roxy Feline, I hope you're lying. Cause if these things come so easy, then why am I trying

so hard

I thought it best to let it shimmer then deliver
a thought from a fever pitcher of smoke
a cough and a choke

I can feel you smiling but you're too far to see.
And June is here.
June is here, but she's laughing without me

I want to feel your eyes inches from mine at both nines. We drink up the anger like wine

laced with sugar

and smoke.
I cough and I choke.

So take my hand. We'll jump up together and land. Just like the cats can. These are the things that make us laugh. These are the things that make us cry. These are the things that make our knees shake for fear's sake.

Make our hearts break.

I cough and I choke.

Me and me and baby makes three.
roxy ( i can't. i can't do this.) 000208
Christy I finally realized she wasn't a child anymore when I rounded the corner. She was standing casually, cigarette in loose fingers, smoke creeping past her lips. In that moment all the years passed before me and I saw her for the first time in forever. 000321
MollyGoLightly a friend of mine admits that he smokes because he thinks it looks cool. i think that's very refreshing. 000321
silentbob Smoke
by Ben Folds and Anna Goodman
Leaf by leaf, page by page
Throw this book away
All the sadness, all the rage
Throw this book away
Rip out the binding, tear the glue
All of the grief we never even knew
We had it all along
Now it's smoke

The things we've written in it
Never really happened
All the things we've written in it
Never really happened
All of the people come and gone
Never really lived
All the people come have gone
No one to forgive - smoke

We will never write a new one
There will not be a new one
Another one, another one

Here's an evening dark with shame
Throw it on the fire
Here's the time I took the blame
Throw it on the fire
Here's the view we didn't speak
It seemed for years and years
Here's a secret
No one will ever know the reasons for the tears
They are smoke

Where do all the secrets live
They travel in the air
You can smell them when they burn
They travel in the air
Those who say the past is not dead
Stop and smell the smoke
You keep on saying the past is not dead
Come and smell the smoke
You keep saying the past is not even past
You keep saying ...
We are smoke ... smoke ... smoke
medea inhale, exhale. smoking comes so natural to me... but in the US right now it is used in such a poor way. I see kids all over the places smoking, kids and young adults and old adults and EVERYBODY, and they're all at coffeehouses and slick jazz bars and places you would think rational critical discourse would be going on frequently, in those "smart" areas, those "revolutionary" people, they all smoke. they're the ones who object to corporate america. they're the ones protesting the wars and the hate and the suffering. yet they are directly giving their money over to the giant corporations... they are asking for their own suffering and addicted... they are countering the very movement that smoking has come to stand for in these days. ironic. 000810
psycho insomniac it creeps into you and fills your lungs, intoxicating you with every breath. it relaxes your nerves, but at the same time, speeds up your blood pressure. Transparent, like so many mindless souls, it consumes you, and slowly kills you... 000903
LeVi Its the same bullshit. Believe me.
"I'm gonna quit after this pack. Trust me."
The world is a sucking hole that will make you repeat, repeat, repeat. Day, night, day, night. Open your eyes folks!
take care of neccessities first you bastard!
I gotta pee.
unique butterfly why not?
i'll just get sick.
i'll die.
it'll be like suicide.
monadh myself to sleep 010310
acceber I'm not proud to say I'm addicted. But I'm not ashamed either. 010403
crazyenglishman It makes you ill and the only cure is another fag. Fucking disgusting.... just off for another fag before I feel ill..... 010404
nocturnal "your light and your heat
have all been spent
leavin only smoke and ashes,
only smoke and ashes baby."
-Tracy Chapman
Teddybear sure it's just one cigarette. But then you throw it on the ground. It lights all the grass on fire. The cute little bugs living in the grass are foced to fly away to a near by field.

Once there they eat all the crops. Then the farmer owning the crops goes bankrupt. He buys a shotgun with the last of his money and goes to rob a bank. During the hold up his shotgun backfires killing him and another woman.

