Q If I may be so bold as to awaken you, I would like to inform you that you have already turned the corner and are well along the interesting road. And, to paraphrase Frost, that is making all the difference. 000822
god welcome to liliput 020405
niska can we forget about
the things i said
when i was drunk?

i didn't mean
to call you that.

i can't remember what you said
or what you threw at me

please tell me
please tell me why...
is my timing that flawed? you've turned away on your side 030525
Forming Mind She turned to hands.
The physical presence of beings.
Running, moving slowly down her curves.
Caressing the bones that move rhythmically.
Words long ago killed their welcome.
They've caused too much trouble in trying to accomplish.
The hands and touch go much farther and she's addicted.
She's turned to phyiscal motions and she's addicted. The sweet poison emitting from his pores. She keeps coming back for more.
Asylum Bound I can't believe you turned out to be such a self absorbed jerk! Only your opinion matters no one else's. It's hard to imagine that once we couldn't get enough of each other. I want to forget you, I want to forget your eyes, your laugh, they way you held me; but i can't. I'm stuck here and your making your way out the door... 070921
no reason i wish i could have seen the rest of your smile 071106
Asylum Bound I can't believe I felt that way... I feel so different. You turned out to be a great friend. But that's all we'll be and I'm coming to terms with that. 071229
delial it appears that this is what the tables have finally done. 071230
what's it to you?
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