dallas I have a feeling my eye is seeing three million nothings falling from above down onto the flat space below and my mind is pretending it is one big nothing. 000228
threnody It opens up and tears they fall
heavy wet upon my cheeks
and I fall to my knees
on the black tar
that steams with
that remain ever
winding through the alleys
and between the standing dumpsters
you will find me
kneeling in the rain
crying tears
with the sky
harbinger the sky above me
spills the secrets of the earth
on my heavy head
Fire&Roses Sometimes it is a dull blood red fading to a gentle rosy pink. Sometimes the blue is almost purple sometimes the clouds are almost solid. sometimes the shapes are real and those tigers in the sky can tear your soul. Some times when it reflects off the water you can break open the sky tearing a whole in the ultimate reality. letting the blood red, the gentle pink, the firey orange, the bruised purple, the washed blue flow down and color the world 010723
birdmad somedays i keep hoping that goddamn chicken was right and the whole thing will just fall in 010930
Snow White the sky opens up and showers the earth with crystal like snow, everything is beautiful, you look out your window and wish that the earth could always be as peaceful as it is when you wake up and it has snowed, and as you step out your door to make the first prints in the snow you wish that somehow this glitter from the sky could stay forever 011209
zenfishsticks how could i not find love in a world with such blue skies? 020106
stacey As i look out my window i look at the big bright sky. the sky can tell so many different stories of what i dont understand. when those moments are gone ill turn around and realize that it was all just a dream. A dream in which i can not live with out you, my sky. 020514
megan paint your own sky and plant your own flowers...
don't wait on anyone's clouds and red roses.
squillo sans haricots il n'y aucun... 021224
scuzz How can anyone cite the sky without a clear sight of it? "The sky was gold; it was rose and I was takin sniffs of it through my nose..." Everyone has seen the silver lining, the bleeding clouds forshadowing the fate of such analists. We look for the wrong intentions of Sky. Red is (of course!) blood, never the warm love of Another. Grey (must be!) the dark depression of relentless hail on lives. What of it? The blue of my eyes is reflected by the sky, by and by.

and then it comes to mind, the "theory" that light infinitly reflects and bounces, touching everything endlessly. You must have at some point, even now, caught a glimpse of my reflection. I'd like to think so.
jenjen eyes on the sky. eyes watching the sky. the stars are watching the sky. the tricks are watching the sky. we're all watching the sky...

waiting for the world to die...
One white walrus who is chocolate The world already died and the sky is our home. Uncover your true self and fly unto the night. 031128
Lemon_Soda Have you ever looked at it? Marveled at its bueaty?

Oh, God, the sky.

If I coud drown forever into the folds of your blue velevet I would.

I cannot say that there is a singal thing I have ever seen that is as wonderful as the sky to me. Ever day its different. Ever minute every second. Every coilor have I seen reflected in the magnificent totality of tyhat witch floats above us.

It does nothing for me, but I ma forever in love of it.
wax tadpole without beans there is none 031128
ren the sky on the way home reminded us of something beautiful. 031212
shouldknowbetterthanthis on a darkend landscape... trees, powerlines, train tracks, city buildings.... a summer around here brings the most breathtaking skys ive ever seen. Far off alien planet pinks and purple hazes, electric fire orange and yellow. The would be storm clouds dance about and leave a mark in my mind...I dont remember the days anymore but I remember the sky as it fades... 040304
ragdoll the skye is our dreams manifested in its beauty and the peace it brings from watching it our wings to reach universes
Frank i hope it just goes away one day and never comes back then we could all die in peace as god intended us to 041013
illusionary_reality fly away, sky, in your blueness.
take me with you.
i'll hold on to some wispy clouds and come with you.
ryan and chelsea why cant the sea be the sky. the sea has to reflect it,its whole life it deserves to be the sky for a day. and if it was, could we swim on the clouds. and if the sea was the clouds would the clouds be the sea and if the clouds were the sea how would we gom fishins, what would wbe the perpous of camping.

and maby the sea is just a
reflection of what it soon could
Gardien The sky
belongs neither to the sun
whose home it is
nor to the earth
which it enshrouds
nor to the clouds
who play in it
nor stars in millions
who are its guests
nor all the seas
on which it rests.
Two skies there are -
One in my left eye
One in my right eye
And each belongs
to the other.
holly the sky controls the motions of the day 050608
nolusk it pops when you look at it on a cloudless day. does anyone else notice that? 051127
Regina Soar, reach for more. Jimmi Hendrix and his "kiss the sky" inspire. An on going vast larger than life greater than any being. 060404
narcisstic_grapes poke holes in it. blue, duck-egg. stand on starry sky, a perfect glitterati, and bequeath it to me. or crumple it up and throw it away. i will paint it again, a vivid teal, because i love teal, and because teal reminds me of you. 060406
badjonni sky high

low down
same me he he

same sky !

ask post man pat about it he knows
tourist nolusk Asked "it pops when you look at it on a cloudless day. does anyone else notice that? "
And as a Matter of Fact I Too Have Noticed A Phenomenon that could be described as Popping, Although to Me It Seems as if Small Bits of Light Form, Move Swimmingly, then Disappear, Over and Over Again in The Clear Blue Sky creating A Shimmering Effect. I Know That My Late Wife Saw Something Like This Too, Because She Spoke Of Them Too, Asking Me If I Thought They Could Be Souls?
She Was Kind Of Simple That Way. I Wonder If It Might Not Be The Effect Of High Energy Collisions In The Upper Atmosphere From Cosmic Radiation?
Or Just Glitches In My Visual Cortex,
From Too Much Information At a Given Frequency? Blue Sky Overload.
in love the sky although pretty and ever changing, can never surpass the beauty of my Skie. 080920
me skie 080920
fireflyesque 'the sky is beautiful!'
- he said.
bah that lovestruck fool. the imaginings sweep our ways clear. drybone, honeylicking, paperlips and lust, strung across our monument.
Naomi The light shone into the room
I leave my dark womb
now we are we
I emerge into the sun
it shines at night, impossibly
I want to run
to be
where you are
leave to find my cares
in front of me; it's so far
it's not fair
but I'll do it
even if I die
I'll die with my eyes lit
arms reaching to the sky
epitome of incomprehensibility A field of rippled clouds, and you don't know if the upside-down people planted rain or snow. Darkens quickly. 141202
(z) ("darkens quickly" is a very resonant phrase.) 141203
e_o_i Thanks! Now it's just slush, in the sky and on the ground. That's what I get for writing vaguely poetic sentences. 141203
fishawk It's been raining for days. The sky is weeping, perspiring, cleansing all over this place and us.
I am of the desert. This is unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Shouldn't I love it though? Water and sky together, I am fish and hawk. Perhaps I have been more hawk than fish as a desert_girl and must relearn my fishy side.
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