jennifer my hatred seethes 991205
Allison when i was shopping for dorm stuff at target i tried to coordinate. everything had a purple theme. i regret it. i'm sick of matching, so i laugh at myself and my lavender sheets that are now stained with who knows what. college life...it's all about unidentified stains. 991209
troy Shopping at Target? Target RULES!!!
(Even now that I'm no longer at University; -Target RULES!!!)..
..(& no, I didn't get paid by Target to say that) *grins*
troy Shopping at Target? Target RULES!!!
(Even now that I'm no longer at University; -Target RULES!!!)..
..(& no, I didn't get paid by Target to say that) *grins*
troy UM... 2-things:
1st thing is: Sorry that previous blather posted twice; -sincerest appologies :(

2nd thing is: I realized that I didn't say anything about the blather-topic: "PURPLE".
Since I've already taken-up extra-room on this page, I'll just say that "Purple RULES!!!"(too). *wink*
Actually, you know, Purple does rule (as the traditional colour of Royalty in many cultures).
mott man working at the tastee freeze, we had a saying... you know what they say about purple? 000120
Moravian Piglet No, what? 000124
Moravian Piglet in Lavendar fields Gonna talk more about Purple. I love purple, as it has great depth of meaning for me, as well as looking darn good. Purple, as already stated is the colour of royalty, and me being a Christian and all, Christ is King.
I also like purple because it is one of the lenten colours. (Christ as King of heaven.)
I Love Purple!
Homer "This donut as purple in the middle! purple is a fruit!" 000217
Homer consumptive purple people eaters 000217
camille the color of kings 000217
Brad Always gets left out as an official color name. They call it "violet." I think purple is a much better name, especially when it's metallic. 000310
girl royalty

and black eyes
Tink hey, i'm purple! 000408
marjorie i used to want purple contacts
i craved purple eyes
but it was not to be
and i am now me
MollyGoLightly i like lavender soaps and lavender dresses. when that hidden girly part of me comes out, she picks up all the lavender she can find. 000520
MollyCule i had purple contacts for two years . . . this boy used to call me lotus because of them 000521
Tank this colour belongs to nou. 000714
Tink but tankywanky, can i still share it? 000802
sleepless She sees life through a purple lens
In jumps and starts, but never ends.
Reflects upon the day that's gone
How deeds were right but thoughts were wrong.

She talks aloud in purple prose
Of things that everybody knows.
But secret words more softly said
Will tell the truth inside her head.

She sees life through a purple gauze
Pursuit of it her favourite cause.
Things seldom work out quite as planned
The long nights counting grains of sand.

She dreams upon a purple bed
While thrown about inside her head.
The pictures stay within her mind
An answer for the day to find.

She sees life through a purple haze
The dreaming that goes on for days.
A voice that whispers "It's not right"
The hours praying for the light.

She paints life in a purple hue
It seems the only thing to do.
Yet if the colour fades or dies
She'll never show it in her eyes.
flowerpower i wear it when i'm sad 001204
frustrational is there such a thing as a purple butterfly?
I had one, but it flew away.
Aimee ...if blue and red bred... 010323
daylight_breaks even now,
a smile plays on my lips
brushed with the sweet
purple taste of you

lil red (purple) girlie sleepless, where did tat poem come from? It is so amazing!!!!! 010419
sleepless Well, lil red (purple) girlie - it came from me. I wrote it. It is all my own work, although influenced by a few people I've known and (even though the subject is female and I'm not) something of what I'm like myself. I have lots more poems, but they are secretly put somewhere else on the net. As to where they are? You'll have to ask me, won't you? ;-) 010609
Mushroomman Troy..... Target is an evil corporation, have you worked there?

i have... i would rather nail myself to a cross than work there again
Mushroomman but i LOVE the color purple.... 010818
Tjousk green 011107
angie my favorite color...

