jennifer we have becca's purple couch and my new green and orange striped chair (that smells like popcorn) and jen has a weird cd thingy and we are all owned by tha cat named xerox 991205
Mir colours that were ugly are now beautiful to me. nothing is completely ugly anymore. 991210
allie Once you are real, you can only be ugly to those that don't understand.. 000110
Allison he is beauty wrapped in ugly paper. all too strange, the way i look at him. nobody sees him, only me. like the ghost of a super model, roaming the Earth in sadness 000118
Me ugly is as ugly can be....untill something Else comes along. 000121
ikon for a long time, i thought that i must be ugly. cause ya know, the image in the mirror, that's not you. that's you backwards. so maybe i was only pretty backwards. 000122
Moravian Piglet Ugly fruit, extremely good stuff! Its a hybrid cross between an orange and a grapefruit, I think, but don't quote me!

As for ugly as in person. I don't think people can look ugly, only differently beautiful. However, I have met many many ugly personalities. Sad, but true
Brad A term of such ambiguity and subjectivity that it always makes one wonder. 000327
grasshopper I think I'm ugly but men whistle at me and honk their car horns. Sometimes. It's hard telling when. Maybe some days I'm ugly and other days I'm hot. I never know the difference. 000502
birdmad enough to wish i could steal someone else's face, sometimes 000503
Tank the republicans that are crawling all over philadelphia like a scourge of roaches would seem a fitting description for this word. 000804
splinken sometimes i'm ugly on purpose.

manipulative thing, that.
brianna jean a seeping wound, course, pusing,
the stench finds it's way to the membranes in your nose and makes it quiver in anguish.
i stare in inquiry at the distorted shape that finds its eyes penetrating mine and mine it's and it's mine again,
to thin, to gaunt, not gaunt enough,
match me, make me look on the outside like i do inside,
a sickness consuming itself, and me over and over, like a cow and it's cud and it's many stomachs
self destruction, self loathing
the girl in the mirror laughs uproariously, the teeth protrude and the thighs girate at the smallest amount of vibration,
when will i be well?
when will i be perfect?
then i laugh at the bitch in the mirror, that fucking whore who consumes too much of my time,
shes a vain, boring, leach,
shes the shadow that haunts me
she demands too much, doesn't give enough, only takes,and she is there every time i have to piss, or brush my teeth,
i hate her, she has nothing good to say. i dont need her,
she is ugly,
not in society's terms
but in mine,
vanity is ugly, obsession of ones features is ugly,
obsession of weight is ugly,
the pursuit of being perfect is ugly,
nothing else is,
if one is perfect then i would hate to see the uglyness they endured to get there,
"i would rather be the nothing that i am then the bullshit you try to be"
syn i cut my hair today...
i look like a punk rawk lesbian retard.
not that i have anything agianst any of those. its just not me.
why did i do it?
well the more i think about it... is casue i wanted to look even uglier then i already am.
why should i try to be pretty?
its worthless.
soph theres always someone worse 010330
monde i'm a fat (obese-fat, 275 pounds) middle-aged woman who never grew up either psychologically or socially. i look at these chicks half my age - around the time that they become "ripe" so to speak, the age of high school seniors and college freshies.

so glorified in internet porn and damn near everywhere else: these two years when a female is both "teenage" and "legal". girls can go on being considered "hot" en masse until they're about 27 or so, and then it's like they don't exist anymore, sexually speaking.

and the media preaches a hard and fast rule: only loser guys supposedly ever fuck any woman over 30 - the pants size or the age, whichever comes FIRST.

people have the gall to wonder why my boyfriend of 23 who's half my weight is still with me. "he must really love your mind" someone said to me on the street today. well, that's true enough. and it's actually kind of nice to know, when i think about it. if i had a perfect teenager body i'd always have to wonder whether he loved me or my perfect teenager body.

i am learning to embrace my uglyness. slowly but surely. i can't get into the fat activist's agenda for the most part. with the exception of things like getting theaters to install large seating and whatnot, their agenda is flawed. no one is going to change - no one is going to start seeing these great big dough-rolls hanging from my belly and back as "cute" or "beautiful".

"but your beauty comes from inside..." yeah, i ain't arguing with that: but show me just one guy who has x-ray eyes that see "inner beauty" through mountains of fat. "inner beauty" only gives guys hard-ons if it comes wrapped inside an external slenderette.

