Acuhymen the act of the touch...finger to lips to feel things, actual things.

A thing that moves by ideas, and sleeps in your crib.

Groping, fondling, and a punishable offense.

The spirit of love.
listner the light common
touching hip-hop sentiment
distorted tendencies People shouldn't be afraid to be touching each other. When I see someone walk by with beautiful hair, or a nice tattoo, or a silky looking shirt; I just want to reach out and touch them. 011007
Casey I always want to be touched, yet when someone does it I sometimes cringe, no matter who does the touching. 011007
zaxary the act of feeling human flesh beneath you fingers. 030406
god how can you not touch anything? 030610
swingsetsinfall "we don't charge extra touching fees,
so touch me, please"

Ima Robot
Lethe Just there. So light I can barely feel you, but touching. Yes. 080409
unhinged i would so love to be
o_caritas we don't see each other often
but suddenly...
twice in two days.
i know i shouldn't be thinking what i've been thinking,
but it is everything i can do
to keep from touching you.
your hair
your face
your waist
a hand.
i almost told you tonight
but instead i send it out
to a virtually anonymous world.
what's it to you?
who go