emma the server space this "Blather" thing is taking up. 980913
emma come to think of it, not too much probably. in that the few images used on it are recycled, and even 300 html files can only take up 600k of sever space anyway... 981003
adam the world without jealousy 990212
amy imagine that it might be true: creative chaos inside (what exactly?), scale unknown, sparks the life in you. 991228
camille creation of a dream 000103
nameless you know my friend emma? emma gination (imagination) hahaha 000122
3s0t3r1c innocous deep-tinged warmth
seat of the soul
I yearn for that undisturbed place
where word sound power dance
upon the creative original nature
most beautifully crafted for the
use of humanity
semipseudofemmes that tomorrow you might wake up to find that gravity had reversed itself. yes, i know it's impossible... but what would you hold onto? would you even have the opportunity to wake up and have the realization? you would think that you would float away first, and wake up to find yourself... well, never mind. if you float away, you probably won't wake up. 000127
semipseudofemmes Walking across a field of ice and seeing yourself reflected in the ice - yourself, as you may be, or have been, but never as you are 000129
marjorie that you have to choose your word.
you have a yearly allotment of one word.
just one.
you have to choose.
what will it be?
egoists.. i... or your more altruistic, we.
or will you choose something else
dream. fly. chaos. swamp. choice.
imagine. you have to choose your word.
you have a yearly allotment of one word.
just one.
you have to choose.
what will it be?
girl a world with more good people in it 000327
unhinged i'm going to go lay in my bed and carve pretty shapes into my stomach and wish that the imaginary person holding me was real. 010104
lydia i imagine, in the almost morningtime that there is someone waking me up softly. ah but the ineffective fulfillment of writing such things. 010312
mikey that your a cloud
drifting across the ocean
that which is the sky
and upon your chest
are the winds of time
the earths natural chime
and in this chime
this soft melody
are the voices of lost souls
if there was only a way
to harness those souls
and listen and understand
even for a single moment
how many riddles would be solved?
monadh how many realms
dwell within the soul
kx21 More Q_As... 010312
mikey how many paths
run through my brain?

how many footsteps
can be heard in my soul?

how many riddles
graze in my heart?
kx21 Q_As...

Given U and You.

What is in you as to the empty space in U?

What is in You as to the star in U?

What is in you as to the light in U?

What is in U as to the Gene in You?

What is in U as to the Heart Beat in You?

What is in U as to the Mind in You?
kx21 What is in U as to the hairs that grow from follicles on your skin? 010313
kx21 What is in U as to the Eyes in You?

What is in U as to the Ears in You?

What is in U as to the Tongue in You?
Lazy Orange! theres no heaven
easy if you try
no hell below us
above us only sky
matt what the world would be like if the human race didn't exist. really. who would be at the top of the food chain? would certain animals hate other animals? or more specifically would certain breeds of animals hate other breeds of the same animal? do you think the world would be a better place if we didn't exist? 011004
birdmad vhemt

let's find out
silentbob never quite said what i wanted to say to you
never quite managed the words to explain to you
never quite knew how to make them believable
and now the time is gone.
disintegrating bird ...another time undone

hopelessly fighting the devil futility
feeling the monster climb deeper inside of me
feeling it gnawing my heart away hungrily
Inanna "Imagination is more powerful than technology."- Albert Einstein
"With the power of soul anything is possible"- Jimmy Hendrix
Anon Imagination is just one of those things that we try to fathom, but never will. We only see what the mind will allow us to, an imitation of life. 020107
ClairE Oh, John... 020107
ClairE "Obviously" is the new "imagine". 020115
Toxic_Kisses What the life of the person in the car next to you is like. 020115
kelli crane i, myself was thinking about the amount of space blather takes up. Does anything eventually, or automatically get deleted over a period of time? Or can we just GO forever? 020115
Toxic_Kisses "The Wandering Jew -
A legendary character condemned to roam w/o rest bc he struck Christ on the day of crucifixion. "Thou shelt wander on the earth till I return" was the sentence pronounced upon him" - The New Century Dictionary

Imagine if this were true
I wonder if this guys offspring would live forever too? And if not would they automatically be cursed to hell just bc they were his offspring?
Melissah ...the world and its possibilities... 021024
IwishIcouldgowithDavid "Just imagine what I'd be doing to you if I was there," he told me...sure, like I'd thought of anything else in the past two months... 021126
eclecticsynesthesia salty grains on sandstone pixeling the facefuls of sun
slow sycopated seashush
sopranos and basses carefree like kites in turn and entwined
steep banks are climbed easily
and when gravity tumbles the children
the moment is still lit
Melbug Picture perspective thoughts 031118
me imagine what? and how? who can say what is not or can be? None the less it is silly or is it serious? 040221
white_wave what i lack in intelligence
i make up for with imagination
Candy A world without love. Imagine a place so horrible that your eyes cry tears until they have no more liquid to release. Imagine a place where your heart feels like it's been ripped out, stomped on, and frozen for eternity.

Now imagine someone so magnificent that they wipe your tears away, make your heart flutter, and melt your melancholy disposition as faster than you can say I love you. That is the person I imagine myself being with.
imagine that careful of the madness of the crazy inventor, sculptor, artist and medical individual.......he will ultimately sting you in the end Dear Emma and his fair lady I warn you to be on your guard at all times for the final crush 040310
flickers of a heart beating back to life A chance to make up a life
To live in a world of whimsy
But who would take it
Knowing that they would be
Left up to the
Rigors of ones own imagination
Strideo behavior access pods and what they could do to the_mind of your spouse.

"Hurry! Buy a behavior_access_pod before your wife gets one of her own!"

lou_la_belle imagine a place, a time
cartwheels and sommersaults
girls and boys
a laughing group
of the closest friends
a game of pog's
skipping rope
and hop scotch for ten
there were rivalries
and lots and lots
of bruised knees
we'd never know
sun or snow
tears and fears
and fruit to go
we were happy some days
irritable others
but never desolate
if you can,
just take a single moment...
what's it to you?
who go