psycho insomniac a thick mask
a way to escape
a way to sleep
a way to stay awake
a way to fool a friend
a way to take advantage of one
a way to lose one
thnks coffee, tobacco (off and on)
the maid in the satyricon
energy Drugs have made my life a stranger journey. Not necesarily worse, but not better. I wonder how different I would be if I never smoked it, dropped it on my tongue, swallowed it down? Through them I've aquired knowledge and expieriences of good and evil things. I've lost a certain innocence while at the same time I've gained a different perspective on reality. They have proved to me that reality is truly a construct of the mind, and this, I have found, is a key to life. 000907
birdmad the fruit of the tree of knowledge
at the center of thne garden

and she passed me the bong and the lighter with much the same expression on her face that i imagine eve wore when handing the apple to adam
splinken you don't need drugs to realize that reality is subjective.

i thought that was already pretty apparent.
SaMaNtHa obviously it's not my time to die, or the drugs would have helped me go 000909
JBauer "Now I think drugs have done some good things for us, I really do. And if you don't believe me, go home and take all your records and cds and tapes and BURN EM. Because the muscisans that made all that great music that has enhanced your lives, RRRRRrrrrrrrreal fucking high on drugs"

"It's not a war on drugs out there people, it's a war on personal freedoms, keep that in mind at all times"

-Bill Hicks

A way to escape, and if you haven't had marajuiana mandarin orange tea, them you had better try it.
moonshine close conceiving a false spirtuality 010109
Monk3 attractively repulsive
disgustingly pure
beneath overcompensation
shockingly uninteresting
deceptively revealing
purposefully chaotic
unknown familiars
superficially entheogenic
spiritually psychedelic
hallucinogenic reality
respectfully rude
normally amazing
frighteningly reassuring
quarantined escape
psychotically logical
vividly average
inspiring disappointment
confidently fearful
righteously blasphemous
softly deafening
living deterioration
cheeze i have no war on drugs

but i do not do them

but i hate no one that does them

i like to see people happy

no matter how they do it
demitria monde thraam Drugs get entirely too bad a rap. They can break lives into nothingness or end them, yes. But some of them produce astonishingly beautiful moments. They can also save lives - I've seen them save countless minds from abject despair every single day. Like fire, water, oxygen, electricity, automobiles, cutlery, and so much else, drugs are powerful things, which can help us or hurt us depending on how we choose to use them. And yes, some people DO need them to be happy - not every person has a brain that's configured for sufficient happiness parameters to sustain life. Being anti-drug is not a health thing - the illegality of drugs has nothing to do with keeping people healthier and everything to do with money, like most things political and governmental in nature. If it was all about health, you'd hear people clamoring to have "extreme sports" made illegal - some of those are stupid thrills that kill too...but why is one thrill okay and another one not okay? 010317
retartedkidnameddamian proceed with caution 010325
MexPanther A way to expand the mind, and view life from a different perspective 010325
retartedkidnameddamian poo.

i know this kid named alex who does drugs. he is scary and mexican.
Markavelli Why do people say drug experiences are fake? Sure they are induced by a pill, but they actually happen, so doesn't that make them real enough?

I look back at silly things ive done while sober and wonder why I did them, but they were real none the less? Drug experiences, similarly, may be caused by a pill or a plant, but they are just as real as anything else!
Markavelli Extacy is the best one 010327
sonia Markavelli , i have to agree with you there, when i am rollin, i feel it in me... put it in me!!! 010411
unhinged sorry adam. i like them too much to quit. nicotine, codiene, muscle relaxers, alcohol, marijuana....it's all good. thanks anyways though. 010411
oh pee um i have this habit
anything i will try it
sometimes more than once
because it may be an aquired taste
any pill
any powder
i will ingest or snort by the hour
speed makes me giggle
cocaine numbs my teeth
morphine makes me forget my pain
and all my bad dreams fly away
just recently
i smoked a rock of crack
i thought that i would find
a euphoia unknown
or a door of illumination
as the smoke that i inhaled
passed the limit of my conciousness
i saw my own body beneath me
and sailed out of the window
as "i don't like the drugs but the drugs like me" -marylin manson
i'd say thats true but i still love the drugs
me i love you 010422
User24 i go into the kitchen and I pour a cup of coffee

Only half dressed and its getting really late

My eyes keep on closing but i gotta keep on typing
I realise then that my one true addiction
Is flying all around in a Co-Ax cable
It's smaller than an atom and its bigger than the moon
Filling up my room with a greyish light
At night is the only time i get my fix and i need it but then the next day is worse and then worse so i gotta get more its the only thing that stops the frenzy calms the nerves and makes me happy and i could stop it all with a flick of a switch but i dont want it cuz i LIKE my addiction and thats what they'll never understand i'm not mad or dependent even though i know that i need it i LIKE IT you hear? So dont stop it or subdue the effects cuz when i think about it I be the first to be hardwired in through my brain and still they call me insane when it seems so clear that the only way forward is through my drug and so many people are addicted that it might just be bigger the cocaine but the best part about it is the fact that you choose to go in and ome out when you want there's just people like me who never wanna come out of the net.

