Q Slip out into you,
then to bed;
go warm all over,
go soft.

From you coming,
sleep lulls me;
scent of jasmine,
sweet goodnight.

Copr. 2000
the hitchhiker There's tension in these words I speak to you of late; wanting desperately to stay in this world, but slipping into this dream-like state.

No matter of force can keep my eyes from sealing shut the door; but no matter of man can take you away from these dreams and wanting you more.

I can barely lift my head, exhaustedly reaching to shut off the light; and i kiss you with all the love i can find, saying hello to dreams of you as I kiss you goodnight.
MollyGoLightly I really don't sleep well unless someone says it to me. 000521
silentbob Im going to bed now because it is late and i am tired and want sleep.

Goodnight you princes of Maine, you Kings of NewEngland.
splinken my insomnia, along with the world, has come to a screeching halt. 000906
silentbob Well goodnight everyone. its late again and a schoolnight. so...see ya. 001015
kate I can't have it that way so much, but when preparing, all I want is to hear _her_ voice on the other end of a line. 001025
ass facely brandish a wand with a feathery tong. 001025
silentbob good night
good night
sweet baby
the world has more for you
than it seems
good night
good night
let the moonlight shed the lid on your dreams

Katie Rose If when I close my eyes,
they never see again...
Then may I look at you with heart
For you are my true friend
chanaka i say that sleep is for the weak...but the only reason i say that is because when i sleep i will dream of you
maybe i will go to bed early tonight
good night dear
mikey goodnight mona. since at this time your the only one blathering. 010313
monadh night mikey
sweet dreams
*blather blather blather*
mikey night everyone. 010315
Toxic_Kisses Night Night everyones
I'm goin to bed to snuggle w/ my guy
*glows* He's so nEAT-O!
ClairE moon 011216
rhuube night Mindy 020331
iheartyou if you were here
or i was there
i wouldn't say goodbye
i'd only say goodnight

and maybe you could keep my feet warm
and maybe you could play your song
and maybe we'd go to sleep
and maybe just maybe...

but i won't tell, because I like to BE a mystery too.

but i still want someone to take naps with. and maybe, just maybe...

if you were here
or i was there
i wouldn't say goodbye
i'd only say goodnight
distorted tendencies Your lips seem to part but i can't hear a sound.. 020715
florescent light "have a goodnight,"

I called. careful of every syllable sputtered from my throat.
nice n' easy. don't talk too fast. enunciate. keep it cool. stop it, stop it. you're thinking too much, it's 3 words for christsakes.

he looked up at me from the chart he was writing his notes in, "you too."

I turned around, sorting out my thoughts. what does that mean, 'you too' ? why did he say 'you too' instead of 'goodnight' ? does he really mean 'you too' when he says it?, or is his saying it a formality? I grabbed my water bottle filled with the remainder of the too sweet iced tea that I could not finish during my shift.

I turned around again, bottle in hand, and began to make my way toward the exit.
"Sheryl," he called, before I could even take my first step. Immediatly, I was whirling through the chords of an intonation more intimate than usual, as a buoy bobbing through the waves. It was a plea. said only slightly higher than a whisper. I couldn't believe how sweet it sounded. god he just said my name so heavenly, or was it all in my head?

he ripped off a white square from his prescription pad, bending it in half. he handed it to me.
what's this? did he somehow find out about the lump in my breast? did he instinctually know that I needed a prescription for an ailment that even I had not recognized?

confused, I opened the paper. 'It never is without you'
secret4185 We say it every night on Instant message. My goodnight meaning more of a "have a nice evening" yours meaning "goodbye for now, I might converse with you later". I'm not in denial, I know you don't love me. I'm just more in a constant state of hope and persistence. The meaningless goodnights are wearing me down though. I want to reach through my computer screen, grab you by the shoulders, and shake you, while screaming "how can't you see that you're breaking my heart and sanity?!?" Some night I'll break sown and refuse to let you go to bed until I've had my say, and my typed computer voice is worn scratchy from admiring you while I try and drink you in. 031212
endless desire i always want to say goodnight to blather the way you would a friend or someone you really cared about. somedays i wonder if it's unhealthy the way i think about blather as a real person. if i don't visit blather, i feel distant, the way i would in a relationship. i feel so ridiculously out of the loop that it's almost hard to look at the recent list. new skites will come and i don't even realize it. i just think it's the same old same old just waiting for me to have time to great the pages. blather: reliable dependable. keep me alive. why do i always need to rely on something? life seems entirely too pointless. and i wish blather could sit down and have a conversation with me. we would chat and blather would be my best friend and i wouldn't need anyone at all. 031212
. . 040302
white_wave goodnight is a more suitable transition.
and like it or not, i will be coming back...
love & hate Goodnight is all i will ever say to you, i will never say goodbye, that is a promise if you accept it... 040509
pete sleep and wake 040509
sahba a goodnight is rare 040509
hopeing for lust fulfilled dreams ... every one 040609
lou_la_belle goodnight my dear
sweet dreams
sleep tight
sleep well
i'll see you in the morn.
but i won't have those dreams
nor a goodnight,
or even a "tight sleep"
and i most certainly
will not
see you in the morn.
tonight i'll go to bed
and wish myself "goodnight"
i'll dream all night of you
showering me with peace.
and when i wake
i'll glance to my side,
and notice only then
that you were never there.
depressed man Natalie 040702
puredream a thousand meanings, a million words

all of which...I love you...
lacunas coil we walked alone down bronson. we walked side by side talking but not looking at eachother. when we came to the bridge over the canal i stopped and looked out across dows lake. you stopped and stood next to me. "let me tell you a story" i said. you nodded.

i can't remember what i said, i made it up as i went. when i lost track of where i was going i closed my eyes and let the words come as they would. when i finished i said, "and the moral of this story is that you are beautiful in too many ways to say and that i have fallen in love with you."

we stood in a painful silence. i looked out across the lake, i looked at the stars trying to penetrate the city haze, i looked at the moon, and then i looked at you. you still hadn't said anything. i tried to meet your eyes but you looked away. my stomach turned, my heart began to break. you opened my mouth.

"thank you," you said, "but," --oh but!-- "i'm leaving in like two months, i think it would be easier if we stayed friends."

i nodded and the silence fell over us again. all the laughter and smiles of the walk up to that point had faded. we began to walk again, in this uncomfortable silence. slowly, ever so slowly.

we came to my corner, i said goodnight and crossed the street, walking towards my house.

"pete!" you shouted. i turned and looked at you. "i'm sorry." i didn't say anything in reply. i hope the darkness hid my face from you. we stood looking at each other across that street. a bus drove by. "goodnight" you said. "sleep and wake" i called out.

i stood and watched you turn, walking slowly without purpose down the street. i began to walk backwards untill you were hidden by the buildings. then i turned and walked slowly to my apartment, fell into my bed, and tried to wrap my self in sleep with my clothes on.
Lila Pause . 040824
TK sleep tight and dont bite the bed bugs

tomorrow night I'll hopefully have the pleasure of sleeping in my guys loveing arms
metamantrg see T K dreams do come true 040914
cactus patty goodnight, or is it good-bye
the tides ebb and flow
I don't want to but I must go.

The moon looks at me with open eyes
wondering if I'll ever be back.

Not for me to say.
It is up to you to find a way.

Find a way to tell me that you care
whether it is good-bye or
goodnight goodnight 070815
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