The funerals for these two people cost a lot of money that their families cant afford. So the families just throw their loved ones in a river.

As the bodies break apart the fish in the river eat the dead flesh. This in turn causes the fish to die. With in a month the surrounding area reakes of dead fish and cigarette smoke.
Shugarhi go kitty, go, go...

the smoke calls your name...

beckoning you to play
mushroomman i smoke more than most, and less than few, i write, yet there is nothing to say, but to what meaning is this, a poets dream, a story trodden on by horse
or a leaf swept of by a gust of wind, a lost child, a lonely man standing by the sea, what do these things mean to me.
ZeN u dont have to smoke to be popular...obviously 010614
unhinged addiction isn't a popularity contest kiddos. 010614
god JEFF: Not only do you get the Desenex burger . . . not only the Desenex burger . . . but you are in for a real treat, Jim
NAPOLEON: Wait a minute, I think I like that dance better than this . . . What are you talkin' about, creep?
JEFF: What I'm talkin' about is you've been in this killer fog down here too long
JEFF: You need somethin' to get up and go to school with
NAPOLEON: Wait a minute, you're not talkin' to an old fool now, you know, I wasn't born yesterday!
FZ: (Heh heh heh!)
NAPOLEON: Wait a minute . . . I think I'll take . . .
JEFF: I like that little dance you were doin' down there . . .
FZ: Jeff Simmons tries to corrupt Napoleon Murphy Brock by showing him a lewd dance and suggesting that he'd smoke a high-school diploma . . .
NAPOLEON: Hey! What you . . . what you . . . ? Wait a minute!
JEFF: Hey this, this stuff . . .
NAPOLEON: I've never seen one of these before . . . that's not a menu?
JEFF: This stuff is expensive
NAPOLEON: What is that?
JEFF: You shoot it, you'll conserve all winter
NAPOLEON: I do what?
JEFF: It last longer
FZ: Not only do you get the Desenex burger
NAPOLEON: No . . . no . . .
JEFF: Now come on, try it
NAPOLEON: No, no, no
JEFF: It's really good
NAPOLEON: No . . . Smoke THAT?!
JEFF: Have I ever lied to you? Have I ever seen you before?
NAPOLEON: I don't, I don't even know you!
JEFF: Look . . .
NAPOLEON: I don't even know what that is!
JEFF: Just bef . . .
NAPOLEON: And you're tellin' me to smoke it?!
JEFF: Just before, we smoked the tapes that you made
NAPOLEON: Smoked the tapes?
JEFF: Smoked the tapes of your group
NAPOLEON: I think I'd rather
paste! whoa. that's shrieky. 010616
black-dyed gel product plastic, mmmmmmmm, delicious noxious fumes... 010617
kinkazoid "mind if i smoke?"
"care if i die?"
black-dyed gel product I like smoking. There's just something about breathing in something that stings a little and knowing it may one day kill you that makes it so rewarding. It goes well wit liquor too. I prefer a nice cigar myself, but a pack of Marlboro reds will do in a pinch. 010618
kinkazoid my boyfriend doesnt smoke cigarettes so he is trying to get me to quit but i dont want to i LIKE to smoke, i NEED to smoke, it keeps me from not eating too much and getting all fat, how do i get him to understand this? 010618
nocturnal camel lights. helps the shitty american beer go down which I'm forced to drink since I'm too poor to buy anything better. 010618
marjorie stings my eyes.
those chevron smells.
i like it.
unhinged there were different smells for different times. i can always remember the first pack i ever bought and coming in smelling like camels; the way i smelled when i left my grandparents' house because they both smoked camel unfiltereds. i almost quit but i discovered cloves. and i used to get buzzed off cigarettes and definitely could not walk and smoke at the same time. i would bundle up in the snow with a cup of chai and a clove cigarette and watch the other people made fat from their clothing walking past in their rush to academic pursuits. or sitting on the floor of her porch smoking my first joint feeling the tingly newness of my skin, the only thing telling me i was holding a cigarette were my eyes. i can't smoke regular camels without thinking of my dead grandfather. 60 years of smoking them and he died with a tumor the size of a baseball in his lung. never told a soul that every breath was agony. somedays the thought of that fate scares me. other days the smell can do nothing but soothe. 010821
nemo i see faces in smoke sometimes 011215
kelli crane unhinged,
my father died 5 years ago. He smoked unfiltered camels for 35 years or more. He was a tough cowboy type and didn't believe in doctors are complaining. "That shit's for sissies" he would say. I went to connecticut for a year and didn't see him detirerating at home, and when i got back i looked at my mother and said "what the hell is wrong with dad? he's so thin and frail looking." She had seen him losing the weight over a period of time so either she in deniel also or she just didn't notice he was very sick. I told her if she didn't take him to the hospital i was going to call 911. So, she convinced him to go. He had a tumor in his lungs the size of a grapefruit and died at home in my arms 10 days later. He had known for 2 years about the cancer and didn't tell anyone. I miss him. I don't smoke camels either. But i will puff on a menthol here and there to curb my appetite. I miss him.
[remy] the only conversation in the car is the burning of his cigarette.


