somebody "marry someone grand"...

... and that's why she named me lady. lady goodman.
god i_gave_birth_to_a_sperm_whale 011019
Toxic_Kisses Since I am one that iz how I expect to be treated more often than not 011024
onceidid it is nice to be so lady like so prim and so proper but some times i like to sit with my legs open and open my own doors thank you. 020131
Kleh Ver ~

Ma douce Lady du matin
L'amour brille dans tes yeux
Éclatante, claire et belle
Ma douce Lady

Bram mega shmoo patties may i mamu dogface to the banana patch? 021206
sarah i'd rather be a lady, then have a date with a dog like you. 040328
Mandida Whoa, whoa, whoa! She's a LADY! Whoa, whoa, whoa! She's a LADY! 040330
Lila Pause I hate the word lady. I don't know why. It's a perfectly respectful and proper title. I especially hate it when men say "hey ladies". The next time it is used in my hearing, I would very much like to punch the offending party's lights out. But now...that wouldn't be right and proper for a young lady would it? 040620
luvvy a young lady
so prim and proper
so delicate and fair
this is what she was taught to be like
only desiring freedom
bitch Isn't it difficult to open doors while sitting with your legs open? Or is "doors" meant to be a euphemism? 080627
what's it to you?
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