"i think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and dont notice it"
-alice walker
(or something like that..i cant remember it exactly but its good enuf)
reitoei red and blue subtle mixtures the royal color. 020110
experimental birdmad prototype to see my conception of what a purple blather would look like if the blather_gods were ever to see fit to grace us with such insanity, go to http://thatdamnbird.diaryland.com

it maybe a bit garish just yet but i may refine it a bit later
tori amos purple_people 020212
lilac_air A Deep feeling soothing to my eyes
Moon light ripling on the water
Lilacs in the spring a wonderful sweet
fragrance that fills the air
Lavender so relaxing and calming it sents my sheets and floats me to my dreams
ever dumbening i fucking hope your mom or your sister needs help some day cause that shit'll come fucking back to you. you're fucking standing there disrespecting me. you're lucky i didn't break you off like a little bitch. if there's an emergency people fucking come together. i just need a little gas money. i'm fucking wearing this long-sleeve shirt and it's hot as fuck, but i can't walk up to people like that cause i have all these fucking tats.
The rear window of his car, his metallic-purple Monte Carlo or some such, was smashed out. I didn't catch how it happened.
lycanthrope Purple was a color we were never meant to see, but we do somehow,
it's not the deep indifference of the sea or the sky, it's just that, infused with our desires...some of them anyways...it's indifference if it swells in our love or our hate,
things still happen, but they swell,
like my eye sore shut from an arching elbow,
like the crown the baby wears when it is born
yummyC my brothers favorite color. he makes me giggle. 020302
lycanthrope my sister makes me giggle...but she doesn't like purple...no more than say green...sometimes for fun i like to spell out purple with green crayon...it confuses people 020302
purevision Things I like in purple
marshmellow filling
cotton candy
candy hearts
ballet slipers
black and purple
pink and purple
shear purple curtains
little wonder i don't like it. 020308
brandi purples's awesome:-)
i wish i had been born with purple eyes lately like this little faery finger puppet i picked up the other day in the store ( i named her "Sianna" after a Mists of Avalon character...anyone like the books by Marion Zimmer Bradley?) anyways, the faery had a purple costume mostly, wings, and eyes and she made me wonder why people couldn't genetically been born with purple eyes too:( why be limited with blue, green, and brown? Not that they aren't pretty too. we just have to resort to contacts;although i use them for prescription purposes to use them for other reasons than that has always seemed "weird" even though I have dyed my hair-what's the diff? there always seemed to be one to me;-0
jessica fletcher purple can be so subtle and so bold. if i was a color, i would certainly be purple. unfortunately i have this disease called vitiligo and i'm losing pigment in my skin,so eventually i'll be dreadfully pale and somewhat translucent.that won't be so great....purple would, though. 020515
freakizh if blue is for boys
and red is for girls..

to what sex belongs the purple teletubbie?

CJ the purple teletubbie is a gay guy 020515
Glory Box for fucking royalty.

You are not the queen of me.
revo Purple, go.
i heard it.

Re?vo says:
damnit, Purple.
please, Purple.
just please.

you are not supposed to fade.

you hold your hurt knuckles in your other hand and breathe like the tired wind asking too many questions,
but i'vn't imagined any wind so warm.
and it's nice, the clouds you try to sleep in have your name across their chests, and iwonderifyouknow that i mean more than yes.