Like it?
it ain't a true representation of me yet but it could be...
kardinal are always misunderstood until you have tried them yourself. you hear the pot head say how he'll never touch heroin. do you even know what it'll do? "no" you hear the girl near drunk saying how she'll never do coke...ever tried it? "no" the guy smoking pot tried heroin and hasn't done anything other than heroin since. the young girl who always went out drinking stays home by herself and snorts coke to feed her addiction. finding the understanding for drugs will change your life. trying to quit is like erasing something from your mind. 010524
DEAr abbey Hey, kids.
A bit of advice for ya.
Go ahead, take your drugs and have a good time.
Just remember, you don't actually have to take those voices in your head too seriously.
Don't reach for the secret too soon.
I wouldn't be telling you if I didn't care.
Dafremen Come to me...my precious..
DAEr abbey Oh, and I would pass on the LSD.
If you don't like where the trip has taken you, can you recall who it was that promised you a return flight?
DEAr abbey Hop in my sleigh my dear Dafremen, it's alright.
May I interest you in any Turkish Delight?
Dafremen C.S. Lewis rocks.
Turkish Delight? You bet, all brown and sticky and smokable!!
snow_angel Empty sometimes...deserve to get high. Losing all that I know to one little pill. I wish i was real, I wish i was more to the world than just another washed out party kyd. But I trip and I fall, and you arent there to lift me up..but they are. And even if it only lasts a moment the feeling is real. For a moment I feel. And i escape from all the shit im drowning in and i can see it all and the true colors inside of everyone. i wish it would last forever, but if it takes me all of life to find the perfect high, I think id rather spend that tyme, instead of feeling empty for another second. 010525
mushroomman i don't need the drugs to get high, the places they took me to, i can return on my own, since i know the path
but it's nice to do it again, enjoy it while you can, someday my body may die, but i will live on another plane that i have visited many times over. take flight into the realms of the unordinary, and you leave a piece behind, and you take another with you.
you change, yet remain the same, how is this possible you ask, I cannot explain.
nemo drugs..... what can i say that hasnt been said? if only i felt i could go on and be just as happy without them. even when i didnt do them i knew i eventually would because i cant find whatever the fuck i'm looking for anywhere else so i might as well fuck with my mind while i'm looking. i dont look for answers in drugs, dont read that wrong. i dont look for anything except for..... well nothing. they dont make me happy they dont make me sad they dont change my thinking but they sure are fun..... 010605
nemo drugs..... what can i say that hasnt been said? if only i felt i could go on and be just as happy without them. even when i didnt do them i knew i eventually would because i cant find whatever the fuck i'm looking for anywhere else so i might as well fuck with my mind while i'm looking. i dont look for answers in drugs, dont read that wrong. i dont look for anything except for..... well nothing. they dont make me happy they dont make me sad they dont change my thinking but they sure are fun..... 010605
nemo i entered that twice, the computer was being weird. i didnt mean to 010605
U24 oh well 010609
U24 Oh well... 010609
fanta No thanks. I prefer to remain in control of my life rather than giving that control over to a chemical that has no ability to judge what is best for me. Drugs are powerful, and can easily lead people to make decisions they would otherwise not make. They get cuaght up in a whirlwind, and soon find themselves ending up somewhere they never expected to be. Who ever sets out thinking they want to develop an addiction? And how many people does it happen to? Thanks, but no thanks. That won't be me -- I'll be making choices about where I end up. A bit of artificial "feel-good" isn't worth it for me. 010623
kingsuperspecial the have changed my life,
for better and for worse,
over and over.

I almost didn't finish college
because of them.

my medicine keeps me
from peeling my skin off.

I've nearly died for one reason or another while doing things on them

now I just drink, and usually I'm pretty well behaved. these days I stay away from the other stuff, mostly because I got tired of never knowing where the fuck my car keys were.
black-dyed gel product are for children 010624
blue_ash acid.dreams.and.mushroom.summers... i want to be alone 010714
Casey I have never taken them. Mainly because the opportunity has never arisen for me to try them 010714
click can make it all better.
detach you from what challenges you
and allow you to forget what's important.
The Truth If you do drugs...do them wisely.
Here is a brief summary of all of the knowledge I've collected about drugs.
Marijuana: My personal Favorite. If the entire world was stoned...there would be less crime, less violence, less food and less productivity.

Smoke weed for fun times, it can be abused daily for several years and you still can function normally. But the main side effect of weed is that it will decrease your motivation. Your ambitions will dwindle. Your big Plans will become big dreams, and your high hopes will become hopes to get high.

Remember...weed doesn't make you stupid.
Alcohol kills way more brain cells then marijuana. The only reason brain cells die is because you inhale the smoke into your lungs, your body fills your blood cells with the thc instead of oxygen, which is delivered to your brain. If your brain recieves anything other than oxygen it dies. (1 cell at a time) But you have trillions of dendrites in your head, dendrites aid in transporting electrochemical impulses across the synapses...if you kill those off, the message must find different routes, which will slow your thinking.
...so eat the weed instead!


I have never tried cocaine, but have lost several friends to it. It tore my family apart when my brother started doing it.

My research does include a case study:
Prior to cocaine use the subject: userX was happy, polite, intelligent, sincere and generous.
After a few uses, userX was short tempered, tense, rude, greedy, insincere, and never smiled too much. UserX believed she was more intelligent, but in reality she made way more errors than before.

Cocaine stimulates your dopamine production, which wears it out, so you can't produce normal levels (to make you feel normally happy) for about 2 years after using the drug. (4 years for monkeys).

Do not use cocaine.
what a stupid drug...
If you put a rock of this stuff on a steak overnight...by morning it will eat a hole all the way through.
Imagine what it will do you your brain.

I did however try it one time, and was not too impressed, I would get the same intoxicating euphric results from 3 bowls, 8 beers, and 6 mini-thins (ephedrine).

Do not use Crank
Raves were once cool, before they hit mainstream, and about 7 years ago you'd find more than just a bunch of kids who snuck out to go to the "party" advertised throughout the mall's elite clothing venues.
And you would take ecstasy and listen to techno.
I did it...it was fun..but now the mainstream does it at mainstream raves.
Ecstacy in it's pure form of MDMH is not "cocaine and heroine" like all of you kiddies think it is. In reality it's about 1/3 as dangerous as prozac.
It's impossible to tell what you get.
The last time I bought some it turned out to be weak, like herbal ecstacy or something. (NOT the same thing!!).
It will make holes in your brain. Do not abuse this drug.

Use it once...twice...three times a year at the very most. And be sure you know exactly what you are getting. there are ways to test to make sure you're not getting alkaseltzer or PHP.
PHP is a drug that dealers sell to kids who think they are buying ecstasy. It literally cooks you from the inside by raising your body temperature until all of your organs fail. people take a few, think it's weak ecstacy and take more..and more.

Don't take php or ecstacy


I recommend you take mushrooms at least once. Not to exceed 5 times per year.

Cubensis or Liberty Caps are the best.

Do not take fly agarics. They are the red caps with white spots... they do not contain psilocybin, they are toxic and cause disorientation. The poison makes people think they are experiencing euphoria.


Don't take acid.


