me? -> typhoid the arms of all my others
seem to be lost
over these connections and wires
in little shadow fragments
occasionally responding (not often enough!)
like a ping in the wind...
lokkust i saw their shadows on the grass of the last moonlit night of my youth. and i knew it belonged to those who had always smiled every time i looked, but the minute i closed my eyes they entered my dreams and produced the nightmares that haunt me still to this day . the others 000212
xenon they talk of us.
they wisper words.
of joulousy.
of hate.

we go on.
whispering words.
of love.
In_Bloom They have each other, but reach for us- they are so greedy
We are repulsed
They are together, alone
We are apart but as one
In life and love, again
We go on
My wondrous friend
Webley What am "I" if I am not one of them?.....and by "them" I mean the others. 081130
what's it to you?
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