me? really not old
for the warts on his face
he looks like a toad
and shows lack of grace
by brushing the gold
from feathers and lace

more of a state of mind than a state of body, depending on which side of the line you are.
meli Young skin still possesses a translucent glow. Young eyes hold others with utter innocence. Young women are automatically beautiful, whether they know it or not.

Youth is softness under a thin defense.
girl i am, but i feel so old and tired.
thanks a heap.
amy a certain older someone has an admirably young attitude. dreams and excitement and newness. but he couldn't help but be older. (so it goes.) 000423
miniver Yeah, but...

I like being the younger one, the 'too young' one. I like when you have to argue about it--creates a nice, thickish sort of tension. And I still rely on my 'equalizing' intelligence for most of my side of the argument, although I realize that's as youthful a position as I could take. Probably just some sort of unconscious desire for a dominant/submissive relationship.

I have a very young-sounding voice,
which probably (entirely) prevents me from ever sounding quite so serious as I might aspire.
WoNDERGIRL I'm yet so young that they think my ideas have no meaning. Too young for my opinions to matter. Too young to have gained the experience they suddenly deem necessary to understand life. I'm far too young, they think, to comprehend much more than myself. Too damn young to even know what love is.

But I'm not, you see. I've got my thoughts just as straight as any of you. I've lived so much more than you realize. I can understand. I can see beyond me. I AM in love with him, whether or not you believe me.
MollyGoLightly This really amazing thing happened to me when I turned 20. I was afraid that I would feel really old--but I didn't, and I don't. It's the same kind of feeling I had when I turned 13.
The fact that people sometimes mistake me for a sixteen year old helps somewhat, too. Grrrrrrr.
The Schleiffen Man I was never young after I turned 2. From then on I could read and educate myself. I haven't felt young for the longest time, yet I'm only 19. Then suddenly one day, I met the nicest girl who made me feel young again. But I drove her away in what I thought was best. Some people aren't meant to be young. I'll always be old 000520
addy I was in an elevator in Dallas with numerous young people and my even younger son. They spoke to him, but not to me. When we got off they began to speak of him as if he existed for the meer intersection of their continuum. To be young is to be selfish, but it's OK really. 010501
Dafremen Nothing wrong with being young.

Plenty wrong with being an emotional self-centered twerp.

Too bad the two things generally seem to go hand in hand...huh?
s!m no sir! 010509
marjorie and are so many things really wasted on them? 010601
clay walker like" intercouse is diffantly from oral sex"? 010615
kyla he is young but i'll give it a go
you never know what can happen ... sometimes you just have to jump off and hope there is a soft landing at the bottom.trouble is that there is never a soft landing in my case.i come out of relationships with scars and broken limbs.
Inanna relative 010930
u u 011104
melissah We were once young and blessed with wings (VNV nation) 020801
Boymansonbowie When I see young children, it reminds me of a time that I would rather eat a popsicle than smoke a joint, and I knew no better than to be happy. 020811
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club has been broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
endless desire i always think im older than i am. always do things because i like when people think im older than i am. but im not older than i am. and right now i feel much younger than i am and i really don't know what to do about that. some days i wonder when i am going to no longer be 'young' and i will think of myself as grown up and wish i could go back to when i was 'young' and change things so they are how i want them to be. which worries me because i wish i could look into the future and know what changes i want to make and then make them now so i never regret a thing in my life. but i can see myself 40 years from now wishing i took advantage of more opportunities no matter how many i actually do. i will always want more and i will always want to be everything. i have a million different plans for my life. i wish i could just be one. it's so restricting to only have one chance. 040111
phil How can you call yourself young?
In comparison to the rest of your life you are the oldest you have ever been.
minnesota_chris I was pondering, why do I like to date young women? Besides the obvious fact that the young women can be nicer looking?

I think the main reason is that most of the older women are thoroughly full of shit. Getting them to give you a straight answer is almost impossible, and not an answer that is full of their pride, their status, their fears, their inadequacies.
kimmyness youth is what we make it. if you feel young...whos to say you aren't? who's to say when you've crossed that lilne between young and old? young is, in a sense, a state of mind. any one "old" can feel young, just as anyone "young" can feel old. youth is often wasted.i mean, hell, i'm only 16 and i feel years ahead of my age. although sometimes, i can be more immature than my 5 year old niece. 040622
shelly your only young for about 20% of your life time! fuck that whos want to grow up! 040911
27 I'm 27. Physically, I'm not quite, I'm just a smidge less than, I was at 18. It's as though I'm forever slightly short of a full night's sleep..

It's an interesting thing to watch yourself deteriorate. There's a sick fascination, like with car crashes and deformities.
niecespieces They say I'm young still
outwardly that is true.

Experiance should strengthen, not numb
I am completely numb
I have lived 1000 years when years equal tears, and I don't know how to keep moving on.

Yet, we wake everyday, wondering how we're still alive, asking how it has been so long, yet our hearts still beat and our lungs still sing.
And then I look in the mirror
and am surprised at the blonde I see

I feel it to be grey.
stork daddy being loveable is wasted on the young. 080312
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