i realized i heard the voice of the cigarette more than i heard his, as i rolled down my window and watched the telephone poles fly by.
blamethesky you were upset to see me smoke two cigarettes.
then you turn around..smoke pot...snort various drugs.
you don't care that you're being a hypocrite.
... it's starting to bother me , a lot. 020221
Casey Erik smokes now. His girlfriend pretty much made him addicted. It's kind of sad to see a 17 year old have to beg people to buy him smokes. 020221
ID When you start to smoke the smell of cigatrets makes you crave more, but my grandad died from too many cigars so I stopped just when I started to smoke. Who needs to smoke when there's food anyway? Fixing grandfather clocks also occupies your fingers 020519
Perspective_Of_Soul A sense of self destruction.
A whisp of a prayer that gets forgotten.
I found myself blowing smokerings in the dark last night.
I could not see them, but i knew they were there.
They last longer when you cannot see them for some reason.
oppressed_youth It's a guilty pleasure, I guess... I know I shouldn't do it, my grandmother died from lung cancer -- but I don't know. It's the badness appeal. Plus, it calms the nerves like a charm.

I smoked a pack of turkish jades one night and woke up shaking and nauseated. And the smell is less than pleasant.

So I don't think I'll do it anymore.
sylvia plath there wasn't a soul in the hall. i let myself into my room. it was full of smoke. at first i thought the smoke had materialized out of thin air as a sort of judgment, but then i remembered it was doreen's smoke and pushed the button that opened the window vent. they had the windows fixed so you couldn't really open them and lean out, and for some reason this made me furious. 020903
girl_jane It is a beautiful song, isn't it. Oh that ben_folds_five... 020903
dankman as the smoke fills my lungs and the smell hits the air
i can feel it eliminating all my despair
swallow my beer and take another toke
and realize the seriousness is all just a joke
give me a moment to adjust my head
and i'll listen to all the things that you dread
and together we'll figure out the way it should be
me and you and our friend thc
me why do people do it? it kills and thats all. its unattractive and makes kisses disgusting. it makes your clothes, house, car and everything else smell like crap. 021221
Kottonmouth kings Everyone is all talking about cigatrets. Shit weres the talk about the weed. man cigatrets any cigatrets that arent marbro lights suck. Shit weed is safer yet its illeagl. You people need to lay off the cigatrets and start the with the weed. 030430
Shay some people smoke to be cool.

some do it to relieve stress.

i do it to get revenge on my mother.
and the quicker i smoke the pack, the more chance i'll have that she doesn't find out.
nomatter cigs relax me just as much as weed, without the impairment. i suppose its my destiny. we'll all die from the same ailment and never learn any better. 030915
imposter obscures the way.

