ikon mason told me i was insatiable when he kissed me on the midnight beach. he knew i could kiss him forever and ever and never want to be anywhere other than where i was. i thought the word appropriate. and when i meet you, i'll tell you in the very beginning i'm insatiable, i'll tell you, and you'll smile, and get sick of me kissing you all the time. 000124
Q but, just to let you know at the beginning, i'm insatiable too 000125
camille not possible to get enough of

the sound of insatiability:
zavyman Cannot satiate
Such a bane
To konw that nothing is enough
Always demanding more
And yet insatiable love
Does not share this outlook

Oh to satiate
To be satiated
Thy trait is desired
I want to be satisfied
I would like to have my fill

Curse that day I realized
That it could never finish
You solely can satisfy me
Show that love I desire
And I will be complete

Would that this were the case
cerulean caelum i am insatiable. for me, it is a dangerous thing, manifesting itself in hopeless perfectionism. the strain is taking it's toll. 011102
tsain mei hungry... more, more, more. 020315
donaldson One them is, the other isn't.

And the problem is that I can't decide which I am.
silentbob dashboard_song 020316
Insat Desires ....

angie my appetite for you ;) 030209
diamonds and pearls,
when it comes to you
0-|-> 's my name when it comes 2 u 030209
lobsterman there's always something new. there's always something lovely.
you'll find another favorite, you'll skip another stone. you'll sing a lower key, but you'll never be alone. and yet, you'll just find something they had in common, a place you can keep them both. and tired, you'll move on. untill you finally stop at yourself and ask...and in some way, aren't i the same? or will you find someone, or a book, that you swear is connected to parts of the world you've never been, and keeps though it seems it's standing still, keeps drawing you further to find where it's been. someone who won't let you grow tired of yourself, because they won't stand still long enough for you to think they are yourself.
User24 my appetite and energy for brain consuming excercises, in fact, i'm a little too fast, really, wham! bang! onwards to the next frontier. 030922
Syrope fluidity and bodies and emotions and ideas and sex and touching and comfort and safety

it's not experimentation
it's immersing myself in the energies, the colors, the temperatures.
god lopo, there's not enough pepsi in the universe to slake your insatiable thirst 041004
love & hate my love for katie 041004
Doar sounds of your fingertips. 050726
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