I go through my share of despair, jealousy, and other crap that has absolutely no redeeming value. but some days, i actually feel the magic thing happen, the days when i feel UGLY? HELL YEAH i'm ugly. i'm FAT. i'm OLDER. i see these little teeny boppers wearing punk duds all ripped up and haircuts messed up and moussed up to look as "unkempt" as possible, with the general idea that being uglier makes them less shallow than being beautiful.

cute kids with ugly little costumes giggling as i walk by. i mock you. you are not even slightly ugly, and you know it. guys wanna fuck your thin bods day in and day out.

i am ugly. you're a poser. and i exercise on my stationary bike and eat like a bird, vegetables, citrus, nothing sweet, no junk, still fat, will be fat forever after.

i'd rather NOT be so ugly but since i'm not getting any younger, or thinner, there's no point in my hating myself for being ugly. i either enjoy it, or i don't. i'm trying to learn to do the former more often.
uglyduckling is thinking that the girl at the lotto booth is the only girl I could ever love because she has the face of an angel. Feeling self-pity for not being loved by her, or even noticed for that matter. Trying to act like I'm out for a casual stroll, which just happens to pass the booth every single time I'm on my break. And then finding out that every other guy where I work has the same fantasies about her only to find out she has a boyfriend. And then I realize how shallow I am to single her out among other people only because of her physical beauty. Somehow I manage to dismiss any girls who are only slightly chubby, who's faces would never find their way into the cover of any magazine, who just don't have the look. 010421
marjorie quite often
far too often
very often
and in this manner...
and why can't you, again...?
if i ask enough times can you?
you mean... like dimes and quarters?
no. like.. Y O U
cali j arrogance 010531
staind bird i can see through you
see to the real you
678 kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri kerri 010716
Zy I don't think I'm ugly. People tell me my nose is too big. They say my adam's apple is too big. My ears are too big. My fingers are too long. I'm too fat. I'm too thin. Funny, but I don't think I'm ugly. 010920
pralines&cream I'm beautiful. My body is loved and admired and lusted after. He loves my body, the feel, the touch, the taste, the goosebumps. He wants me. I'm beautiful. 010921
pinkish When I'm in the mood I curse too much. I suppose that could be called 'ugly language'

fuck if I know.
distorted tendencies How I constantly feel.
WhatI see when I look in the mirror.
But you say i'm the complete opposite.
Why can't i see myself the way other people see me?
. : * p s y b o r g * : . I'm ugly. I've never had anyone tell me I was pretty except my parents. And they don't count because they're, well, my parents. They have to think I'm pretty because they're my parents. Sometimes I think I'm pretty and sometimes I don't. I usually look pretty when I'm hyper. 011024
Dafremen But... 011024
Norm Excuse me, could you stop being so ugly? You're upsetting the children.

Aghh, I'm a monster, a hideous monster!
god there are more of us ugly fuckers, so don't piss us off, or we'll get jobs in television. 011217
distorted tendencies Ugly people with jobs in televisino usually attract the masses. So they can stare, point, and laugh. 011219
ClairE as sin 011219
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge ¿[got ugly]?

see: Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge under merriam-websters dictionary

¿[gotten ugly...errrrrr]?

The Word of the Day
for December 19 is:

• NOH-mik •
*1 : characterized by aphorism
2 : given to the composition of aphoristic writing

Example sentence:
The poet Emily Dick[in]son, who wrote "Tell all the Truth but tell it slant," is known for her highly individualistic, [what a troll] gnomic style.

Did you know?
A "gnome" is an aphorism—that is, an observation or sentiment reduced to the form of a saying?

Gnomes couched in metaphorical figurative language,
are always concise.
We stole the word "gnome"
in the 16th century
from the Greeks,
who based their
stolen "gnome" on the verb "gignoskein,"
meaning "to know."
and who knows where
or whome they stole
that from.

(The other *other* meat "gnome"
the dwarf of fairy tales—
comes from New Latin
and is
unrelated to today's word.)
[unless you traipse about garden centers, middle class lawns, and/or
have any sort of uncontrollable
serotonin reuptake inhibator and/or lithium malfunctioned episodes]
dont worry
happens to
me all the
[BTW that was personality # 10]

We began using "gnomic,"
the adjective form of "gnome,"
in the early 19th century.
thereby describes a style of writing (or sometimes speech, as in sometimes *y* for aeiou) characterized by pithy phrases, which are often terse to the point of mysteriousness.

*Indicates the nonsensical sense illustrated without visual representations in the example sentence.

¿[got that]?
ClairE Yes, I just got that in my e_mail, too.

Words can be ugly because of their power to hurt. That is why I am always scooping more into my head and mouth and heart.
god "a fleeing fox with a truncheon around her neck will never go into a mcdonalds without the one true grail." 011220
bandaids go to: my_story 011221
ErosisDoll 020223
Syrope hm thats funny, my parents call me ugly. guys say im "not ugly" a lot, but they arent very specific about what i *am*...makes me wonder, but its ok because i've decided i can't change much about myself. maybe my weight, but i'd rather be happy n round than obsessive and hungry. *shrug* 020330
Dafremen Heheh...sort of like when my singing is described as "not bad."

