u24 we all have motives
stork daddy motives are us and have us, we all. 061025
CheapVodka Mostly, my intent is honest.
Sometimes though I have to be a little selfish and attempt to sway your decision. I don't like to win undeserved battles but you know how it can be.
Now and then, a girl's gotta get what she wants. Even if what she happens to want isn't what's so good for the gander.
My ulterior_motive is cause for this deception, I assure you. After all, I think it will work best for us both,
in the end.
epitome of incomprehensibility Pre-blink, I read, "Mostly, my incest is honest."

...Motives are interesting things. I hate it when I upset people by accident, so sometimes I feel like upsetting people on purpose just to right the balance of the universe.
what's it to you?
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