Don't take heroine
nocturnal oxycontin. please, oh please stay away! I now know 2 people my age that have died from that shit within the past 2 months. it's really not worth it. 010731
GrayWolf Drugs aren't for everyone. I've done my share but I'm not going to sit here and profess to know everything about them. I have mixed feelings about drugs I can't say don't do them because I do believe there are positives to be had from them at the same time I feel they can be very dangerous, not just to the body but to the mind. Here are my experiences and feelings on the drugs I've experienced.

Weed: I love weed, I really do. But my love for weed has turned into an addiction. Sure everyone says you can't get addicted to weed. Partly true, I agree that one cannot get physically addicted to weed, but mentally I did! Whenever weed was around I had to smoke it! Didn't matter where or when. There were times I was so desperate to smoke it that I would go through my ash tray and smoke the ash just to get stoned. I smoked weed for seven years and even grew it for one year. Its one of the main reasons I dropped out of college. I was always stoned when I was in school which isn't good when you're trying to learn something. Anyways, on the other hand I believe that there are people out there who are not like me, they can smoke pot occasionally. I believe such use can have benefits. Pot can relax you and help one get in touch with yourself.

Acid: I've dropped acid once and I had a wonderful trip. I was going to school at Western Washington University at the time. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny, May day when a friend of mine and I tripped. We walked up a hill next to the campus and climbed a lookout tower which had a beautiful view of Bellingham and the surrounding area. Later, my roomate (who was not tripping with us) drove us up to the ski resort on Mt Baker where we played in the snow on a warm sunny May day. I had so much fun.

Shrooms: Shrooms were fun. But they were never as good as acid. I shroomed about 4 or 5 times....(I have a hard time remembering DUH!) I had fun but I had a friend who had a bad trip on them.

Never done coke or crystal meth. I had my opportunities but turned them down. I believe that these drugs along with heroin are the drugs for people who are really hurting and desperate inside and these drugs is their way of numbing their inner pain.

Alcohol: Yes alcohol is a drug, heck so is caffeine and nicotine by the way. Actually alcohol is a poison that gives feelings of euphoria when taken in small doses.
Yes I've done my share of drinking, I was young once and in college. Funny how accepted alcohol is as opposed to pot considering just how deadly alcohol can be in all its effects. When was the last time you heard a pot head smoke so much pot that they passed out and died? Yet many people die every year of alcohol poisoning.

Anyways, I don't condone the use of drugs but I'm not going to sit here and say don't. The first uses of mind altering drugs was by our ancestors for spiritual usage. I believe that this is truly what drugs are for. If you're curious of mind altering experiences by all means go for it. But be sure you do it with an open mind, don't be angry or depressed when you do it. Do it becuase you're curious not because you feel pressure to(otherwise it's not going to be a worthwhile experience!) And finally, if you do them, don't drive or do anything thats potentially dangerous to you or others(thats just shear stupidity!)
I believe there's a time in everyone's life where we like to experiment. If you do so, just be careful. Don't do it because you want to fit in or you feel like you need some sort of escape pain or anxiety in your life (this is what leads to addiction). If you don't want to do them then by all means DON'T! And if you do, do it ONLY as an experiment some of these drugs are easily habit forming so don't get caught up in them.

Have fun....
Enjoy life....

electromechanical birdmad over the course of seven years i ingested roughly over 300 hits of acid (maybe as much as 350)

roughly a third of my hits came from a large ehrlenmayer flask of pharmaceutical grade L25 (the people who procured such bounty would find me and erase me i ever said how they managed it) eventually i became convinced i could see ghosts

the rest was of increasingly uneven quality and one particular supply i came across in my meanderings stopped the visions of ghosts and replaced it with the sound of them...not fun

the rest of it after that just wasn't as much fun anymore and seemed to leave me feeling really raunchy when i eventually came down

i have fewer hallucinations now than i did BEFORE i started doing acid, although i still see and hear ghosts from time to time, on the periphery of my vision

sometimes it makes me wonder if our souls aren't like tv signals, bouncing around through the atmosphere and into space, i know that the body

maybe the voices in your head are the remnants of the signals of the other people who have operated on your frequency
who? ineedem..real bad.sorry 010814
TalviFatin ...*coughs*.... 010814
chocolate bootay a girl at my work gave me a few stems. It had been about two years since I fryed on purple passion. Color View. I was bussing that day at the restaurant. The color sprang out at me and how excited I was. Colors were beautiful again. Then the drug took affect inside me. My soul was soaring. My body held no inhibitions to weigh it down. I was 18 (some odd months ago). Theres this hottie blond who always comes in and sits at the bar and looks through her magazines. Fuck when youre a busser you have time to think. hehehehe. My dick was never warm, but Id always watch her. or wonder about her. Or hope she was watching me ;)

The day I was frying she wanted me. I was me. How unattractive could a soul be?

and I saw people. when they spoke, I heard them. how understanding I was. but how vulnerable I also was. that night I ate a bit more and believed I was a "2nd Jesus"

Im willing to be vulnerable if I can be me. My head is too cloudy to freely be meely.

I also dont want to go to hell.
birdmad has been sober for too long but that doest diminish my liking for weed and or the occasional 'shrooms 010824
Gollum Amen to that Lord Grendel 010824
aeon flux time for some unwanted poetry....
I glanced at my traked arms
I felt the twist and the ache.
The quite voices and descant chorus
was just air pumping in my veins.
Addicted hearts and chipped syringes
I slept on a bed of dreams.
lost i stick with my heavy pain killers and muscle relaxersl. it's weird though they dont take away my physical pain. i acan actually feel more physical pain when i take them, but they make me numb on the inside. it's nice to not hurt every once and a while. al though i havent gotten high off them in a while and havent need to. my girlfriend makes me not think about that stuff. 011020
Effingham Fish I say, if you need to ingest something to reach a higher plane, you probably shouldn't be fucking around up there in the first place. Thinking is the best way to travel. 011119
roomite the addiction is in the tranquility. i stopped because my woman said i was in a distant place... 011120
Chiller haha! this is like a discussion forum for faders and shit. nice thing you know, cuz people like to tell stories.

i'll let you in on a little secret, and don't be all defensive about it... it's the best advise you can possibly ever get...

