typhoid oh, won't you go again? the new_moon in the sky won't wait for you, can't understand your patience.
its wonderment at your predicament
won't stop anything.
your black_hole eyes, sucking in any and every bit of information, should understand the need for a hurry. an eternal hurry. because we can't wait. we can't stop. we can't go back.
amy feed your addictions twice a day, but don't spend an hour in spellbinding reloads. 000113
Leah even if we were to become friends, become lovers, if we just kissed twice, if you pulled me into the back room and kissed me until my air was thrown against the wall like you were taking a drag off of me. 000331
Barrett ...three times a lady... 001116
soup for anyone who asks Twice, YOU had to SCREAM twice. 030603
Borealis twice the age
twice my experience..
twice *the* experience?
puredream the experience twice perhaps? 040611
Ethereal and Borealis perhaps..
twice the bodies
twice the experiencers?
not crazy about naming of spawn guy give it to me two times "BAM, BAM"

twice the age, twice the experience
twice the fun, twice the release
twice the passion, twice the swirl
twice the tongue, twice the breath

quadrulple the hands...
dodecaduple the fingers... and toes ....

you guys in??
amys panic i was there (the hospital) twice, in the winters of '01 and '02. I haven't been there since. I was very very worried about the right thing to do, and I was quite the paranoid one. Voices, yes voices. The least of my worries, really. (at the time). but now, they are not so welcome until I get their contexts. It's like character building and novel writing, these tidal energies, every winter. I'm just not very regulated or good about it. 081120
what's it to you?
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