unhinged is the lead singer of ivet
was having a happy day
almost puked after the show
too much jack and coke
and i even got two out of the deal

you fell off the wagon
like a sled ride flat on the back
i wanted to laugh
but had to make sure
that you were ok
pale in comparison
to the broken arms
hanging from the floor
pale in comparison
to my own little prison
swinging open the cell
your puke a puddle
on the floor
the rotten taste of guiness
stuck to my dry mouth
i wanted to laugh
but had to make sure
you were ok
it's the third day
close your eyes
say a cheer
to dead men past
raise that beer
unhinged he said tasty tasty high hat...he said it ladies and gentlemen. he said the one phrase that totally endeared me to benfoldsfive. frank does know where it's at contrary to popular belief. i love playing hungover...and now i get to go study...yiiipppeee 001209
ass facely what do you play? 001209
unhinged i play the violin.
i'm going to college at the moment for the violin although i'm having a quandry as to whether i should be performance or music education. long story....
unhinged whenever he gets that look on his face...sipping hot tea instead of a beer...i just want to wrap him up in a fuzzy blanket and feed him chicken soup. 001231
unhinged where are you living these days frankie? 010128
unhinged i am impressed dear

that sure as hell is one of jupiter's moons

kelli crane can i be frank? 020113
unhinged i'm not sure if you want to be frank kelli. as adorable as he is with those wonderful brown eyes and crooked teeth, he is one of the most wounded souls i have ever met.

"you are the bomb factory"

but he sure is funny sometimes

oren I'll have my frank with mustard, ketchup, and pickle relish. 020114
girl_jane Frank Sinatra...:)

My msn name-Franky fish lips

I want a fish and name it Franky.
unhinged i_miss_you

both of you
blue star I met a black man named Frank.
He was on his way to Minneapolis, but the ATMs wouldn't give him his money.
His hands were big and rough as he shook mine, and asked for my name.
I said "Good luck with that!" as he walked away.

I hope you get where you want to go, Frank.
jane leader of innerviews 030223
unhinged i_want_to_tell_you_something
unhinged it_breaks_my_heart 030313
unhinged miss_you_love_you 030315
thespacebetween that bunny is the coolest thing ever
if you havent seen donnie darko you havent lived
it is the best movie
weird though
but frank is this crazy guy dressed up in a bunny suit
its great shit...
log burning fire shadow le crowl 031205
plugnickel "Let's FUCK!" 040121
unhinged fuck you. maybe the reason they all end up hating you in the end is because you are a selfish asshole. 040306
Serpico I wanna be frank serpico.
I'm not, so that's a lie. You are selfish.
white_wave I miss him so much. He was closer to me than any of my uncles. Not related by blood but by marriage. I miss his laughter, his smile, his award_winning_chili. I miss rides with him in the orange porsche. Why did he have to die so young? I wasn't ready. 040306
person "is it your frank or your beans?"
-something about mary
bricolage we boiled some pumkin leaves and held them up to his forehead, he cried from the dirt in his scars and the adrenalin. they say love is liquid mixing, and his smell was fragrant and damp.

beauty-fall. there's no such thing as an ugly bird.

his mother is a drunk, you know. but the hint ofwhiskey in her kisses blends in so well with the smell of dying leaves. in his dreams people are very still, and when he's awake he can't figure out how to act. sometimes he carries his boredom out in the middle of the street and breathes in the air and cries, until he retires to the pebbles and granite below him.
sandra frankly frank, I love you above the air I breathe and the day you leave me for the reaper is the day i will become a weeper. 050224
sandra Frank here i am again , to tell you stop hurting yourself, when it is myself that i hurt, by longing to have your innermost secrets, your fleshly body, taboo, you and I , we are not lost souls anymore, just seeking peace, the peace we know we will not find together as earthly spirit, but when we finally meet in the one spirit with God, and all the dirt, all the sickness and addictions will be but a afterthought, and we will sigh with relief, amy this oneday be what really happens I pray.Frank Robert Bergen you will not deny God any longer, your time is coming, my lover of years ago, eons ago, the one whom I shall always long for in my dreams as the perfection of all men, when your really just the one I lost because of an acronym....AIDS...why did I not get the big A? I suppose so i can live and love others, in the memories of you, you always in my soul, you who shall always make me see the beauty of man, and the seething self-hatred of a little boy abused by a life you decided you would accept. To change now, I know is for you immpossible, as all you see is your seath, and loss of those we loved, if I live to an old age you will always be my "frankie', the one who made my heart flutter and made me move thousands of miles to forget you, to only come back from the misery of not having you close, even in spirit, to know where you are right now thats all i want to know.please let me hold you close as you die and leave this abusive world, let me give to you what all the rest care not for, a piece of my heart.To take with you for all eternity, swiftly you will leave this place to finish what you should have done while alive, LIVE for love and finding forgiveness for yourself and those who don't even bother to ask you for their pardon. The pardoning will be the salvation of your beautiful, unforgettable soul. May I be able to go on living, after your spirit I love so much is no longer visible, that spirit which i know will be with me all the time, watching me, paraying for me, encouraging me to go on, making me remember that if I never love again, to have loved you on earth, and surely forever will be my solace and precious jewel, your heart, broken and battered, more than mine, hos do you frankie even want to wake another day? Is it because I am sure your love keeps you from leaving me and your mom and all those who truly love you? I suppose you shall die a dreadful death, and that will save your soul, so I ask, please, let me hold you while you take your last breath, its only fair, you owe me that before you leave, i am selfish, and I know you know that I shall be suffering deeply when your spirit moves to the unseen, and into my soul deeper, as i have always known when you are thinking of me.This will not end when you die, it will leave me naked , open to your soul, and I will possibly go mad if i think all the time when your "gone", that you are always with me, my God help me never fear the spirit of my friend frankie, my one true chance at love, my soulmate, who hurts me and himself for good measure, to mark the light anf heat in our forever fathomless SOULS. 050323
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