moderation, such as in a moderate fashion is your key to life!! if you will or what not, neverthe less... a cure. one day when you're chillin like me, and decide to quit all substances for pure pleasure... you'll be able to do it, because knowing who makes you take the drug, and being that same person who regulates the amount you take and decide to over dose from is a relevant factor. just say NO to your self... hang on.. this is an important matter.... ahhh you see, i was gona go on... till i got high.... la da dat tat tat ta.... ~ciao~
flo plink plink fizzzzz
dannyh, isn't it time we did some sweetie.

do get in touch.
matt carr drugs lead down the road to nowhere.
but at least it is the scenic route.
matt carr stuck with anything that i want to take, it shows me that i have all mental pain. anything will take away the physical pain, but nothing helps the insides of me calm the fire burning within me. i hide from it, i run from it, and try to mask it. but any way that it comes, it hurts me, bothers me, and most of all drags me down. the pain that is everyday, the pain that is never to end until my life ends. it follws me in the shadows, and blinds me with like sunlight. life is a bitch, and then you die. 011220
ClairE I'm not sure why I haven't done any yet.
I think it's a force of habit by now.
I stay away from caffeine and excess sugar. But those things don't come with as great benefits.
I wonder if I'll ever do anyway. I was supposed to do it by the time I graduated, by the time I got to college...I'm good at not pressuring myself.
All I know is I feel differently about them than I used to. I feel the same way I did when I was approaching sex.
ClairE I also wonder if I'll ever do ANY.
I get happy enough about life.
It's such a blessing.
Miffey drugs will eat you from the inside out
then when they get right the surface, they will start eating your life, too.

but by that time, you don't even care until it's done and over with.
kitten off drugs i don't need them anymore...

i only did them to fit in with you
phace I used to never understand why people thought taking drugs made them kool, or even made them look kool. Now I know. I know what it is like to see some one, cherish them. To know that you love them, and then to see them die. I know what is like to see some one, know them, love them, and never want to see them die. And the have to see them die. As horribly as the first. I know what it is like to see some one, know someone, love them, pour your heart out to them. Treat her like the princess that she is, and to fear the same thing, which divided my friends between the world of the living and the world of the dead. To know why I would do them, despite the major risks,

I dont want to be divided again. I would rather follow her to death than to again have an earth without her. I would rather run straight at death with no thouhgt, than to bury her with the others. I would rather give blood and life, than to see her in that kind of pain. I would slaughter millions to keep jher alive. I would fight such a force, defending her until my life was no more, and even then, with spirit so strong i would for go eternity and my place there of the hall, to fight imortality by defenduing her still. For I couldnt live eternity and place thereof, knowing that she was throught. And if only this battle was an easier one. Ifonly my enemy was a person, if only i could that which i was trained too. But I cant, for the enemy which i would do anything to fight, is drugs. Even the statemnt of its name brings valiant cause to the ashes which my enemy brings. But now I know why people do them. For I know now why i would do them. To be with her. For her. In love of her.
Sarah My boyfriend does drugs. This is something I try very very hard to accept, but I just can't. I am straightedge, turning creepy straightedge. On New Years Eve he had a bit of fun with his alcohol and pot filled fuck of a night. He watched me sit and watch him slip to oblivion. I told him I wouldn't hang out with him or talk to him if he was going to drink or do drugs. I guess he accepts that and does it anyway. And when I started to cry he drank some more and offered me the same escape. I spit in his face and said fuck you. Cuz fuck you for offering me something you know I'm against. I don't want your fucking falsity. If you can't handle life the way it is, you can't fucking handle me. And to lighten the mood I quote, "Drugs are bad, mmkay." 020105
i like nin YOU ARE THE PERFECT DRUG 020105
Gerald ... are WAY too demonized. A large number of our leaders had used drugs at some point. Christ was considered a drunk back in his time. And our musicians who write our favourite songs? REALLY fucking high on drugs. 020124
SuicidalAngel It depends on your environment at the time. I think I have a high tolerence to the oddest things. Only one beer will get me buzzed, but I need a lot of weed to be happy. Maybe in it's entirty two bowls to myself or more. It took me 3 times of trying weed to actually feel it, and that first time I felt it was the best.

I just tryed a half roll of X and I hardly felt anything till about 5 hours later. And all I felt was the couch warm up. I'm going to take the whole one next time and hopefully I'll understand what the attraction is.

My friends have tryed DXM which is the stuff thatz in cough medicine.. someone said it's like two hit of acid. Maybe I'll try that next time!
carne de metal sherlok used cocaine to solve mysteries. 020206
nemo no more please 020206
jon_dog alcohol is a drug, probably the worst of all, because it is so widely accepted and so widely abused. alcoholism runs in my family and now, trying to quit, i see that not only is it the most widely accepted form of escape, but the most widely expected form of escape. after a round of golf, after night class, on the weekend, after work, after church, during church, on a fishing trip, after a day snowboarding... and when not actually present then it is advertised day in and day out as the ultimate escape - utopia in a bottle - making my decision to not drink extremely difficult. i have been labelled an outsider, someone not to be trusted, someone not willing to join the group, all because i want to maintain control over my mind and my body. sick,no? 020325
Syrope people who resort to using drugs are weak, its we who care about those people who have to be strong.
unhinged she gave me some amoxicilin today. hopefully, that will make it go away. 020327
me not very far 020327
continuous ache my personal opinions on the drugs that i've done......

marijuana, hash, and opium- all fun stuff. i don't think the hash and opium fucked me up like it was supposed to though. to me they were just like takin a few tokes off the bong, but whatever. everyone should smoke some mary jane. i think it would eliminate war, road rage, and the like. ;)
[marijuana tastes wonderful, hash is like smoking on a garbage can, and opium i sorta started to like after a few uses....sorta has this weird incense-y flavor to it.]
pills- i suppose it depends on what you're doing.
downers- these have always been my personal preference. muscle relaxers, things like that. motivation hits zero if you take enough to fuck you up though. i remember days of laying around the house, not caring enough to eat, shower, or go to work.i was content to just lay there. could have laid there for the rest of my life [i believed] provided i was always feeling that buzz.
uppers- any sort of stimulant pill has never really been my cup of tea. it leaves you jittery, can make your heart race, sweats, etc. imagine all the nasty side effects of one too many caffiene pills and there you go, generally speaking. yuck!

