psyki what kermit the frog says when he sees the certifiably mean bumblebird flying toward his left eye with a wholly unfathomable velocity. he knows he's going to get it. bigtime. hardcore. a fat stinger right in the pupil. ouch. kermit may cry a little bit after that, being in a state of great pain and mind-boggling agony. poor kermit. i'd make him some warm chicken soup if i knew how. that would be nice of me, yes. 000329
MollyGoLightly I most certainly need to wake up. Have been asleep for months now. 000520
silentbob You asked me if i loved you
Certainly, i said
You asked if i would be with you always
Certainly, i said
You asked if i would sit by your side while you were in pain
Certainly, i said
You asked me if you were important to me
Certainly, i said
You asked me if i would run and get you a chilled glass of surge
Certainly, i said
You asked if i would have sex with a small pig so you could get off
sallymanda yeeeeessss... indeeeeeed..... i certainly would like some crab rangoon right about now, indeeed... 001103
phil certainly would be nice
to have certainty about some thing
for something to mean so much
that it must occur blindly
without false instructions
or painless loss
certainly someday it will come
gertrude sting i certainly gave out the wrong information to a police officer today. now, the neighborhood will throw windows through my hatchets. 020807
hsg surprised 061128
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