dallas without you, I am cold and dead like a fish that has been removed from the warmth of the ocean and brought to the hell we call home. 990110
adam you and i am still someone, though paled. 990228
_ you I can not excist. I do not know if I want to go on if thoughts of what can be can not run though my head. 990330
daxle Sin (without)
the only painting that should ever exist in any museum
uncle aussie a light when I have a cigarette, without a cigarette when I have a light - that way lies madness. 990623
emsie I have been without you for 9 months now. I'm still smitten over you. I feel bad without you. I can't get over you. These nine months have passed so quickly, yet so slowly. They've been the most challenging nine months of my life thus far. When I walk down the street, I look for you, as if you're going to be there. When I check my e-mail, it is in hopes that there will be one from you. When I answer the phone, I hope it's you. But, it never is. You're gone, and I can't get over you. 990819
Carolyn without you, I am within myself.
It took me awhile to find this person, so long in their body, so long feeling their searching soul that could not find home even in its own flesh, mind. without you, I have finally healed my last wounds of refuge from myself, from my truths, from what I know and have always known.
without you, for awhile there was sorrow. then desperation. but finally, finally, I had to confront (or go mad! this time) the I within the eye, the self attached to this soul, my heart abandoned by even myself in that "barefoot orphan love" alone out in the cold.
David i'ts been two months, and i'm still without a hat. i know i should get over it but i just can't let go. fadora, i still Love you. always and forever. 990927
lotusflower without you i am a yin with no yang. 000213
nothingman i am without sleep. it no longer comes to me. i'm so tired, and yet i don't sleep. i sit, and i stare, and i think. sometimes i'm comforted by my thoughts, but most of the time i wish they weren't there. i wish they'd leave me alone. i am without happiness. i don't want to be here anymore. i look forward to the sweet embrace of death. warmth. peace at last. rest. i am without a knife. my arms hurt at me breaking my routine. the scars don't heal because i keep making new ones. they need to be cut. it's been so long now, they're used to it. they long for it.

i am living without life.
meggie with without out is accompaniment, where out without with is away or exit, i guess, i don't know where to go
don't know
where to keep these piles of words
i have been collecting
ever since you left
( perhaps
since daybreak even )
i need some place good
that is: not here

i love the way
your hands were hard

there's a girl you still care about
the one i once thought i could like
smiling nicely & showing white teeth
at the same time
wanting to tear me apart
i could kill for her not to have you

i can't even turn around in this city
we're too involved
and wherever i go
there's you
& this damn rain
elise hope 000425
retrograde an empty space, once filled.
the lack of.
a hole, negative space.
allaboutme I am not without much. I have wonderful friends and have seen wonderful things. 001223
Jessie Is there no without without a with? 010128
monadh love the world would be
even more bitter
mikey love is what makes some people bitter to begin with 010311
monadh his eyes that I once held
his laughter dancing upon the wind
those autumn leaves that crumbled
and were left behind
I am lost and found
Thing Unknown Anything that is not within. 010426
Glory Box I am so without you.

"i will not let you hurt me."

"i will not be your rescue."

in the middle of the night, you can fall crumpled to the floor.

i will not hold you up.

i will not let myself be your puppet.

...and i love, but not you.
cathy Without You
Did you lie when you said you loved me?
Did you lie when you said you cared?
Did you lie when you said you'd always be there?
Did you love me?
Do you care?
Are you near me are you there?
Time goes by promises forgotten.The sun goes down love not gotten.the present,the past,the
future,the now.The love the lies all gone but
how?I sit and cry I'm all alone to this day I'll never know questions unanswered now I go
Untill you tell me how you feel,I sit at the table my lonley meal.I think,I love, I sit,I cry.You are gone but no know reason why.I see you now your life all new but what am I to do?I think, I love, I try. To try and love I think I might die.
Casey Without reason everyone would be a criminal.

Without fun everyone would be dull.

Without words everyone would not be able to speak their views.