a couple of pills that i personally feel should never be categorized-
oxycontin- whew...what to say about this one. i've seen a lot of people get hooked on these, and i tell you, it's not anywhere that you'd want to be. compare it to heroine and crack addicts. oxy's are like gov't heroine. they come with a time release coating which doses you a controlled amount over a certain period of time. abusers of oxy's chew or snort [i've done both] the pill to get the effect all at once. i've never had a high from any other drug or pill that quite compares to the feeling. it's like a mellow energy drive. i feel like i need to be doing something, but even when i am it almost feels like i'm sitting around doing nothing and sinking into oblivion. it makes you itch like a bastard though. and if you snort too much when you haven't been around them enough, watch out. you're probably going to throw up once or twice. have fun, that sucks.
Xanax- [the purple footballs, not the bars] if you're ever geeked out [floored on cocaine or any other such drug] i recommend two or three of these. they're sheer heaven. brings me right down.
Cocaine- god, i wish i'd never tried this drug. i never liked uppers, i was always a downers girl. and you know what? i still hate uppers, i hate cocaine. but hating it doesn't make it any harder to stay away from. cocaine is one of those 'ruin your life if you're not careful, and probably even if you are careful' drugs. i first tried it when i was a pothead. i did it 7 or 8 times before i even wanted it. it was just around, so i did it. i ended up moving in with my ex, who did 2 or 3 grams a night. now, a half of a gram [for those who don't know] will give you anywhere from 10-14 nice sized
lines. so, him being the nice guy that he was, got me up to doing anywhere from a gram and a half to 3 grams a day too. i've slowed down now, but it's hard. i just keep wanting it. you couldn't even imagine the things that you would do for just a line [which doesn't really do shit anymore anyways]. it's disgusting. every night that i do it, i lie awake all night and wonder why. my nose is a huge ball of pain that travels up into my eyes and down into my teeth. every part of my face hurts. i cannot sleep, i cannot eat. it is quite possibly the worst torture i have ever endured, and yet i keep doing it to myself. when i get money, i waste it all on coke. it's very pathetic. i'm sort of ashamed to admit to all of this, but i hope it might deter even one person from trying it. coke has changed me in ways i can't even begin to comprehend yet. i used to be generous, i used to be happier. not happy, but not this way either. coke has made me greedy, self-absorbed. it's all i think about from the time i wake up until the time i fall asleep. a constant struggle. everyday that i wake up i think to myself, i shouldn't do any coke today. and 1 out of 7 times, i don't. for every six other times though, you can't imagine the disappointment. it's so hard to accomplish anything in life when the main person that's holding you back is you. there is so much self-loathing that goes along with this... but enough.
Crystal Meth- much like cocaine. harsher on the nose, need less to get you off. i've only done this one a couple of times. one of its street names is 'glass'. if you ever want to know why, put a TINY little bit up your nose. i couldn't even do a half of a line. a key bump was enough to make my eyes tear. i didn't stop sneezing for a half an hour. i was floored out of my mind. heart racing, talking a mile a minute. i didn't establish any real connections to get ahold of this drug though. i don't want to be able to get it. it's kinda like pouring battery acid into your nose.
Ecstasy- true X is MDMA. i don't believe that i've had true X, i don't believe that it's available. [or at least not anywhere around me here in Ohio]. i can't even speculate on what may have been in the stuff i've done. i know when i get the rolls with a ton of heroine because of the little dirty spots, but beyond that, i am in the dark. depending on the ingredients, this can be a very fun 'every once in awhile' drug. it can make you up or down, again depending on the ingredients. sometimes there are visuals as well. it creates a euphoric feeling. sensations are enhanced greatly. touch is much more stimulating. a lot of people are into using it in the rave scene. i never have. it's a great drug to take with someone close to you and just have an intimate night of talking, touching, loving, etc. i went through a whole week of doing nothing but X, and it does fuck with the seratonin levels in your brain. after coming down it's extremely likely that you'll be very down, depressed, whatever. this can last days or sometimes even weeks. try it, but don't use it too much.
Acid- of course there is no true LSD available anymore. like X, god only knows what you're actually putting into your body. it does change your mind. my experience with it was definitely positive. it's almost like a religious experience [sorry if that offends anyone]. bad trips are possible, but i can't really say anything to that side because i haven't had one. i think everyone should try it once. it's unexplainable......it's an Experience. [capitalized because of it's impact] it's just amazing. i dunno....
Heroine- i've only done this once. i snorted it. the night that i did it, i was actually looking for cocaine. i hadn't eaten that day, i was drunk, high, and had already had some coke. my friend, joe, came back to my car with a very small amount of which i did a line and a key bump. for a first time user, that was way too much. the wonderful feeling was something i never had time to enjoy as i was sick [throwing up and the like] for that entire night. the next three days i became actually ill, with a fever, headache, sore throat, etc. i didn't eat and lost 8 lbs. in that three days. i haven't touched it again since, and i haven't wanted to. i'm actually very thankful for that. if you want any clue as to the effects, watch the movie Trainspotting, and pay close and serious attention to the end of the movie because that's what you can look forward to if you decide to make it a habit.
anything that i haven't mentioned [i.e. shrooms] i haven't done. sorry about the long blathe.
unhinged it's just making me sicker
covering up
taking away
covering up
and my head still feels like it's going to explode
another day another name He doesn't believe me when I tell him my memory has been affected. "I've done so much more than you," he tells me over and over and over, "and I don't have any memory loss."

Well I do. After my car accident I started forgetting things. There were always large chunks of time that seemed to disappear, even before my recent little drug experiments.

