mareberry i thought it had an impact, i thought i might change you in some way. but now i've learned that no matter what my actions, what my words, all i have done and all i will do is forgotten. 990505
allie when you go, will i be forgotten? when you leave me, will you leave our memories? or will you take a piece of me with you? as i know i will keep a piece of you here. 990524
jennifer I have all but forgotten the last words I never said to you. When you last held me in your arms and you swore you'd never let me go. When you gathered me close, in a tangle of flesh and spirit, and you smelled the scent of me, and I did likewise. And though it has been ages, since we held in the fair embrace, I can still feel your warm skin touch mine. And I bare a constant reminder that you lied. You said you'd never leave me. You said you'd love me forever, and you would never let harm come to me, in any way. Then you had to leave. You just disappeared and I have yet to tell you the words that I wish I had uttered so many nights ago, the words that I hate myself for saying, for feeling. And I can't bring myself to say them... even now. 991219
andrea In the darkness of my misery,
I feel someone brush by me.
But, when I reach out
to try & feel who is there,
my searching hands,
my clawing fingers
are only met with empty space.
Why is it that I am the only one
who is here longing for all
they have been given?
Why am I so unlucky?
What have I done to deserve this?
I fear I have been exorcised from
all of their minds & memories.
My traces washed clean.
Have I been pushed so far to the back
of their minds that they can
no longer hear the echoes of my voice
longing to laugh with theirs?
Or feel the touch of my hand?
Can they no longer recollect the image
I worked so hard to build?

copyright 1999
mad madame mim Les fils oubliés
Armalite, lumières de la rue, lieux de la nuit
A la recherche d'un sniper sur le toit, une vipère, un combattant
La mort dans l'ombre, il te mutilera, te blessera, te tuera
Pour une veille cause oubliée, sur des rivages pas si étrangers
Garçons baptisés par la guerre, morphine, courant glacé, mauvais rêves
Servant de numéros sur des médaillons pour chien, boules de chiffons, sacs de sable
Ta copine a épousé ton meilleur ami, fin de l'amour, stylo empoisonnée
Ta chair rampera toujours, te tournant et te retournant pendant ton sommeil
Les blessures qui brûlent si profondément, ta mère s'assoit sur le bord du monde
Quand les caméras commencent à tourner
Des points de vues panoramiques ressuscitent la foule meurtrière
Ton père vide une autre bière, il est l'un des seuls qui inquiètent
Quittant la sécurité de son fauteuil de living
Pour ramper derrière la coque d'un navire sarrasin
Et donc je patrouille dans la vallée à l'ombre du tricolore
Je dois craindre le mal car je suis mortel et les mortels ne peuvent que mourir
Se posant des questions, implorant des réponses à des guetteurs sans noms
Et sans visages qui dévalent les couloirs tapissés de White Hall
Qui ordonne profanation, mutilation, masturbation verbale
Dans leur faux intérieurs bureaucratiques protégés
Pasteur, pasteur prend soin de tes enfants, ne les dirige pas
Vers la damnation pour éliminer ceux qui voudraient pêcher contre toi
Pour qui est le Royaume, le Pouvoir, la Gloire pour toujours et depuis toujours
Halte ! qui va là ! la mort, approche mon ami ...
Tu es juste un autre cercueil dans la descente du couloir d'émeraudes
Où les regards de pierre d'enfants pleurent ta mort avec le sourire
D'un terroriste, le bras des poseurs de bombes place des cadeaux de feu sur des rayons de
Les allées chantent, dans une détonation déchirante, un enfer provisoire fils oubliés Depuis les
queues des allocations chômage jusqu'au régiment Une profession en un clin d'œil
Mais rappelles-toi des engagement du lundi quand tu courrais de porte en porte
Dans les infos un pays te pleure, ton soldat inconnu fait les comptes
Pendant une seconde tu seras célèbre mais à titre posthume
Les fils oubliés
Ils sont toujours oubliés
Couronne de roses, ils tomberont tous
Paix sur terre et douce pitié, maman Brown a perdu son enfant
Juste un autre fils oublié
emily i? you?... 000531
WingedSerpent forgotten, but not gone.