Makes me chuckle, hope the "not ugly" thing does the same for you.
phil truth 020719
armoredshoes Ugly? Who is? Are you? If you are, why do you not like yourself? ugly is a state of mind. if you don't like yourself, why should others? with the philosophy of I am no good because i am ugly, then that shows the intelligence of a lemming. lemmings would follow others off a cliff. Stupid? so are we. we are?
Yes. follow, follow, follow, all the stars, models, pretty college girls, handsome frat boys. they're society, leading you off a cliff. making the image that your ugly, not worth anything. leading others to suicide. right
love yourself.
don't let others take your own love away.
Eowithien People sometimes think that truth is ugly. I think that truth is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or heard. I don't mean truth in the way someone tells you that your shirt sucks when they just told you that they loved it, right before you asked for the truth. I mean truth in the way that people say I love you and mean it. I mean the truth of religion, positive honesty, truth that doesn't hurt... 030306
star girl Go away
Don’t look at me now
I am filled with ugly envy
And jealously
And hate
Hate for you and your lack of feelings
Towards me
Come back
Where are you going?
You are the only one who makes me
You are the only person who makes me
/anon [enter] something more ominous

Nothing is ugly or pretty on the outside its the inside that scares me.
hey now! ugly is a choice

saw that on some guys tshirt while i was not paying attention in class this morning
stevabaga screaming makes you ugly 030419
niska whining makes you ugly. 030420
panther only relates to the word i... like wow... i really think you are ugly... 031214
singing in my pjs something that I never knew that I was. But obviously I am, because today you said that I was not your "complete package" And what the hell do you know? I have a beautiful mind and you are just a
lousy fucker
unik to everyone that is ugly: let's start an ugly pride movement just like gay people...we're discriminated just as well... 040306
unik I'm ugly. I'm different. I'm unik. 040306
broken_down girl How I feel today.

Amazingly, there is a emotion actually worse than feeling invisible.
s what i think i am after living so many years unnoticed and ignored 040818
somepeoplesmile the thoughts i have when i'm alone
and the knife of panic in my mind
has cut all ties
maybe someday i won't love you enough to sit tight and wait out the storm
be forewarned
grrr to say something is ugly is to view it objectively. What something is is what it is,there are no flaws in things, just traits, that is what makes everything and everyone what they are. 041116
me when life is ugly, everything is beuatiful. i remeber last summer i had reached one the most depressed points of my life. i was down to the end of my string, and had more or less given up on being happy. i had never been that low in my life. i had not a single move left. no cares, nothing to feel good about, nothing to feel bad about. people talk about being numb, but THIS is what numb truely meant. i have never felt so broken in my life. i was so numb, i debated my ability to physically feel things. i found solice from pain in a very unsuspected place. the little things. everything was so far gone, i couldn't see anything as beuatiful, and this had reached such a point where i couldn't find happiness in anything. then, one day, i found a penny on the street. and i nearly wept with joy. i don't know why. but it made me happy. then it started to happen with all these small insgnificant things. i started over. i worked my up from gloom by using the smallest possible things to make me happy, because its all i had the strength to do. an approaching red light would turn green before i got to it, and it would make my day. the sun would poke out from behind a cloud and i'd be smiling for the rest of the day. life for me was so ugly and so brutal, that everyting that wasn't in my life, everything that was not effected by me was gorgeous in comparison, that simple fact got me through. i found beauty in everything, streetlights were more beuatiful than me, leave on trees were, the way the sun lit up ocean waves was so gorgeous compared to what i had been going through...everything was amazing when life for me was, by comparison, so ugly. i would look at my current state, well up with self pity, then look at what was around me and by comparison, it was the most gorgeous thing i had ever seen. and it got me through.

now, i am fine. well, sort of. am no longer depressed, but i'm changed forever. i'm not the guy i used to be. i still see beuaty in everyting. even the glow of the TV is, when seen in a certain light, eerie. i listen to metal, and its gorgeous. i see how, and an evil corrupted way, its pretty. it goes for everything. everything is grogeous in some way or another and i see it. thats the greatest thing i have learned in my life so far.
puff how does one explain such a word?
i'll start off by saying what ugly is NOT:
ugly is not contained within one's skin. Acne does not make you ugly. Nor do scars, skin color, age spots, etc.

ugly is not contained within one's features. Large noses, large ears, low brow lines, thin lips, crooked teeth, etc. do not make anyone ugly.

ugly is not contained in size. Fat does not make one ugly. Nor does anorexia nervosa. Size is simply that- size. not ugliness, not beauty.

I'm not shallow, but I am human. However much I truly believe that inner beauty should be all that matters, I know better. Of course your character, personality, and mind should be all that it takes to land a guy. But we all know that's not true. Society doesn't give a fuck about your inner beauty.
So what's an ugly person like myself to do?? Easy- Carry your zits like beauty marks, carry your scars like the finest gems, carry your extra weight like designer clothes. Embrace your looks, no matter how ugly you think you are, and carry yourself with confidence. That's what matters.
Besides, "I don't want to be seen as a pretty thing, it's the pretty things we're always breaking."
"Give me something pretty, I hope I'll never be. I'd rather be creepy, and very strange."
Maia Ugly people have to deal, on one hand, with hostile people who call them ugly as though ugly = worthless, and on the other hand, with kind, well intentioned people who tell them they aren't ugly, because they believe life only seems worth living to an ugly person if s/he doesn't know s/he is ugly. For a change, someone should say "yeah, you're uly. So what? Ugly people can be loved, be happy, do great things." 050128
snarl jordans weiner 050609
despressedness I feel Ugly. Looking in a mirror makes me want tp crack it. Feeling depressed. 060224
*SuPeR^ChIcK* I feel that way all the time. That is why we come here, no one knows what we really look like. 060224
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