Q This is just a reach to touch you, 000103
Q These Hands

These hands,
bloodied in experience,
yet held soft all these years,
in mysterious anticipation;
they reach, reach, reach ...
to massage you to catnaps from irresistible ponder,
to soothe your bruises from heartfelt tumbles;
after a bit, they reach, reach, reach ...
to whisper you awake,
remind you: there is cream for the peaches and
yes, even strawberries;
yes: i want to hear again, and again, and again ...
your hums with vibrations
between the lines and, if you will, on them.

Copr. 2000
meggie slow arrival
I awaited it hopefully
unbeknowngst to me was it to be
for real
standing solitary
passing by slowly
to retrieve the meal
I never had.
confronted playfully
bird in hand
as I was ten in the bush
un aware.
flush red
no compassion
or sympathy
the anguished shock,
the bird accepted
and brought in
not innocent
since past infatuations
as that love was lost
but gained all the same
by an ali
I will not be hurt,
he came bearing gifts it is love, or shall be soon.
this unreachable is in my hand.
Agent008 i cant reach the remote, it is just beyond my fingertips... oh well, no channel changing today. WHAT!? you think i should actually lift my arm!? are you insane?! 010118
vampers reach for more because you can have it 010415
Syrope - into me and take whatever you want. it might be a little bloody, a little worn around the edges, maybe even splintered, but its yours 020319
blown cherry I wish I could reach in and pull you out of this.
Maybe you don't need me to, maybe you don't want me to,
I wish I could reach you in that way too.
phil then I reached out into the stars and touched all that darkness, I felt it's weight and I felt unmoved by it all, I felt a wilderness of my mind filled with toppling trees and dark memories surfaced all over the landscape, erupting like black lava etching deep ruts into the spinning globe. Answered. 030304
ferret reach your hand deep down
down farther still
down into the bowels of the earth
where i buried my heart
so long ago

pay for your wisdom, your insight to the future
pay the woman in the sparkly shawl
or she'll put a curse on you

once lost what was never mine to give
my heart to you
twice lost what was never mine to give
my soul to you
thrice lost what was never mine to give
my life

hide behind your veil of cheap mascara
reach your hand into me and take
what you need, no regard for how i feel

i would speak my mind
but then again
does one knot in U make 2
knots in me?

connect the dots
share the love
pour out your nothing soul
to anyone who will listen

running on empty
it's hard to live without your vital organs
especially your heart
i'm tired
u24 out 031124
Jen reach inside and pull out what you find 040929
what's it to you?
who go