Let's get rid of it
sylphide That I have smoked yet another packet of by in-born addictives, with one measly relish left to endure.
The final glimpse of doom Keeps me in this swell, in this myriad of swollen heart and mind.
I’m left to think of you, my cheap addictions. I’m left to contemplate the consciousness I’ll shed and the face I’ll bear for you tomorrow.

The cheap longings to break up something I simply don’t see as beautiful. An attempt at my lame obsession for attention. For the compliments that wear me down. And I want you to wear me down. I want to submit to your thoughts, your judgements, when I really don’t know who I am at all. Maybe an attempt to get you to clarify my identity, my means, my reason. Validate my motives and manipulate my thought. Another crazed obsession. Another hit of my identity, another injection of your smiles that fuel me to the end degree.

scorpion heart curling dangerously blown through my nostrils, how exciting, how bad, yet thrilling! pass the bowl i demanded, lay on my back next to him, shotgunning back and forth, skin is hot peaches, nakedness and smoke fills the room the candle glows this is so bad this feels so good 031116
cj why
seeing is believing
you're hiding
underneath the smoke in the room
lenore my boyfriend said he would quit. but he still has a smoke. occasionally. he cant stop. i hate it and he knows it. but he cant stop. 040202
Lisa I don't know why people take the.. "risk" to smell like an ashtray..

I see you with this cigarette, and I just wonder why.. when I can still hear you say how much you dislike smoking..

and maybe I just don't understand.. and maybe it doesn't matter how much I hate it when people smoke..

whatever, my own problem I guess..
apocalynx at home for the holidaze, which means no thc. tight lungs, ibuprofen and albuterol. too many chemicals, didn't take it with food, stomach pain. the doctors tell me that one unfiltered joint's ten times worse than one cig. i guess they're right, but she's got me in her hold. the drifting, and cigs have plenty more chems, just keep telling yourself that. vaporator, if only they could fix the horrible taste. if only i had the money. if only, drifting through the december air in a cloud of particles. 041224
non i I was gonna pay you but I went broke
kause I keppt huffin and puffin all of that chronic noxious smoke
No need for apology apology accepted cause I had some drinks too and I'm pretty sure I just wrecked it
if only I'd lied guess I could have tried but I'm pretty damn sure either way you'll have to accept it
jeudi He wanted to know if I was mad about the cigars. It is irony that I find him sexiest when I watch him smoking a tiny cigar but I can give that up because it is best if he doesn't. I hope he can stop but I like it that he cares that I care. (I care.)
I want him healthy.
lou_la_belle that awful taste of smoke is going to haunt me now forever.
everytime he goes to kiss me now i think of it...
I can't get it out of my head!
so then I begin to feel horrible all over again.
the smoke,
the smell of spearmint gum,
the purse clutched in my hands,
the creepy questions,
but most of all my dishonest reply,
"no of course not"...
how could I do that to him?
to us? to what we've had for so long?
and yet I didn't really do anything at all - so why the guilt?

over and over the scene plays out,
and that taste of smoke
will never
leave my lips.
PassthePassion ever present
lit up like consciousness splattered
on the surface of a strawberry
between love's lips
the infinite's tragedy
you spoke today and my world trembled
twisted up our love so that it resembles
left to simmer
i cough i choke
burning embers
away they float
if these things come so easy
why am i trying so hard to
down this deep pitcher of
innuendo woven
all our conversations
leading me
to believe
we were so much deeper
i cough
come on and smell it
i choke
we had it all along
it's smoke
i like this one better and it drifts away
and its gone
almost like it never was
hidden in the days gone by
and nothing ever came of it
woven in
and devotion
we had it all along
now it's smoke
unhinged if it wasn't for my stupid_allergies and this stupidfucking_sinusinfection i'd be smoking like a chimney right now 090601
what's it to you?
who go