Zoe i would never want to be forgotten by you, and i will never forget you. 000717
the ice queen if everything i do not know and cannot have and do had just been forgotten i could dredge it up from the muck of other lives i've lived but it's not there.
like an abyss of all this knowledge i'm supposed to know.
maybe i knew it, it just faded and grew into the huge void it is now, or my habit for conveniently forgetting ill thoughts and occurances had etched this out as well.
i like to pretend i was a queen (ice queen is my nickname - because i'm so incredibly not tan, not b/c i'm cold) and i never mingled with all these common people that i am surrounded by now. hmph. snooty snooty
chanaka look at all these people around me online and on drugs who won't
dare talk to me
why do i keep them around? though i am never spoken to
i am always entertained and
forgotten at the same time
lift Forgotten...remembered it is all the same. Though I think this without much in the way of rational thought...
I remember a time when I thought it would be infinitely saddening, but now I know everything will just blend...
Much as that right in the light.
Sol I forget how it is that i laugh and cry, i wander at the moment, no more human than a rock or a breeze, the land will soon forget my footsteps, if they even register, i have forgotten why i am doing what i am doing, even as i do it, i even forget what i am doing, i just do it because i have forgotten what else there is to do. Its quite a bland state of mind, but for the moment i will put up wiht it, i have forgotten what im waiting for to stop it, but never mind im ok, i have forgotten how to be bored 010402
*Ziima* I am forgotten in this bustling world. I am forgotten among the arts and music that most leave behind. If I am ever remembered, it will be a miracle. 010402
carden i sit alone in my room
door closed
listening to the commotion
people running by
music playing, singing
people continue on with their lives
i sit alone in my room....forgotten
lostchild they'd care if they knew. i'm sure / i hope. 010627
Casey Well here I am again. They all go off and watch a movie somewhere. While I'm stuck here alone. They all say they are my friends, but I don't know sometimes 010627
Sondra what my father has done to me......and what i've done to what he's done to me 011007
Rid of the Slug I will always love you and I will never forget, nor forgive. 011026
girl_jane I’ll go to sleep,
Wake up in the morning,
And I’ll pretend I have no heart.

I'll forget about tonight
And all the nights before this.

The ones I felt the same
And even the nights I was happy
Then I'll have no memories

No pain
No senses what so ever
Freak Left to a single parent when I was still young and tender........long lost.....and forgotten. 020430
squint i was forgotten in jotted lines
on that clever sheet of paper streched
underneath his scribbling claws.
I was blurry facts
and I was a statistical mess
just words and somebody's pay day.
it felt just like
my every other day
and the curtains are closing
because i give up,
the audience isn't clapping
and I'm paying them to
listen to my
betraying monologue.
VCell in every cloud,
which covers my sky,
rain falls.

for every drop of rain
there are stones
on which they tumble.

from every rock,
upon which prisms of water shatters,
rivers begin to flow.

on these rivers are my sailboats.
each drifting to the gulf of my tomorrow.

today i sail the Never Forgotten.

above her mast is the sunshine,
splashing through the clouds
in rainbows of her tenderness.

upon her deck is the sweet scent of rainfall,
warm and wet,
where i sleep off tomorrow cradled in the storm.

i lift my face in the silver mist,
breathing in.

opening my eyes i find my self alone
upon a gentle sea
surrounded by the fog,
reminding me of yesterday,
hiding the sun far beneath the sky
upon the Never Forgotten.
jg I'm sure you've not thought of me since you left. That makes me sad. Do you think of me and not of anything else? Do you think of someone else? I wish I knew. I wish you weren't so far from me. 020612
cheer-up-emo-kid I'd rather be forgotten
than to be remembered for giving in
trin nothing hurts worse
than to be forgotten
by your best friend
in their attempt
to fill their heart
with someone else.
Eowithien I am forgotten.
They've left my soul behind.
My soul is forgotten.
They left it because of the long climb.
They've climbed up to some paradise,
a place I don't want to go.
I've been forgotten
to go to the place
that is forgotten
where are the people and all the things
megan i wish i could remember how to make you smile again. it's been so long. 030220
xXShadow_GoddessXx I am forgotten.
Raped from my past and full future.