Without views everyone would be under the control of one person.

Without love everyone would be dead.
bzzmel without death everyone would be loved 011207
ever dumbening One of those nights
This is one of those
Tongue numb with thumb
Pressed firmly through
Apple skin juices no
Longer in and out over
And out over your hand
Me some rage, juicy rage
Is sweet and nutritious
Delicious within.
Sticky without.
melissah without you i cry
and wish for your touch
without you i bleed
because i need you so much
without you theres no me.
ToeTag Dixie Chicks 020908
abednigo without purpose or no-knowledge. knowledge. stumbling for the betterfaction. half moon of desire lurking like a cliff edge. let go and not know.
sphraites (arg) and allowed LonGer.
part 3 without you for a week.
it seemed like it would pass quickly.
that was 8 hours ago.

ren with or without you 031212
lisa They told me it was time to say goodbye
They told me you were living especially for me
Please don't go, don't leave my Daddy
I can't say goodbye, give permission to die
My mentor, my father, the wonder of you
An unconditional love, we were lucky its true
You fought your fight, with all your might
My hero, my father, my shining light
The time has come, our final kiss
An enormous chill in a room so still
A tender love, so complete and pure
A lifetime of love, who could ask for more?
I can't say goodbye and allow you to die
You'll live forever I'm sure
An eternal love, a cherished bond
My wonderful man, my love forever and more
Doar a serious mistake to rectify. 040118
hurt_consumer ......... 040119
hurt_consumer Wow 040119
lucky certain i'd be less without 040814
. can you live without do you think? 040909
ofsuch without you
i feel alone

so much around me
but i look for you everywhere

every bicycle that passes
everytime i pass by the bus terminal
everytime i work at the coffee place
i look for you

just in case you might be there

but you are not

and i am without

i miss you so much
x twisted x rest in peace, GG.
i miss you more each day.
camille free 051201
Seraphmodel.03 I am without any sense of human kindness or moral


and it makes this society unsatisfactory and un


so that every.


i WALK (not run) out my door I feel


clobbered hard, face come off and rolling onto the floor switching tenses and cases unsatisfactorally just because i waant to and theeerre is NOthing (not somthing) to keep me in noTHING (not someone) to wall me IN or OUT nOThing to make me want to act responsibly or with purpose or with somthi

NG to keep me occupied i justactimpulsivelybecauseiwanttoandthereisnothingstoppingme




as I am
Seraphmodel.03 Slave OFsensation not without sensation or going cold turkey without it because onece againg there is nothing stopping me as i act impulsively becaus i waanto


and stop my keys sticking
Kilt-Man 10 years but what does it matter

I never knew her
But SHE bore ME

for all
especially me

or is that selfish?

I matter to me

So I'll never know her and people don't seem to care
Not that they should

I'm jus' missing out tha's all
There is never a replacement
We jus' adapt but s'ok
it doesn't matter anymore
The past must be left
In the past
Or whatever
But what does a gravestone mean?
More effort have'nt I cried enough
empty without you im alone
but maybe that's best
to get the chance
to face myself

but when i do and im ready to set her free
where will you be?
or maybe i wont need you
and you wont need me?

maybe i can make it alone
i've already walked such a long distance
without you
and you've gotten along through life without me,
maybe there was no point, in our meeting.
Christ without the cross moments past quickly and we are stuck looking into the past. but if we don't look forward we will never catch up to the present and never build our futures. That is the flaw of the human being. We are never quite here in the moment.

Eventually everything connects without us really knowing it.
Superfluous without another notch, i can't measure anything.

and don't depend on it, because i don't. you're too weak, though, so i don't exactly regret it.
edit in the year 2257, i'm pretty sure i was edited out. 070423
lanilion i am lost with you
will you ever find me
edit i'm not in it though 070606
panda did you know, if you eat enough licorice its the same as taking an exty pill.

it's twue i pwomise you.
FUCK YOU! 101012
what's it to you?
who go