bane does anyone read what i write? is this all just for personal amusement or does this actually reach someone. i'm terrified if it does but in the distant recesses of my soul i want it to be seen. 000122
St. Peter i'm illiterate, so i gave Quill a major indulgence (he's been baptized so he qualifies) to be my scribe and write this for me:

bane, i read everything you, and all the rest who dare to write here write, and everything you and all the rest think, whether you or they have the hutzpah to write it or not, and just let me say that your tickets to heaven haven't been printed yet
lotusflower i'd just like to read and read forever. 000310
girl lately ive been reading alot
i enjoy it so because i can slip into the book and pretend that no one is around i take my book with me when im walking down the street and read it as i walk people think im in my own little world
in a way i am but i remain aware of EVERYTHING around me
reading in public gives me an excuse to not talk to anyone
camille St. Peter...tell me there's an ear waiting to hear what i have to say as you read the same word's out of your book... 000410
MollyGoLightly right now i'm reading lolita by vladimir nabokov... 000601
Brad Great book i hear... i really want to read it. Maybe I will, this summer. Yes, I think I will go buy it tomorrow. Nabakov had synesthesia, but much more intensely than I do. 000601
jeffrey when the bleeding stops captain pullman
we need some assistance over here
yes yes I am coming
look out coming through
if you have any blood to give
put your change in the cup at the front
for the kids doc
pullman pulls aside
his decoder ring now twisted to the last drop
did you drop agian
and your seeing them are'nt you
they ar eevrywhere
little lines on the wall
st peter
you are all meshing into dr pulman
we need you in here stat, passing thge nurses ward
no stop there I want to go in ther doc
no passing
we get to the end of the hall
and we are still reading so I go on
we are at the steps in the well that reaches to the skylite where the pigeons take aim
little nancy with her baby
had to get hit in the head did'nt the little
I like ike
now heres a phenomenologic turn of events for the century to come on me
on my stomach like dirty diana
need to go now little one
seeing the recesses is scary but they will take me into myself further
Dr pullman can't I have some medicine for this no keep reading
but I am writing
are you I though I WAS
wait your right I do not know who is in control of this story
I am reading my own story
read that
no this
now this and here and here
shit this is cool
no dr pullman don't make me stop
not the needle
Meg I can read him like a book
it is disquieting
Grievance my first blathering........
done in a desperate attempt to regain myself. I've read the souls of others, and seen their superficial thoughts. I've seen the blistering let downs of retreat. I've read to gain knowledge, and knowledge is space, infinite. I've fell in love with a bright eyed beauty, who I encountered through books. But we are so afraid or disgusted with each other that love and hate have lost meaning. And i have read what I've written here, all clinging to the past in the cleverly disguised past tense verbs. (hidden in the I've) And I wonder, if soul does matter, and what the significance of "the eyes are the window to the soul" is. I know its meaning, but I don't know how to apply it. And yet, reading has been my recess and my perpetuator. words spell themselves when pain lashes your tounge.
Ian I have READ a whole bunch of stuff on here. It is besotted with whimsy and capriciousness.
Acid, mushrooms, space, infinity.

It's the spark of synapses.

Amazing the mess you find when you put read the small parts of the mind.
Chrity go to:
ladybird my lips 010518
Powder* I sit and watch him read the words I wrote so long ago
long ago when i was confused, self centerd and stupid
I feel that way again
stop reading
it hurts
its my own fault
Casey I read this on a billboard once:

"If you can read this thank a teacher."

I got a chuckle out of it
zenfishsticks if you are illiterate, you can't read this. 020106
king kai i hope you read this. i hope you know what i'm trying to say. don't worry, i don't want anything other than for you to know that i realize i was an ass and i threw away something that was big...or at least could have very easily been big. 020901
tsora escape 020925
Angie i like to read. i am lonely and have no friends. sometimes i pretend the characters are my friends or that i am in the story. it usually makes me more sad because its only a desire thats not being fulfilled. 030605
god if you can read this, you are too close 030613
stevabaga somebody goin' t'read this
'cause I know I didinent read enough
'fore I wrote
nukemall I love (absolutely, truly, deeply, with everything that I am and will be) to read.....I love to read quips from the zen crazy, morally challenged, god wannabees, desperation junkies, phsycologically twisted, reality deviants & normality freaks (I love a good name classification as well). Grievance is right, what is the purpose of our soul? I'm sorry, the answer should be in the form of a question. Ding Ding, your disqualified from the human race. Heres some coffee, keep it up people 031003
Whitechocolatewalrus Reading saved my life. 031109
sylphide because i can't answer that right now. 031110
her royal highness the quirk i don't know why you think nobody reads your blathes. of course i read them. they are my only link to you. 040330
pete i read random peoples statements, and blather stalk a few people.. i find comfort in knowning that i am blather stalked, knowing that someone reads what you write.. its a good feeling indeed 040330
estarocks if u read, u must thank the person who wrote that book by returning the favor.

and wut is a better way to do that then on blather?
hsg read fast
use context clues
watch the story unfold

push ur mind
it will respond
becca well, it took me a while...
but i DID read~
and no apologies needed~
it was a long long time ago
and yet it somehow feels like
it might have been
just yesterday

i saw you yesterday,
and it made me remember this place
you're back at that same old place
where we met
and i'm sure i'll see you often,
we go there to escape
the confines of these walls
some days

anyway, no worries
all is well here!
i can only hope
all is well there, for you, too
imaskitzo I've read and re-read Neil Gaiman's Sandman six times 041031
x twisted x i love reading. its one of my favorite things to do when i just need to get away from everything. i love how entire worlds can be found in simple pieces of paper...and the way when you read a good book you cant even remember turning the pages anymore. 041125
phil Da'Vinci Code 050104
you dont know me! You said you read me like a book but the pages are all torn and frayed 050519
hsg read and walk.
fast and know.
epitome_of_incomprehensibility Reading and writing are important means of communication. Often when we talk, we don't think about what we're saying... but in writing we can express our thoughts more precisely. If that makes any sense at all. 050726
hsg red 050813
no reason i want you to read me again 060822
firecub3 compete 111222
phil I read a lot of what people have to say on blather. I always read a lot after I post something. It is the best part about coming here. 120505
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