I'm certainly not amnesiac, I wouldn't even call it absent-minded. It's more... muddled. Memories come and go, and some moments I've lost forever.
silentbob i want to know your life story 020328
phil life would be better without them
but alas life does have them
so we need to overthrow the government
mrcracker or at least install one of our own as the drug czar. seems like gwb of all people would help us do this. this fucking hiding and shit just to get a high really sucks. kinda defeats the whole purpose. legalizing drugs just like alcohol makes so much sense. i guess only the gods truly know why this has not happened yet. 020530
good people fuck you. its just fucking weed. it doesnt fucking matter. it doesnt hurt me. fuck, i wasnt even stoned. it was only one joint between three people, and that shit only buzzes me. it takes a lot these days. back on topic: fuck you. shit, you made me feel all bad and i didnt do ANYTHING.

motherfuck, its weed. i dont fucking care.
phil holds good people down 020530
no reason alice in wonderland 020530
melinoma drugs dont care about you 020611
memememe i don't care if you care and i don't care about you and all those motherfucking faggots. here we go ;)
burden "artificial feelings". that's either redundant or false, depending on how you view it. happiness is happiness, whether it comes from playing sports like all of the DARE cats told ya to do, or whether it comes from a baggie. I like the baggie. 020802
ryro Drugs have been a part of world culture since before recorded history.
The world itself offering man (and perhaps animals) an escape from the clutches of consentual reality and catapulting him to his psychological limits. Liberation comes from letting go of yourself - drugs can really help if used wisely.
good people i could go for some right now...

i wish i had some money.
Trig Why is it those artisans , the authors , the poets , the song writers , the painters , the sculptors , the photographers , why are they so fond of these illicit substances ? I suppose they're like a hike up , a boost , a little help sparking that golden creativity . 020909
Ive seen angels PCP .
Fry , wet , embalming fluid , angel dust , it's all the same . Oh , what a dangerous substance . You know, they say it puts holes in your heads ? It's categorized as a dissassociative anaesthetic , the same as ketamine, nitrous oxide , dextromethorphan . But this one is so much more different . It's like being in a dream . You don't remember your job, your family, your life . It's the perfect escape, the poor man's vacation . You wonder how long you've been sitting on that couch. It tastes kinda like white-out . You move to the kitchen , and you wonder how you got to the kitchen , because you were sitting on the couch . You go out to your car , and it takes a literal split-second to get there and back . Everything takes on a new life , you imagine such wonderful things . You lose your concept of reality . It's not really like acid , nothing like ecstasy , too down to be an upper . But don't do too much at once , it'll knock you out. And like they said , it probably puts holes in your head . It's not hard to imagine , you feel stupid the next day , you fumble your words , your thoughts are congested .
It's a little slice of Heaven , being away from everyone and everything not in the immediate vicinity . No trouble . No worry . Complete anaesthesia from the outside . But everything comes with a price , doesn't it ?
Sixfingers I am the center of my being...

the concept of god

the concept of the universe

the concept of reality

all lies in my perception

it lies within

i open my eye

and there witnessed the universe in a retrospective light.
crown yeah baby
i just had the worst munchys
User24 My personal opinion of drugs.

Do not take this as the truth.
Do not take this as coming from someone experienced.
Take this as a point of view, expressed from a 20 year old user who has a strange outlook on life at the best of times.


Produce a mildly pleasant effect for about 5 minutes, the side effects are not great, but not terrible, I've never had a bad experience with poppers, but I only do them very occasionally.
My opinion: they're dirty and I don't like them.


is a wonderful drug, having a physical reaction similar to being slightly drunk, without feeling sick or badly dizzy (no room spinning) The mental effect is the best, everything seems to make sense, and while, after sobering up, it may not make as much sense, it's worth doing weed for the feeling of having attained nirvana. I've never had any bad effects at all with weed. It does tend to make you dehydrated.
My Opinion: buy an eighth and see if you like it - it won't do you any harm.

That's all the experience I have, but I do want to say a few more things in general:

When trying a new 'hard' drug (acid, coke, h, speed - anything which has been known to go wrong), do it with your most trusted friends, or not at all.

Do not pressure people into taking your favorite drug - advise them objectively and let them make their own mind up.

Do not do any drug once a day - that's simply unhealthy, although I'm getting pretty close with weed.

If you don't like the effect of a drug, you probally never will, don't do it again until you feel very different about yourself

Don't do hallucinogens if you're depressed / have any kind of psychologoical disorder
eg; you have a fear of spiders, you take acid, you may end up with a 12 hour trip where you're inside a spider nest scrabbling to get out.

If you like a drug, don't feel guily about it - it's your life, no-one should stop you doing what you want.

If you have a few bad effects with a drug, ease off for a while and go clean or try something else, after a month, try it again.

When doing weed, don't waste time going out; sit in a comfortable chair, with some lemonade and a few bags of crisps, put your favorite album on, close your eyes and concentrate on shapes and colours in the darkness, if the weed is strong enough, you can see mild hallucinogenic effects with your eyes open (I've seen all sort of weird stuff in my bedroom - the best was my t-shirt, it looked like a labrador dog sitting on the end of the bed!)

A note about weed: weed is hardly ever cut with other drugs, reason being: why? weed is very cheap, mixing it with anything else would increase the cost - it's much more likely that your weed has been cut with harmless bits and bobds to make more resin. Of course, if you're buying leaves, you're almost guarunteed to get the real deal.

visit www.erowid.com for an unholy amount of info about almost any drug you care to mention.
this is me now www.dancesafe.org

people, get your pills TESTED! damn yo

i'm sorry for being preachy, but if your gonna do drugs, fuckin educate yourself
monolith I dont think so .. everything is a drug .. is it not ? 030319
niska anything you like doing more than once is an addiction. When asked if you could quit eating chocolate cake forever, most of you who like chocolate cake would say no. likewise, for those who like music, you can't just never hear music again.
your drug is whatever you need to get by. you can choose to get by with whatever aids you. enjoy...
minnesota_chris um, no. Anything that brings pleasure can be overused or abused. But it's not the same as being addicted to drugs. 030321
josie lsd 030321
niska what do you qualify as a drug, minnesota? a drug that's addictive, that is... 030323
one for the road pot is not addictive but it is a drug 030324
minnesota_chris Well, there are the mind altering substances. Then there's things which we call drugs but aren't mind-altering, like penicillin.

I don't know how anything else could be a drug. I've heard chocolate makes you jumpy, or is addictive, but I don't buy it.
minnesota_chris Sex can be addictive, but I wouldn't term it as a drug. I guess metaphorically it could be a drug. If you were speaking metaphorically, then I retract everything. 030324
niska well.. it's the endorphins we're addicted to. (sex) 030402
minnesota_chris I've heard that can be true (sexual addiction, which would mean being unable NOT to have sex) but I've never seen it, or know anyone who has it.

