Candy Yep that's me. For some odd reason I blather sentances that don't make sense. I wish you could edit these things. Wait, I bet you the reason they don't have an edit button is so dumb asses like me are brought to the front of society.

Me being illiterate will not however, keep me from blathering my life away.
Candy I also can't believe I'm the only one to write anything about being illiterate. Cum on people, come out come out wherever you may be hiding behind your spell-checks! 040223
sameolme polymorphously illiterate?
this w/o a poly morphous check, man I'm brave. Still, It'll be a long time till I can blathe fluently.
I'm still spending way too much time hunting and far too little pecking.
Still I should write more, or else I'm just a voyuer sp? I'm way too old to
be so ignorant. Anyway, there sure seem to be a lot of lovely literate people hangin round this site. Thanks for giving me random access to beauty.
minnesota_chris if there's anything we don't need, it's little peckers

is blatherstalking sameolme
stork daddy if you're going to make fun of them, might as well do it on here since they can't read it. just don't say it out loud and no one gets hurt. 040301
white_wave it made me want to cry. i encountered a woman who wrote me a check but couldn't spell the numbers. she asked me to do that for her. she looked older than she was. slighty worn-out looking trailer-trash lady. why had she not deserved the beauty of literacy? i wanted to give that to her. 040301
minnesota_chris she probably didn't want it when it was offered. Or maybe it's just hard for some kids, and they decide "to hell with it" 040302
what's it to you?
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