I am forgotten...
peyton I sometimes want to remember what I've forgotten

and sometimes I wish forgotten would remember me
Zeke trailing behind a mist of truth in the process of becomming when lasting concretion is imploded on the ghosts of the real in a past that leads to a future lost to me 031118
4gotten~soul sourrounded in a world that has forsaken me
for never fully being what they wanted me to be.
forgotten is what i pray for
because forgotten children want get beatten anymore
Lemon_Soda Everything is forgotten, but nothing is truly gone. 031124
Jane Doe Why must you play with me as if I were a toy from your past? You know, the kind where you pick up every now and then, and right after all the memories come back, you put it back up on the hard wooden shelf, before the next time you pick it up again. Well I'm not playing your game anymore, it's to painful: I was sold at a garage sale. 031207
queen of darkness when something is fogotten...
it ends...

when will they forget me?
Fierce He will never remember me again.

And I love it.
ItGirl "Maybe it means we should remember to remembr that we forgot them."

I remembered today driving along and suddenly trying to recall your voice, your face, the words you said. I could not... I had forgotten... the details of your face have faded to a blur. At first I was glad... relieved to have lost that memorie of you and yet I felt a little more lost with out the certainty of your face. I dredged up every memory or you... your smell... your hands... your legs... your belly button... I tried to rebuild you in my mmind, all the while terrified that my memories had lost touch with what you really were...
when darkness falls you don't love me anymore, you forgot my birthday, you never send me emails, you never send me letters anymore, you've forgotten me, you've forgotten us... there is no us anymore. 040514
Syrope it's been a long time since i had so much quiet and free time in the dark. little snatches of memories i had forgotten float back up to me and cling to the back of my eyes.

it's hard to close my eyes or avert them when there's so much demanding to be dealt with on the other side.
minnesota_chris I tried meditating the other day. It was wonderful. I started out thinking about myself and my worries, then moved on to greater and greater things, until I was contemplating myself, and my place in the world. By then I was really really peaceful. 040515
witchesrequiem more like forgiven! 040521
spacemanor1 copyright forgotten no more ties no more its all a splice and held by everyone everything its all close its there can you see it or did you forget 040713
z nice 040714
tessa I feel like there is something i've forgotten to do.
something important, that i'll regret not doing.
something that could change my future.

and yet i'm still sitting here doing nothing.
sometimes i hate myself.
demure i keep forgetting to forget 041108
Unbridled ....amongst the small yet signaificant shadows of just being. 041108
unbridled ...amongst the small yet significant shadows of just being. 041108
unbridled spelling problem again, courtesy of anticipation. 041108
suicidalchinadoll so easily 041108
me so rapidly 041109
me so eternally 041109
Asylum Bound Is This The Forgotten Truth?? 050113
acidshank HIS dead body. the one I killed.
I keep running. It's forgotten.
palm Do you long to be forgotten? 050206
monika has everyone forgotten?
I am only your friend
I have neither the need or ability to hate
so why do you hate me so?
jane have you forgotten me? i asked

do you remember what you wrote me? he asked

'do not exhale me; i will bloom for you' i replied

do you remember what i wrote back? he asked

yes, i said, but i don't believe it

you know how i feel about you, he said

no i don't, i said

everything pushed aside, he said
forget_it_i_give_up Gone but not forgotten?

No, gone and forgotten. Tossed aside as a bit of fun when you needed it, a temporary friend when you felt like you had none, a provider of alcohol, cigarettes, and money, a bit of ego-inflation.
seuadr I say it's forgotten. but why can i still feel it there, lurking below the surface? 060903
xevex Perhaps nothing is forgotten and time is but a tapestry, a still life painting for something else to see gazing in so curiously looking upon you and me frozen in our private places forever. 070924
birdmad i'd like to say that it was true, but some random scrounging on myspace turned up a couple of former roomates whom i'd like to watch suffer horrendously and painfully

and they weren't even who i was looking for, which makes it all the more bothersome.

Alexis to be never remain in peoples minds for all the bad thing you have done. to fade into the distance. to be lonly. remeberecne is overrated if we all forgot things wouldn't hurt so much 080308
Philifledermaus lapses of memory, lapses of mind, i search for the meaning, but still cannot find 081201
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