddamn song that gets on the radio gets overplayed 981107
Pacia is not possible since absolutes do not exist. 981107
hmm... ...is non-existence absolute? 981111
Pacia Exactly. 981111
silentbob Behind every shining fortune lurks the shadow of a lie 000622
Barrett every second counts
when I am with you
I think you are a pig
you should be in a zoo

(new order)
Abeone I am with me every step of the way! 010312
Chrity go to:
paste! i am the leg 011212
ClairE rose has its thorn 011212
Annie111 whoa! hardcore! 1998!

Eighth grade and spring and this song and sticking to the bus seats.
pensais every time you cross my mind its insatiable and i'm left with saliva over the thought of you.

every time i remember your eyes across the room i am shivering and done.

every time i hear your voice it's just another reminder of how perfect you are.

every day ... it's like i can't get free.
will i`m trapped within myself. for wich i cant get out every time i try something new it just plays back to the same dam thing. the adventure is just trying that new thing for the little while that it last even if i know i`m gonna be doing the same thing next week or month so their for i will always be trapped every moment of my life. 030209
Sprightlygirl time I think of you, I lose my head, I lose my mind. every time I lose my mind, I set myself on fire. 031118
xmofox time I think of you, I get a shot right through into a bolt of blue, its no problem of mine, but its a problem I find, living a life that I can't leave behind 040309
that one chick I wonder how you did it.
Saw every weakness in my physical form.
I took every hit.
Till I love was never more.

I wished to see you...
I wanted to hold you...Everyday.

I knew I should have left.
The moment I slit my wrist.
Never should've let all my anger set.
Relentlessly, I took each hit.

I wanted to give myself to you.
In every way.
I wished you'd let me love you.
In every possible way.

One day you left me alone.
Without you I thought I'd die.
I curled up at home.
Lost, without your natural high.

Damn, you Derek.
I didn't deserve this.
Why'd you do it, Derek?
And still I miss all this...

All of you.
Every moment.
All of you.
Every sonnet.

All of us.
Every time.
All of us.
Every sign.

All of me.
Everything I used to be.
All of me.
Everytime you were a part of me.
kj every time i think about you, it hurts my heart 040826
what's it to you?
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