I feel lust is different, if I want someone so bad I can't think of anything else, that is still very different, because I brought myself to that situation.
PsychedelicRoadKill are unpredictable. There is no such thing as a safe drug. I went insane after using marijuana occasionally for a year. I'd tried lots of drugs with no ill effects until I went psychotic. 030422
god i think drugs are great!!!!!!!!!!!
in fact i smoked them just last night!!! they are some good ane ne one who dissagrees will be punished!!!!
drugs drugs drugs
all are good, none are bad
drugs drugs drugs
do em with my mom and i do em with my dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!drugs are excellent for your brain and if your parents say their not, smoke one with them!!! dun listen to your parents, they only want to hurt you!!! i am god
delysid reality you experience indirectly, through your senses. drugs you experience directly, inside your mind. now which is more real? 030513
joda Reality is what you experience with your senses, therefore it is direct.

What you feel in your mind is perception. How YOU see reality. No one sees this but you. Everyone's precieved reality is different.
phil oh yes, but joda, smoke this crack. 030513
punkrockchick17 i don't like the drugs but the drugs like me ;) 030517
User24 ignoring any previous definitions, drugs can be accurately described as any external factor that causes a chemical change in the body, thusly;

meditation is not a drug
hypnosis is a drug

apply and extend this definition to discern whether or not a particular substance or activity is a drug.
a sweet girl hmmm...

i just like to get high on sundays.
about 15 minutes before the simpsons.

and every day. an hour before bed time.
spectre drugs have screwed me. ive been smoking buds, taking rooms, eating cid since i was 15 years old just about. now my heart races, my hands are clammy, i wake up in the middle of the night short of breath. i smoke more than anyone i've ever met, since my condition i have quit smoking entirely. i am only 19 years old and i feel like my life is coming to an end due to my overuse of a drug i concieved to be harmless. i'm not a damn narc either, my feelings are real. i let pot take over my life, if i live, i will live without pot, but if i'm not a pothead who am i? that is my revolation 030608
jane meth 030630
Bizzar Higher up on his list of priorities than me. 030707
crimson i can only remember to remember to forget you forgot me 030920
kinkazoid so i like took acid this weekend for my second time... but it was different.

The first time i took acid it was paper, i only took one hit. i would see shit that wasnt there, some shit was scary like demons that were mail boxes and thorns falling from trees and shit right.. well..

This time i took acid it was a strip of paper and i took 2 1/2 hits... i didnt see shit, only tracers. i asked a friend what was going on and he said that he has taken acid about 10 times and has never seen shit, he says your not supposed to!!

What happend?? the first time was like 2 yrs ago.. is it possible that acid has evolved into a pussy drug? i always thought it was hard core freaky shit and i loved it... not anymore no sir im pissed and i want my $7 a hit back!!
power trip cocaine makes me feel like superman.
i love to love blow.
phil most acid probably does suck. maybe you got "lucky". 031027
slikk01 are tolls with which you may alter consciousnessness and awareness.each different tool brings a different reality.a different percieved reality. 031207
slikk01 are tools alter consciousnessness and awareness.different reality.different percieved reality. 031207
quinn his mom died
and now all he does
is come to school
smelling of smoke
with dilated pupils
and alcohol on his breath
laughing and being silly
trying to escape
m i don't hate anyone. but they all hate me. they don't see the real problem, but hopefully tonight they will. frank is going to die 031230
Machiavelli70 We all must realize that you have no "real self", and that though you may act differently around different people, if no intentional mask is worn, neither is more real than the other. You are the sum of all facets of your personality.

Drugs let us see many hidden facets. Some are epiphanic revelations, and others best left buried.

Drugs are your choice.
imaskitzo OD'd on X and G but what are you on? 040323
nemo why can we all be sober 040323
writings on weed da math: correct me if i'm wrong
weed + e = ok
weed + acid = ok
weed + alcohol = ok, not recommended
weed + dxm = ok
weed + shrooms = not recommended
e + alcohol = not ok
dxm + alcohol = not ok
dxm + e = not ok
acid + e = candyflipping = ok
shrooms + e = flowerflipping = ok
writings on weed drug_math .... help me 040516
Kevin Are Cool, Maaaan.

Confused. Maybe if I get good grades and eat healthy, I won't feel the need to do any kind of drug (including alcohol). 040827
acidshank they make me happy
when skys are grey
haha. or blue
everyday at school
i cant rememeber what i was like not drugging.
i like how i am now much better
i have a scrapbook. my thoughts are crazy
SuperVixen The train to a place where Kurt Cobain finds his lyrics 050102
SuperVixen C21H23NO5
Something beautiful
You want her
She makes you weak
Sick and twitching
But you don't have
the strength to let her go
glormfidget the part people forget to tell you is that it all really feels rather nice... the only sad part is the wondering how much of what you've done (what you painted, what you sang, who told you they loved you ny moonlight) was you, and how much was simply the faerie-gold - and the faerie-off-white, the-faerie-green-and-chewed-on-looking, the faerie-small-and-round. 050118
cough-syrup good but dont abuse them 050306
spacemanwithadeadbrain dxm, dex, ccc, triple c, robo, tussin, dextromethorphase, skittles, clocks. 050608
hsg ego is always on an inferiority trip. the trip itself is inferior to the one great untrip. the balancing act of sobriety. the hardest trip is to realize that you were tripping all along when u thought u were completely sober, calm, awake.

still all things for just a moment. it's not a drug that can bring you to the sharpest apex of the great pyramid. oh know no. its finding that all things are a trip. its this separation of attention imparted to the piece when loosing sight of the whole thats the drug experience.

sit with me just a moment. im going to take you on a jouney to a far away land right NOW HEAR called NOWHERE.

quick, fast as you can, do nothing, dont move. dont eat. fast. dont sleep. be. dont think. still. be quiet. dont beat. dont trip. stop the flow for just a moment. dont breath. metabolise nothing. accept nothing. give nothing. and finally do not be afraid. when all that remains is YOU, the pure experiencer, doing the greatest of tasks which is quite simply the notdoing of anything, the undoing of everything, when vibrations stop and you are called to a definate zero, theres an almost intolerable sober moment when you realize just how true it is that this is your dream but you too are your dream. the experiencer witnessing his own birth by the power of reaching the impossible dream. by pure intent, prayer or service. eye see you there where uni dissappear.
one eye (.1I.)at the apex of experiences and conclusive consciousness. esp telepathy to show you that the distance between friends is gone. one love accepting oneself forever.