stoporgo, i love you.
i love you.
crimson a tale of the coming of age

You were silent then and for a long time after. With nothing to say, I stared at the monitor and lit another stick of incense. The smoke mingled about, deeply perfuming as it thickened the air to a point of near tangibility, as though it strove to duplicate the sultry summer air just outside.
I listened as the computer sang to itself, simultaneously clicking, buzzing, and beeping in search of a perfect note. The note, I thought, sounded something like a B; but my concentration on the mechanical song was interrupted as you commented that it was late and maybe you should go home.
Rising, you made your exit and abandoned me with the computer, busily content in its annoying sounds and humming wires. I willed the air’s sickly spices to swallow me whole and smother my thoughts with their potent fragrance but had no such luck, remaining painfully alert. I didn’t know what to do, so I grabbed a purple marker and started coloring my nails, going out of lines onto my fingertips and fingers until both of my hands were violet. I stood abruptly and ran outside, disappointed to find you were not quietly waiting for me at the corner.
Farther down the road, bathed in orange streetlight glow, I thought I saw you walking away, a reformed hooker in high heels and men’s clothing. Only then did I notice you had taken my shoes when you left the house earlier. I didn’t care, though, and you knew it.
You always seemed to know everything, except how to spell; and spelling never mattered as long as people understood you, which they did. English teachers thought you were a beautiful, model person just as you were. None but the substitutes were ever vexed by your misspellings, or outbursts, or tenacious opinions. They didn’t last more than a week with you, anyway. That’s how it always was.
I lunged off of the curb, running wildly through the street at midnight, chasing you down in my gauzy, white sundress and dirty barefeet. Legs hurriedly working beneath me, I played tag with the darkness, unrelenting in my pace as I sped to the home base of your grassy lawn.
I climbed the tree by your room, a gaunt, sun-bruised little girl with fierce, scarlet lips and limp, blonde hair, and scars all over, pressing my purple-violet hands against the window to watch you sleep. My presence did not disturb your placid slumber, and I left handprints on the glass for you discover in the morning. Inhaling intoxicating, shallow breaths of summer, I succumbed reluctantly to sleep in the rocking branches of your tree.
After I woke the next morning, I watched the sun rise, climbed down the knotted trunk, and began my defeated walk home on the desolate sidewalk. Unexpectedly, you rushed up from behind and threw your arms around me in total abandon, not caring that those awake on your street could witness what might be mistaken for a passionate embrace. You and I, with distinctly individual opportunities to examine our inevitable, undesired futures of marriage, and children, and matching pastels, realized the truth then. In the brief instants of our entwinement, we reached an unspoken, sad conclusion.
All we really wanted was an eternity of dusky summer. We craved long, parched days freely wasted on beds of ice cubes in the front yard. Wandering about the woods at night, illuminated by fireflies and filtered traces of the moon, we were content. There were no pastels in our summer.
We groped in vain at the season as it slipped through our fingers like the incense smoke and melted lawn ice. It was our sugared summer, mapped across rough skin and angry, crimson lacerations, over cotton candy mouths and dangerous, roller coaster ride eyes; and in the end, we both had lives and other people.
Inventive Purple is my favourite colour. 040329
pete i remember the evil purple book.. it was either chemistry or politics.. perhaps both.. ohh the days of highschool, how happy i am you are past now 040329
nighean_siofra purple used to be my favorite colour when i was a kid.
everything had to be purple.
my jacket, my sheets, my toys, my shoes, even the collar on my cat was purple.
purple was my happy colour, it was exciting and unique cause no one else in my class liked it.
sometimes it feels like i'm constantly trying to define myself as the things that everyone else isn't...
kymied I have purple eyebrows. 050919
Katrina I'm leaving the colour purple behind. My eyes were purple and I'm leaving it behind. My heart is purple I'm leaving it behind. My porcelain doll wore a purple dress. She can't save me anymore. 060201
revo why did i write that? 060713
revo sorry.

i shouldn't've and shouldn't, but i did and i will.

i'm a drunk dialer who is too scared to use the phone.

besides, i don't know your number.

i'm a drunk blatherer.

oh man, i have to pass out.
helmet When i was little people used to say "pink and purple!" to me and i'd laugh really hard for a while. 070102
revo aw. 070111
jane i prefer blurple. 070111
revo i love you too.
yesterday sucked.
revo you won't love me.
i understand,
i'm not a fire.
i'm not a fire.
revo i thought i felt your shape, but i was wrong.
really all i felt was falsely strong.
i held on tight and closed my eyes.
it was dumb - i had no sense of your size.
it was dumb to hold so tight.
revo but i don't know,
my nights are cold,
and i remember warmth.
i could have sworn
i wasn't alone.
B~R My ball dress is purple. 070427
revo thank you for everything.
i'll never regret knowing you.
what's it to you?
who go