to be free of all things is the greatest of journeys.

just ask the travler. the mountain top and the desert allow him only a minimum of supplies. the treasure is eventually going on progressively more and more demanding journeys that allow you to bring fewer and fewer things. eventually u can bring only you and eventually you may return only without your "original you" your original face. face it, the ultimate journey cannot leave you as you were before.
without anything you are healed because it teaches you to believe completely in your dreams.
lucid_dreaming is beyond minor toys and tools. consider, "what if i tried truly my dream?" you can go anywhere you want but the best of rewards is knowing that you have the power to bring youself home when all your life you were stuck in a dream. this "knowing of the center" is a good place to rest.

still im listening to:

by nin

the quiet voice at the onset:
"the best thing about life is knowing that you put it together.
the best thing about life is knowing that you put it together.
the best thing about life is knowing that you put it together.
the best thing about life is knowing that you put it together."
hsg by nin:
a warm place
viator NiN rocks. Great music for a night when you trip. I prefer 'the fragile' album. Anyway...
I like them.
Glucose, Absinthe w/thujone, Guarana, Tetra Hydra Cannabinol, Lysergic Acid Dethylamide, Caffiene, Nicotine, Taurine, Alcohol, mmmmm.... Triptamines, Amphetamines, Opiates, Ceratonin and Melatonin.
Dont take drugs from strangers.
Say Know to drugs.
Dont do anything I wouldnt do.
And remember to wear sunscreen.
Barefoot Revolutionary click click
chop chop
click click
drip drip drip
Barefoot Revolutionary ok first of all....listen to your very favorite song..doesnt matter who it is..NOW listen to it on drugs. its different, better. drugs lead to addiction, i know that!!!! and i like the addiction. everyone has their own outlook on this peticular subject. i like it. i love to snort cocaine until my nose hurts so bad i cant breath. i love to swallow down anything to make me numb, until i just fall asleep. i like it. and for anyone to judge me is just downright stupid..because i have to tell you, you dont know me, or why i am the way i am. so please...dont preach. you cannot with sound mind judge something you have never experienced. what is the sense in all that? i am not closeminded. i have lost many people to drugs, and i am deeply pained for that exact reason. but i cant honestly say i would rather rot in my jelly brained mind for the rest of my living days then stop to feel the pain thats there when i come down. 060603
got milk? weed_cookie? 060603
no WHERE??? 060606
Roaul Duke drugs have certainly changed me. some for the better some for the worse. my experiences with any kind of stimulant has been bad in one way or another. I never got too big in an opiate scene but thats probably pretty bad. ive had good experiences with opiates myself. My favorites are psychadelics(i know i spelled it wrong but im too tired to care)and i have had only one borderline bad experience with them. 060607
nola doing cocaine makes me ache for you and i wouldn't have it any other way

i do it and i have the most amazing sex and my teeth get numb like i am inside

nothing to fill the hole like little white lines across the hotel dresser
just another seratonin fairy i'm not addicted to drugs, i'm addicted to glamour!

gosh.......wow.......what can i say? umm...
i would like to thank my dealer.
for everything, everything.

and i would like to thank that banging bass.

but most of all i would like to thank the seratonin. without you, none of this would have been possible.

and all you other ravers and clubkids and glamour addicts..... love you.
Violet Strangt it's always been a what if topics for me.
what if i never did that first one?
what if i never went over to my first love's house and gave it to her?
what if it never stopped?
what if it starts again?
where am i going to be now?
antimatter everyone is addcited to something 060801
antimatter everyone is addicted to something 060801
antimatter everyone is addicted to something 060801
Bam Laden Any one can quit.

It takes a real man to battle cancer!
dave get you through times of no money better than money gets you through times of no drugs 070430
Achilles So true. 070430
Sandman I look back on the past of blather, my past in blather and i see how much i have changed, nothing is quite as cut and paste random as it used to be, and then again im no longer taking drugs. evolved out of them you might say. oh and might i add that it's really hot outside and it's midnight! Dream of winter 070815
gt what will we do
when the drugs stop working

what will
we do
when the drugs
unhinged look for different ones
different ways
to achieve the same results
krupt tho i am clean now....
drugs are awesome!!!!
In_Bloom I gave them up when love said, "be mine"

Aside from that, I watch other people kill themselves by degrees because they either don't have love or don't want what's possible
Too bad

Cocaine- makes for disappointing orgasm/if any orgasm sex
Oxycontin- makes for no sex, not even decent conversation and mean looks
Xanax- makes for all talk and then... "oh look you're snoring"
Valium- makes you grinning sloppy and numb
Percoset- hey that's great, sit still and smile at your reflection in the TV screen.
Darvoset- you won't remember anyhow, why bother?
Soma- let's start making out together so you can pass out just as I'm getting hot. Gee thanks
Hash & Opium- we might actually have a lovely time with this if you weren't so jacked already that I worry for you having a stroke or heart attack
This along with everything else that you've absorbed in your past, I think you're done
You've gone Ka Boom

Maybe it's time to try paying more attention to living now
Wolfy Once drugs were blamed for my complete lack of normalness. I say only that I went down each path, and each time it was never what I wanted or cost more than I liked paying. In the end, it became clear than the secret was to take only what nature offered and to remember that everything comes at a cost. That includes life itself... which has death as the cost or end result anyway. Walk the edge of the razor, but never forget just it's a razor. 091104
yesleK i wish i had a big bag.
of drugs.
yesleK i want a big bag.

of drugs.
olive my dad told me about a lawyer he knows that for half of the year works and saves up lots of money, an for the other half of the year he goes to europe and does heroin.
people always talk about needing moderation and balance in your life, and so i have a hard time feeling like this guy is doing something thats all that bad... after half the year on drugs balances out half the year sober... right?
olive In_Bloom-
Most of my sex has been sober (and also with one person), but I've had sex on shrooms and on oxycodon- and both of those were orgasmless (i've never had an orgasm during sex) but they were fun non the less.
I don't know. I think sex on drugs can be nice.
mishmosh whatever takes you to another place
a mystical place away from the real world
no matter what it is
that is your drug
what's it to you?
who go